Cum on Cam

Yesterday I posted about a guy who sells my photo(s).

Here is a link to my post:


And here is a direct link to the page where he sells one of my photos:


Here is a screenshot of the page where he sells my photo:

I have had a day to think about the whole affair. I got several responses from people telling me what I should do about it. To summarize, here is what guys told me to do:

  1. Sue him

  2. Demand that he shares his profits with me

  3. Demand that he takes my photos off his site

I decided to do something different:


I feel sorry for him.

He is retired and is trying to make a living. His web site looks so primitive; I can't see him making a lot of money from this operation. And you know what? If he does, good for him.

Today, I have had another incident involving my photos. This time quite different than the one I just told you about.

A guy contacted me on MeWe (a social network) and demanded that I take a selfie and send it to him. He was from Germany and sent me a photo of himself (I did not ask him to)

The photo was relatively dark, and he was wearing a long sleeve shirt (no doubt to hide the fact he was not in shape). He was wearing nothing besides that.

The quality of the photo was relatively poor, but it was quite clear that he has an impressive cock.

Then, he demanded that I take a selfie and send it to him. He implied that I look different than my photos.

I always try to publish high-quality photos, like this one:

I don't mind taking a selfie and sending it, but who does he think he is?

He is not someone I am going to date or fuck. He is just an Internet contact.

Does he work for the police?

What an idiot.

I thought to myself, how he could have done it so much differently: He could have said:

"I want to get to know you better, do you mind if we Video chat?"

I have an ultra-sharp HD webcam.

You can see live how I look (and sound). I hope you won't be disappointed to find out that I look the same. You could even see for yourself (if you wish to) that my hole is smooth and colorful, like in my photos.

What did I do with this imbecile?

I blocked him


However, two hours ago, I got a chance to use my webcam. I masturbated with a 60 something guy.

That's the thing about me:

If someone is friendly and polite, I am willing to be very open with them. I can spend hours talking with you, or, in this case, push my new anal vibrator deep inside of me while he was giving me orders what to do.

I just got back from work when he sent me a message. I was still with my work attire: T-Shirt, jeans and of course jocks.

This is what I was wearing today:

We started talking, and when I mentioned that I just got back from work, he said:

"Well, why don't you get out of your work clothes?"

I never need an excuse to get naked, and the fact that it was evident that his cock was big and hard (he was already down to his underwear), was another motivation.

He was one of these guys who liked to give orders on cam. I also desire to be submissive in bed, so I felt just at home with him.

He told me how I should take off my clothes.

First the pants, then the shirt, then to turn around and show him my ass wrapped in jocks. He ordered me to open my ass cheeks and show him my love hole. Then he told me to turn around and made me take the jocks really slow until my hard cock flapped up and down when it was finally released.

"Now, raise your sexy legs on the table and finger your tight hole."

It was not before long that I had two fingers buried inside of me. I was smiling and moaning. From the angle of the cam, he could see my entire body, legs spread, me smiling and finger fucking my smooth ass.

"Push it deeper," he told me.

"I am as deep as I can; I wish my fingers were longer."

"Why don't you bring some of your toys. I am sure a sexy and experienced bottom like you has plenty of toys."

I have three anal vibrators and two dildos.

I don't know if this counts for "many," but I guess it is more than your average bottom. I usually don't like to play with my toys on cam. I need to get the lube and a towel for my office chair. I don't want oil stains on it.

However, he was not only sexy (hairy with a big hard cock) but also charming. And so, it was not before long that my legs were again on the table, and I had my new vibrator deep inside of my love tunnel.

I published a video of how I was using the vibrator. Here it is again:

While I do moan in this video, it was nothing compared to how I was raising my voice with this guy on cam. I was so horny from seeing his massive cock that the entire experience of having the vibrator deep in my ass was so much more intensive.

"Don't touch your cock, and each time I tell you, change the vibrator’s mode."

This vibrator inflates, and it has like 20 different vibration plans. Each one gives you a different sensation. He kept looking at me moaning, screaming, smiling, and leaking cum from my hard cock without touching myself.

I kept looking at his massive mushroom and imagined that he was fucking me. The thought made me leak more cum.

when I am horny, I leak loads of cum without touching myself:

I leak cum like that when I am horny enough

"Theon, you are the hottest bottom I was ever doing cam with," he told me, "you are so natural and wonderful with your ass and your entire body."

He was right; I feel very comfortable about my body. With the right guy, I have no problem sharing it.

"I am so close", I told him, "If I grab my cock, I will explode."

"Don't grab it, instead, gently massage the part below the tip of your cock."

I did just that, and that alone had driven me so close to shooting my load. My entire body was trembling and not only because I put the vibrator on the fastest and most intense program.

He was looking at me, fascinated, and teasing me with his hard cock and with his words. He kept describing how he was making love to my ass. It was so sensual to hear him describe every move he would do inside my love tunnel and how he would kiss me while fucking me.

I started raising my voice, and he knew I was about to shoot. I kept gently rubbing that area, sometimes putting more pressure on it, and all that time, I felt how the cum was slowly climbing up my cock.

It was the most intense feeling.

Finally, I started screaming, and I felt loads of cum shots hitting my face, then my chest, and a few more shots on my stomach and two more leaked on my pubic hair. The fact that the vibrator was working hard in my ass has made this orgasm so intense.

I really can't find the right words to describe it.

"Now, rub it all over you and eat your cum."

I love eating my cum and feeling it on my body. I already licked the shot that hit my mouth.

The vibrator was still buried in my ass, and while my cock was shrinking, it kept leaking loads of cum because the vibrator was squeezing every possible drop from my prostate.

When he saw me still leaking cum and eating it, he started stroking his cock fast (until now, he just kept it hard by touching it from time to time), and I saw a volcano of cum shots firing out of his massive red cock.

I took the vibrator out of my ass and licked it in front of his eyes.

"I'd do just the same to your cock after you shoot all that beautiful cum inside of me and pull out," I told him.

After we were done and exchanged virtual kisses, I plugged my vibrator to the outlet to recharge it. I was sure that after 25 minutes of vibrating inside of my ass, it could use some electrical juice.

As for my manly juice, I am confident there is some more left if I feel playful again later tonight.

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