Czech Mate

"Will you fuck me now?"

"Not yet," and then Adam shoved his beautiful uncut pink beauty inside my mouth again.

It's been a while since I wrote about me getting fucked at the nude beach. The reason for it is quite simple:

It did not happen for some time.

It's not that I did not feel fuckable or that I did not go to the beach. I have been going to the beach quite a lot in the last couple of weeks. Very soon it will be too cold to be there.

So why was no one making love to my ass?


The season is over.

A lot of times, I am almost alone. It means that there are not enough guys to choose from. None of the guys who wanted to fuck me were to my taste, or they were just too weird.

I wrote about two weird guys here:


Yesterday, I did not even think that I will be going to the beach. But both my boss and the other manager left before 3 PM. I was left alone at the office.

  • By 3:00 PM, I was on my way to the nude beach.

  • By 3:40 PM, I was naked there.

  • By 4:10 PM, Adma's beautiful uncut cock was rubbing against my smooth hole.

But it had taken a while before I had the pleasure to give Adam pleasure.

When I got to the beach, there was no one there.

It was surreal.

The ocean was almost flat, and there was no wind. It was warm but not too hot. In other words, it looked and felt like paradise.

What happened next was something that has never happened to me at the beach. I have been going to the beach for 15 years or so, but I never saw an angel, let alone had an angel make love to my ass.

Still, I was in paradise, and that's where there are angles.

Last night when I remembered how Adam made love to my ass, I got rock hard again. It was the best sex of this season, perhaps of the year.

Here are two photos of my cock from last night.

It's iPhone's quality, but I think it is quite clear how horny I was even though I already shot my load with the angel only a few hours prior.

When I got to the beach, I placed my beach towel and got naked. I applied sun-blocking cream, putting a lot on my ass cheeks to make sure they remain white. I went for a swim and came back.

When I was about to sit down, nine feet or so from me was laying the best-looking man. I was shocked.

How did I not see him before?

He was tucked behind a big rock. You can see in the photos below where he was, and that is also one of the places where we made love.

He was sitting naked, reading from his Kindle. From his looks and long uncut cock, it was clear that he was European.

How did he look like?


Beautiful face, sweet smile, toned hairy body but not too hairy. Adam's legs were big, hairy, and muscular.

Later, when he stood, I saw that his hairy ass was adorable and round. He had a treelike hair pattern on his ass cheeks. Think of a tree growing from the bottom of the ass, upwards, and then diving into the crack, leaving the top part smooth.

I felt terrible for sitting so close to him. I hate it when guys do it to me, especially when the beach is empty.

"I'm so sorry; I did not see you. I did not mean to invade your privacy like that."

He smiled at me, fuck, he was so adorable.

"It's OK; I don't mind. I'm Adam; I am from the Czech Republic."

"I'm Theon. It's so nice to meet you, but are you sure it's OK if I stayed?"

He lowered his right leg a bit, exposing his beautiful smooth balls and now a partly hard cock.


My heart was racing, damn, he was so hot. The last time I played with an uncut cock was two months ago with the Belgian horse. Here's a photo of the Belgian horse's cock:

Adam's cock was not so massive, but it was remarkably beautiful. The uncut skin covered all of his beautiful cock with some skin wrapping in the end. It was a classical uncut cock, porn star grade, except it was not thick, but it was extra long.

Anyway, it would have been weird if I left, so I stayed.

After 10 minutes, I looked at him. I had to turn my head because he was sitting to my left and behind me. I saw that he was looking at me, reading but masturbating.

It was so hot but weird. I mean, reading AND masturbating?

"Do you need some help?"

"Not yet."

OK, I thought to myself, that was a weird answer. Still, Adam was so cute and sexy. I think he was 27.

"Well, don't mind me watching; you are sexy."

"Thank you."

I watched him and started playing with myself as well.

He kept playing with his hard cock or more precisely with his foreskin. He kept reading, and from time to time, looked at me. Both of us wanking, and looking at each other went on for ten minutes.

It was erotic beyond belief.

I took my precum and then showed him how I either lick it or rub it on my love hole. In response, he did the same with his.

He put the Kindle aside.

I came over and sat between his hairy legs.

I started playing with his smooth balls while he kept masturbating. He moaned softly. I reached down and felt his hot hairy hole. The hair was soft and lush; I moaned myself when I saw him precum some more.

"You are so damn sexy," I told him.

"You, too, you have a hot ass."

"I like your hairy ass, but I love your uncut cock."

His compliment assured me that he was a top. I was getting nervous that he may not be. My compliment was meant to let him know that I was a bottom.

I laid on top of him, our two hard cock throbbing and pressed again each other. We kissed like that for what seemed to me like an eternity. We both moaned while kissing, and I could tell our precum was mixing on his flat hairy abdomen.

We stood up, hugging each other, kept kissing, and somehow, we found ourselves on our knees in the water, hugging each other and kissing.

The ocean was perfect for lovemaking. There was no wind, the waves were gentle, and it was not too hot.

I hugged him in such a way that his hard cock was rubbing against my love hole, and my hard cock was pressed against his upper body.

He started kissing my neck and pushed his tongue into my ear. I felt that I was about to die from pleasure when he did that. His tongue was deep inside my ear, and his uncut hard cock was playing with my hole. I wish it were the opposite (no, not his cock in my ear...)

From time to time, he would hold my ass cheeks very strong and spread them. I was moaning so loud, and I had to pull away from him because the pleasure was so intense.

"Did you cum?"

"No, I always get so excited when a hard cock gets so close to my hole. Especially yours, it's so beautiful."

"Your cock is thicker, but I am longer," he smiled.

"You are perfect."

Sadly, Adam would not let me take a photo of