Cum What May

I love cum

I love it in my ass, on my face, or any other part of my body.

Prep has liberated me to enjoy without fear lots of cum shots in my ass. Before prep, the guy would shoot in my ass (with a condom), then I would take the condom off and pour his cum on my body or my cock so I can enjoy it.

I enjoy rubbing it all over my body or use it as lube for my cock or my hole.

The feeling of the cum leaking out of my love hole drives me crazy.

I also love the taste of cum but only if the person is vegan. Cum of non-vegans has an awful after taste.

Yesterday at the beach I had a lot of time to think about many things.

I was alone most of the time

What triggered me to think about cum was seeing the guy who came all over me twice last week. It was a terrible lovemaking. I wrote about it here:

Once his cum was all over my body, he offered me liquid soap to clean myself. That is, instead of just washing it off in the ocean, to actually clean the "affected" or perhaps "infected" is a better word, areas.

Of course, I refused.

Cum is not a dirty thing; it's a beautiful substance. A precious gift a guy gives me.

He only had cum on his cock and his right hand. However, he took out liquid soap and scrubbed those areas with it.

He did the same thing the second time he shot his load. His cum was all over the back of my head, my back and my ass.

It was clear that he feels that his cum is dirty, sinful, shameful.

I had a dream about him last night.

In my dream, he spent the night at my place.

I woke up late for work. The time was 6:48 AM when I have woken up. My usual wake up time is 6 AM. I told him, "hurry, get dressed. I am sorry that I can't spend the morning with you. I am already late for work."

He rolled out of bed, stood up naked with his gorgeous black 8-inch cock, fully erected, cum dripping.

"Don't you want me to cum all over you again?"

"Don't do it!" I said to myself in the dream. I was smart enough, even in my dream, to avoid his temping breeding tool.

When we were about to leave, Dan, my fuck body came into the apartment. In the dream, he was my boyfriend. He was surprised to see the other guy.

The Yemenite said: "I did not know you were together, and if you are not, then you should be"

Then the dream ended. The vision was very vivid.

The fact that Dan was in the dream is interesting.

I was thinking about Dan yesterday after I told the Yemenite (that's the guy who came all over me), that I prefer to be alone. The Yemenite wanted to stay with me and most likely, again prematurely ejaculate all over me.

Dan is like me when it comes to enjoying cum.

Three weeks ago, we shared an incredible mutual orgasm. The sex itself was already quite intense. Dan fucked me standing, then on my back, then in doggie while I was still wearing my jocks. He pulled on them so strong while fucking me that one of the bands got loose.

That's the jocks that he tore. Now my balls leak out because the jocks became loose.

He stopped fucking me and said: "Sorry, I ruined your jocks."

"Don't stop using my ass, keep fucking me," I told him.

Eventually, we ended up where we started. Dan was laying on his back, and I was riding his cock. At a certain point, I stopped riding, and he moved his hips up and down, making love to my ass.

The feeling was so intense that I stopped playing with my cock.

I felt that I could explode at any moment. Instead, I used my hand to feel Dan's cock as it was going in and out of my ass. I played with his big balls, felt his hairy hole, or massaged my ass while he was forcefully making love to it.

When Dan yelled, I knew he was about to cum in my ass; I realized that I am about to cum as well, without touching myself.

The feeling in the tip of my cock and inside my love tunnel was so intense that I felt that I couldn't help but hasten my orgasm. I grabbed my cock and just from holding it; I started shooting a massive amount of cum all over Dan's body and face. All the while, he was shooting in my ass. We were both screaming while we shared our love juices.

When it was over, I kept his cock in my ass, and we were both merely breathing heavily.

"Dan, this was amazing, perhaps our best sex ever."

"What you do to my cock with your ass, no one else does, amazing. "

Very slowly, I took his big cock out of my love tunnel. Then I laid on top of Dan.

Here's the part that stands in absolute contradiction to the Yemenite who rushed to wash his cum off with soap.

I was laying on top of Dan.

My cum that was all over his upper body was now all over mine as well. I slowly moved my body on his, soaking in my cum. We kissed slowly and tenderly, and I tasted my sweet cum that was all over his face. All the while, his hot cum was slowly leaking out of my love hole.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, embracing this powerful manly feeling and enjoying our love juices.

That's how much I love cum.

Sadly there was no cum waiting for me at the beach yesterday. Many cocks expressed their wish to enter my ass, but I desired none of them.

The agitated expression of both Luka and me is because of one of these cocks.

Waiting for him to pass us

I have known the owner of this cock for 15 years.

I did not see him for several years, but suddenly he showed up again last week. My mistake was that 13 or so years ago I had sex at the beach with several guys. I was drunk, young and horny, and even though I did not find him attractive, he ended up fingering me and shooting his load all over my ass. At least I think he did since he was not the only one who did that.

He did not fuck me; I was not that drunk to let someone whom I did not find attractive to enter my body.

Ever since that time, every time he sees me, he tries to be with me again. Last week, he sat close to me and got naked. I ignored him, and after a while, he left.

An hour later, he came back, sat next to me. He sat closer this time and got naked again.

I took my things and left. What an asshole. How many more years will it take until he understands that I am not interested in him?

Yesterday, I wanted to take a lovely photo of Luka and me when he showed up. Thankfully this time, he did not sit next to me. He just kept walking.

As for Luka, she is finally back at the beach.

She is still hurt, I could tell that it was hard for her to walk to the beach, but it was also necessary for her.

She loves the beach; she enjoys chasing the jackals when we walk back to the car. I tried to stop her this time, but she enjoys it so much that she would not listen to me.

We walked the 1+ mile naked, me and Luka back to the car as you can see in this photo. This spot is where I dress up because I am almost back at the gas station. It was night time when I took this photo, hence why it is not so sharp.

Sweat Luka resting after chasing the jackals

It was also the place had an orgy two weeks ago with three guys, where I was the star of the event. I will write about that hopefully soon.

And, as promised, here is me shooing my cum. I shot my cum the second time that day.


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