Cum Inside, Cum Outside

"Sure, I have a lot of experience with guys. I fuck guys all the time."

The cute 20 something ultra-orthodox guy was sitting naked next to me when he said that.

His pink cock was hard and dripping cum. We were sitting in the water north of the shallow pools. This area is beautiful but outside of the "official boundaries" of the nude beach.

Two hours before that, at 3 PM, I was about to leave work and head to the beach. I was extra horny to get fucked and have at least one guy fill my love tunnel with loads of hot cum.

Last time I got fucked was last Thursday. It happened twice that afternoon at the nude beach. The first time was before sunset, and I wrote about it here:

It was a fantastic fuck. I shot my load without touching myself. The hot guy that fucked me, creamed my ass at the same time.

I got fucked later after sunset. That was a marvelous fuck as well, which I did not write about yet.

Monday, although I was having delightful lovemaking with a lean sexy guy, my ass was not part of it. His ass, not mine, was having all the fun.

I wrote about it here:

To make a long story short: It's been six days since my ass was cum fed and I needed it badly.

Just when I was about to leave, my boss told me: "Do you mind driving me home?"

I usually do not mind, but I was eager to get to the beach and find a cock to ride on. Still, you don't say no to your boss just because you are stupid and horny.

"Sure boss, let's go."

When my boss, which reports directly to the CEO, leaves, it's never quick. I watched him finish an email, talking with several other guys and then pack his things. I was about to hold his arm and drag him to my car.

We went out of the room, and then we were ambushed by the CEO.

"Oh, good, I'm glad you are here Theon, I wanted to discuss with you our new web site."

If my ass could cry, I am sure my underwear would have been soaked with tears.

I'd be a total fool for rushing the CEO because I need to rush to the beach. Luckily after 15 minutes, the CEO let both of us go.

I got to the beach 30 minutes after my planned time.

There was almost no one there.

The season is officially over.

I decided to head north of the boundaries of the nude beach. I never go there during the season because that's the non-nude area. However, it's so beautiful there.

I positioned myself after a huge rock and started to relax.

It was the first time that I felt utterly alone at the beach this season. It was a magical feeling: me, the seagulls, the waves, and all this beauty.

The sun was bright, and I decided to take some photos to see how it will come up under such harsh sun (I usually take pictures at sunset when the light is much softer)

Then he showed up.

A cute ultra-orthodox 20 something guy, wearing shorts and a white t-shirt.

I knew he was religious because of his facial hair, and because I could see that he was badly looking for a guy to have sex with.

When you are so young and cute, you don't need to walk 2 miles to have sex with someone at a remote beach unless you are genuinely in the closet.

I did not see him arriving because of the enormous rock that I was behind. When he showed up, it was shortly after I had taken this photo. You can see the shadow of the boulder above my head.

Looking at me laying on my stomach, legs spread like in this photo, he got an instant hard-on, which he helplessly tried to hide.

This is how I was when he showed up

I felt amused.

"I'm just walking on the beach; it's so nice here."

And I am the Mona Lisa, I thought to myself.

"Why don't you enter the water, it's so refreshing."

I could see his struggle.

His cock was hard all that time, and at a certain point, he stopped hiding it. He shorts were not tight, but clearly, his breeding tool was big and beautiful.

He was embarrassed to be naked in public. It was apparent that he is not a nudist. He was also uncomfortable to show his erection.

"I don't know how to swim."

Only a 20 something religious guy does not know how to swim. That was another proof for me that he is who I believed him to be.

I was still on my stomach, legs spread; I enjoyed his sensual looks.

"These are shallow pools, don't worry."

He started to take his clothes off, slowly. I could see that he was struggling with the idea of being naked with a hard cock in public.

When he took his shorts off, I saw that he was wearing white briefs, the non-sexy kind. Then I knew he was for certain very religious. No one wears such briefs in Israel unless they are religious or much older guys.

He took his briefs off, and I noticed how beautiful his big hard cock was. He walked to the pools with his erection. I turned my head around to check his ass. It was hairy just the way I like it. He sat in the pools and stared at my spread legs.

I stood up and walked to the pools with my erection. He was staring at me with absolute lust.

In the water, I laid on my stomach and flexed my strong ass muscles to tease him. This time I was close to him, so he could immediately start playing with my ass if he was brave enough.

As much as I wanted him to fuck me, I decided to play it down for a while unless he makes the first move.

I enjoyed seeing his reaction and his desire. He just stared at my naked body and my ass. His cock was hard and dripping cum, and I could tell he was dying to touch me.

However, he did not know what to do or how to start making out with a guy. I thought to myself how nice it would be if I licked his balls right now.

Instead of licking his balls, I started talking with him. I have learned that he is indeed 26, religious. He has a graphic studio with a partner.

"Does your partner also like to fuck guys?"

His answer was a critical factor regarding the immediate future of his cock and my ass.

If he had said that he is not into guys (while his hard cock was staring at my face), I would have given up on him. I was too horny to start convincing him first to admit that he wants to fuck me.

He smiled.

"No, he is straight."

That was a relief for me. He admitted that he does like to fuck guys.

"How often do you get to fuck guys? Do you have any experience with men?"

"Sure, I have a lot of experience with men. I fuck guys all the time."

I thought to myself: Sure, and I am Leonardo DiCaprio.

When he said that, it reminded me of a scene from "Queer as Folk." It was the first episode of the first season.

Justin gets fucked by Brian, and when Brian asks him if he knows what rimming is, Justin says: "Sure, I know what's rimming, I love it."

While in reality, he does not even know what rimming means.

This guy fucks guys all the time, the same way I fuck women all the time. In other words: Never.

I got tired of this game, and I also wanted badly to play with his big balls and suck his long cock.

I came closer to his and started playing with his balls and lick them. Then I gave him a short blow job. He rolled his head back and moaned loudly. It felt so good to taste his cum.

"Do you want to show me how good you are at fucking a guy?"


Since he did not do anything, I took him back to my beach towel and laid down. I lubed my ass and my hole and also his long pink cock.

His cock was cum dripping all that time. I took some of his cum and rubbed it on my hole and used it to finger myself.

"Just lay on top of me and start pushing your cock inside."

He said very little at this point. He was trembling from desire. If I had to guess, I'd say I am going to be the first bottom that he fucks.

But in the end, I wasn't.

He laid on top of me. His hairy chest on my back made me burn from desire. I guided his cock to my love hole and gently started playing with his mushroom head and my hole. I wanted to guide his beautiful cock into my ass.

I was holding his cock and rubbing it on my hole and slowly starting to push it inside, but only a tiny bit.

When his cock felt my horny hole opening, he started yelling, and I felt massive amounts of cum firing all over my ass. He did not shoot inside because I was not open yet. I had so much cum on my ass that so much of it leaked on my beach towel.

Well, it was a lovely compliment but a lousy experience as far as getting fucked.

"Sorry, I was so attracted to your smooth ass, I could not hold myself."

"How many guys did you truly fuck?"

"No one, this was the first time my cock was so close to getting inside an ass. It felt so wonderful. It was the best feeling ever. I could not stop myself from cumming."

Well, at least he came clean, which was also something my ass needed to get. I went to the pools to wash. There was a large pool of white cum on my beach towel.

This story was all about the "Cum Outside" part of the blog title.

What about the "Cum Inside"?

It's related to the other part I was going to write about. I got to see my gay "Brother" at the beach again yesterday. I saw him roughly two hours after this guy creamed my ass from the outside.

I wrote about my gay "brother" last week here:

It seems that karma is trying to make us fuck again. I will write about it probably later today.

It's morning now in Israel.

This photo is from last week, but I woke the same way today

I woke up extra hungry, which is what usually happens if my ass has a late cum dinner before going to bed.

I also woke up extra horny and hard.

It was something that I did not expect after the awesome sex last night.

I had a dream that one of my MeWe contacts was fucking me. I don't want to say his name, but he is a tall, huge uncut cock, lean sexy body. You probably know him.

It seems that my ass is still hungry for some more cum despite being beautifully fed last night. I will try to make an effort to get to the nude beach again today.


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