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I'm mad at his mom because she sabotaged our sex life. Here's how:

"I'm still mad at your mom, you know," I told Felix yesterday while he was getting ready to photograph me.

Felix's mom had asked him to send her some decent photos of us for Christmas, saying she wanted to frame them and put them on the fridge door.

She wrote: "I want a photo of you, of Theon, and another one of the both of you."

"You don't need to photograph me. How about sending your mom this photo?"

It's too cold to swim, but still lovely at the beach.
It's too cold to swim, but still lovely at the beach.

In response, Felix made a sad expression.

"Theon, don't be like that. It's my mom you're talking about, and this is very important for her."

I was trying to be funny because I hate being photographed for an occasion and dislike wearing nice clothes. I'm a nudist, and the fewer clothes I wear, the more comfortable I feel.

Take this photo, for example.

It was taken shortly after Felix had shot his seed in my ass.
It was taken shortly after Felix had shot his seed in my ass.

Why was I smiling like that?

  • I was naked.

  • I was looking at the love of my life.

  • Felix's seed was still deep in my muscular ass.

  • I also shot my sperm and was feeling relaxed and happy.

— By the way, the wooden fence behind me is new. Felix assembled it a few weeks ago. He said that he was sick of the neighbors seeing us fucking outdoors.

Knowing that my staged photo for his mom was going to turn awful, I said: "I'm going to look like a troll. "

"No, you won't! You're beautiful," Felix replied. "Now smile at me."

I tried smiling and said: "In any case, I'm still mad at your mom."

Felix laughed and said: "Do me a favor and don't mention it when you finally meet her."

Why am I mad at Felix's mom?

Because I wish Felix's penis was uncut. I mean, he's not Jewish, so there was no reason to destroy his terrific-looking cock.

For me, an uncut penis is a perfection of nature.

Here's an uncut penis a blog follower from Europe sent me:

Needless to say, he desires my ass.
Needless to say, he desires my ass.

This penis is so beautiful and perfect (like its owner). Why would anyone want to hurt this delicious-looking cock by removing its foreskin?

The only thing that I don't like about that perfect cock it that the owner of that breeding machine has chosen to shave it completely.

Apparently, he didn't like my hairy penis:

I've said it so many times, but it's always worth repeating:

I neither shave nor trim any part of my body. The only hairy parts of my body are my armpits and pubic hair, and I appreciate them. If I could, I'd grow hair on my chest and my ass.

As for Felix, he used to trim/shave his bush, but I've asked him to keep it wild and free.

I love my red/orange/black/brown pubic hair.

The light affects the color of my bush.
The light affects the color of my bush.

Do I feel less attracted to Felix's penis because it's cut?

Of course not! Felix's cock is amazing!!!

The color of his bush is orange/blond.
The color of his bush is orange/blond.

But if he had an uncut cock, I'd probably never let it out of my horny hole!

I know that some guys have a different opinion, like this one:

"Theon, your cock is VERY APPEALING, and so is Felix's. I enjoy circumcised penises more than natural ones. They are much more attractive and seem cleaner."

Or this one:

Since I'm Jewish, my cock was cut when I was eight days old.

I don't regret it since it's part of being Jewish.
I don't regret it since it's part of being Jewish.

I wish I could send photos of my cut cock to Felix's mom because I did come out looking like a troll in the photos, as predicted.

Even Felix (whom I think is a gorgeous stud) appeared so unnatural posing in front of the camera, for which reason I won't share the photos.

You couldn't tell how much we love each other from those staged photos.

Too bad his mom didn't want a photo like this one:

Felix was preparing coffee for us after our 12-mile hike.
Felix was preparing coffee for us after our 12-mile hike.

wo days before I told Felix I was still mad at his mom for having him circumcised, I had an exciting experience with an incredible uncut cock.

It was the day after Felix had taken that post-fucking photo showing how happy I was. I hadn't been expecting Felix that night because he'd had to work during that weekend.

However, while cleaning my rooftop that afternoon, I remembered how we'd fucked the night before.

The thought made me horny.

Therefore I added this photo to my Grindr profile and waited.

A better view of the fence that Felix built to conceal our love-making.
A better view of the fence that Felix built to conceal our love-making.

After adding a new photo on Grindr, I always get a lot of messages from potential tops.

That afternoon was no exception.

Most of the messages I received were from guys admiring my ass and expressing their desire to breed me. However, the vast majority of them didn't bother reading my profile.

Had they read my profile, they would have known there's no way I'd let them near my fuck hole.

Why is that?

  • Most of them had no photos or no face photos.

  • Those that had photos of their face didn't have a photo showing their body.

  • Most guys had outdated photos.

  • And most importantly, most of the guys weren't interested in kissing while fucking me.

For me, kissing is an essential part of making love to my ass.

You can read more about it here:

What's my opinion of sexy guys who don't like to kiss?

However, five sexy guys showed interest in my hole, and, at first, I also wanted them to take advantage of my professional ass.

They were quite different from each other.

The first one was a guy named Roy, who'd fucked me a few times nine years ago. Back then, he was still a soldier and in the closet.

After he'd sent me a few photos on Grindr, I asked him: "Haven't you fucked me before? Your cock seems very familiar."

What was so unforgettable about his cock?

His cock is extra thick, long, and curves to the left.

Roy's cock curved more than the penis of this guy (who’d fucked me outdoors).
Roy's cock curved more than the penis of this guy (who’d fucked me outdoors).

It was quite challenging for my ass to satisfy Roy's cock. But once my ass was loose enough, his bent cock was giving me incredibly strong, multiple, hands-free orgasms!

"Yes, we did fuck, but it was a long time ago," was Roy's response.

"So why didn't you say so?" I asked.

"Because I was afraid you wouldn't remember me."

How silly, I thought to myself and said: "Did you really think I'd forget the way you made me scream and cum while you were fucking me?"

"I'm so happy that you remember me so fondly. I'm dying to fuck your beautiful hole again. I'm staring at it right now. You have a perfect hole and a godly ass."

It was sweet that he gave my ass so many compliments.

I admit that I love getting compliments about my primary sex organ.
I admit that I love getting compliments about my primary sex organ.

I wanted Roy's incredible cock because any top that can make me shoot my seed hands-free is someone I want to keep in my address book and my bed.

Roy continued: "I've read your post about guys wanting you to fuck them. People are so stupid. Who gives a fuck about your cock when you have such a fuckable ass!"

That was another thing that I liked about Roy. He didn't bother paying any attention to my cock...

...which is precisely what I want from guys who fuck me!

I don't want anyone touching or sucking my cock!
I don't want anyone touching or sucking my cock!

As far as I was concerned, the time for complimenting each other was over.

I desperately wanted to feel Roy's bent cock widening my tunnel of love. "Do you want to come over?" I asked him.

"I can't. I'm at my parents' with my girlfriend. She knows I fuck guys, but I can't leave her and come over."

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I admit I was pretty shocked.

I've recently written about the first time Ezra fucked me.

Ezra is married. He also had a boyfriend back then, and he still fucks other guys. His wife knows about it all and has no problem with it.

You can read about it here:

Would you date a married guy? I wouldn't but I got fucked by one

However, Ezra is in his mid-50s and married with kids. Roy is not even in his 30s. Why Roy's girlfriend would allow him to fuck men is beyond my understanding.

Was she willing to look the other way because his unique cock gave her amazing orgasms as it used to give me?

I don't plan on asking him.

Who were the four other guys that showed interest in my ass that night?

  • A smooth, skinny 20-year-old with a huge cock and a terrific lush bush.

  • A muscular guy in his 30s.

  • A handsome guy in his 40s with an average build.

  • A hairy beefy guy in his 50s with an extra thick, hairy cock.

It was nice that my fuck hole had a choice of several guys.

This photo shows my love hole right after running 7 miles.
This photo shows my love hole right after running 7 miles.

At first, I thought I'd give my hole to the youngest.

He lives half a mile from my apartment. That meant that his huge manhood could be inside my ass in no time.

"I've admired you for a long time and wanted to fuck your hot ass." He told me. "However, I was always too shy to make the first step."

He sent me photos of his face, smooth body, and terrific-looking, hairy equipment right after that message.

I was just about to tell him to come over when he added: "I want you to shave your legs and wait for me wearing only a thong."

I was appalled by his request.

I replied: "I'd gladly wear a thong, but why do you want me to shave my legs?"

I like my somewhat hairy legs.
I like my somewhat hairy legs.

"Since you already shave your ass, why do you care?" he asked impatiently.

"I don't shave my ass. It's naturally smooth. As for my legs, I'm a man. I don't plan on shaving any part of my body."

"Come on! What's the big deal? I'll give you a good time."

I didn't bother answering.

The guy in his 30s sent me photos of his sexy, muscular body. I already envisioned him lifting my body and seeding me simultaneously. But then he wrote:

"You need to get fucked hard, pounded. I can tell that you are a whore."

I could have written back to him:

"No, I'm not a whore. I'm a sensual bottom that enjoys intimate sex and bonding with guys. I want the guy fucking me to treat me with respect. Yes, you can do almost anything with my ass but with care while thinking about my desires. Getting pounded like a sack of dead meat isn't what I'm looking for."

But instead, I didn't bother to respond.

The guy in his 40s was straightforward: "You're beautiful. Do you want to be my friend?"

I thought that was quite an odd question: "What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know, hang out, have dinner together."

My response was polite but swift:

"Thank you for the sweet offer. I already have a boyfriend. I'm only looking for sex."

Why would I trade my perfect boyfriend for anyone?
Why would I trade my perfect boyfriend for anyone?

His response was equally swift: "In that case, would you like to be my slave?"

It's been a while since I've received an offer to become a slave. I've got nothing against the master/slave scene, but it's not what I'm looking for.

Yes, I like to be dominated in bed and feel a strong man controlling my ass and body with his thick penis. But, it has nothing to do with being a "slave."

Therefore I responded: "In case you didn't know, slavery was abolished already 150 years ago. It exists only in backward nations or primitive societies."

He then blocked me!

And lastly, there was the beefy guy in his 50s. He didn't want me to shave my legs, enslave me, or treat me like a whore.

He had a different request:

"I want you to dress like a woman. Do you have panties?"

As a matter of fact, I do have feminine underwear.

I wear it occasionally for sex when I'm in a very feminine mood.
I wear it occasionally for sex when I'm in a very feminine mood.

Even though I like to be feminine in bed and feel penetrated and bred, it has nothing to do with feeling like a woman. I'm a guy, and I don't want to pretend that I'm a woman.

True, I sometimes refer to my hole as "pussy” or "cunt”. However, I only do it because it turns some guys on. In a casual conversation, I never refer to my anus that way.

"Sorry, It's not my thing," was my reply.

"In that case, I could also use a deep throat to take care of my thick cock."

I'm not a throat. I'm a person. Obviously, this guy intended to treat me like an object to satisfy his needs. That is NOT what I'm looking for.

It was already past midnight; therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was already naked, and my cock was hard and leaking. I knew that it wouldn't take me long to shoot my vegan cream all over myself and swallow every drop right after.

I decided to record it for my lovely blog followers.

I kept playing with my thick cock, fingering my smooth love hole and pinching my extra-sensitive nipples for 20 minutes. Each time I got close to shooting my seed, I stopped.

But I knew that this edging game would soon be over.