"The Ides of March," was is that bad this year at the beach?

"Beware the Ides of March," is a famous line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The "ides" is the 15th day of the month.

Caesar was assassinated on that day.  

Felix wasn't assassinated on the "ides" of June, but tears were rolling down my face when I first saw him in the E.R. Looking back, I can't but think that it was a suitable ending to a lousy day.

When I woke up that morning, I was happy and hard as usual

My plans for the "ides" of June at that point were perfect. I expected a smooth ride, smoother than my ass even.

What was my planned schedule for that day?

  • Wake up at 6 AM

  • Be at the office by 6:45 

  • Have breakfast + Coffee and by 7 AM start coding

  • Have my lunch at noon

  • Leave office around 4 PM and head to the nudist beach

  • Get fucked at least once before it gets dark

  • Meet Felix for a romantic dinner date at my place

  • Get fucked again by him 

  • Fall asleep in his muscular arms while his seed is buried in my ass

There is a famous saying in the Bible: 

"There are many devices in a man's heart; But the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand."

That day was an excellent example of that.  

Sure enough, everything was as planned by 4 PM except for an odd talk with Lee.

Lee is the guy with whom I've been talking for several months. Because of COVID-19 and the fact that he lives far away from me, we never fucked. However, about a month ago, he picked me up after work and drove to the parking lot where my car was. Shortly after, his finger was buried in my ass while I was moaning uncontrollably.

You can read about it here:

Finger in the Hole

Around 3 PM, Lee had contacted me. I was happy that he had because I knew he would be a great fuck. However, our conversation dramatically lowered the chances of his cock entering my ass.

"I was at the beach almost every day last week, and I didn't see you."

Previously, when talking with him, I told him that I go at least twice a week to the nudist beach. Last week I was there, naked on Monday and Thursday.

I told him that.

"So explain why I didn't see you."

His demanding tone started to piss me off. I almost wrote back to him:

"The fact your finger was deep in my ass doesn't make me yours." 

Instead, I replied: "I haven't a clue, Lee, I'm telling you, I was there!"

"OK, this is absolutely weird."

That's what he wrote, but I could sense that what he really meant was: "You are lying to me."

After some pause, he asked me:

"Can I come over to your place tonight and fuck you?"

Again, this demanding tone. What am I? A hole that he comes over to fuck?

"No, I can't have you over tonight because I'll be with my boyfriend."

"What? you have a boyfriend???"

I know that when men are horny, they become stupid. But for him to forget something so trivial was more than just being silly.

"Yes, I told you so a long time ago."

"No, you never told me."

That was just a lie or him being very forgetful. I never hide the fact that my ass belongs first and foremost to the man I love. 

My adorable, perfect boyfriend

Felix comes (and cums) first.

If Felix wants to come over to spend time with me, I'll never turn him down because I want someone else to fuck me. My version of an open relationship is giving my boyfriend priority rights over my ass. Needless to say, while others may enter my ass, he's the only one that penetrates both my ass and my heart.

So, there is no way I'd lied to Lee about Felix.

"It's not the first time you've wanted to come over to my place. I told you about my boyfriend before".

"You never told me…"

I wasn't going to argue with him about it.

After a few minutes, he wrote again:

"You never told me…"

One more time, I thought to myself, and I'm blocking him. But he didn't write again, and I was glad because I didn't want to block him.

I don't want to block anyone. I think that when you block someone (and I'm not talking about racists and other evil creatures), it's an aggressive move on your behalf.

I have thousands of followers on Flickr, and I've only blocked a handful of them during the last five years. As for my blog, I think that I've blocked only one of my followers. I'm not an aggressive person.

I always try to be friendly and please others.

Shirtless in the jacuzzi
I'm a friendly guy, but sometimes people take advantage of it

My motto in life is simple: 

  • Be kind, 

  • Smile a lot 

  • Communicate instead of arguing

  • Do good

  • Have compassion

My mom and my boss always say: "Theon, you are too sensitive," but I prefer to be like that. Even if sometimes I end up hurt by guys like Ronen. He's the one who rushed out of my apartment while his cum was leaking on to my leg.

You can download and read about our "love" making here:

Really Fucked

However, on this "Ides" of June, I did end up blocking another guy. I blocked Diego for good. Diego is the guy who came over to fuck me but turned out to be more of a bottom when he was about to satisfy my hungry hole.

I wrote about him here:

The Fake Top

I wasn't planning to meet him again because he insisted on wanting to suck my cock. I've written about that many times. I don't like getting a blow job.

I want the guy who is about to fuck me to focus on my ass and love hole. I can play with my cock, but I can't lick my hole or fuck myself. That is why I meet other men. 

Since Diego turned out to be a bottom, there was no chance we'd meet again. He knew that, as well. After Felix told me that he'd hurt himself and was on his way to the E.R, Diego contacted me again on WhatsApp.

It couldn’t have been worse timing.

I didn't know how long Felix would be in the E.R because I didn't know how severe his injury was. I knew a large wood lathe had injured him, and I could tell from his voice that he was in tremendous pain. 

Nevertheless, I prepared some things to take to him in case he needed to spend the night there. That was when Diego had started sending me messages.

At first, I ignored him because I was too busy. As I was driving, it finally hit me: Not only had Diego lied to me about being a top and leaving my hole dry and unsatisfied that night, but now he wanted me to pimp my boyfriend to fuck him?

I blocked him.

Here's our chat:

Five hours before rushing to the E.R. to meet Felix, I was lying naked at the beach drinking vodka with Paul (who was sitting naked next to me).  It was perhaps the most exciting thing that had happened to me at the beach for quite some time.  

Was it because we were going to fuck?


Paul is a total top, but he's not my type. 

We never discussed it, but he'd never tried to make a move on my horny ass since our first meet five years ago. I can only assume that I'm not his type either. Besides a few years ago, Paul told me that once he shoots his load, he loses interest in the bottom even if the bottom didn't shoot his. 

In other words, he's a terrible lover, and he admitted it in those words.

So why was sitting next to Paul's small penis so exciting?

Because June at the beach has been lousy, especially compared to last year's. 

Traditionally, June is Pride month in Israel, and there are great parties and a happy atmosphere in the streets. The nudist beach is flooded with terrific examples of uncut delights of all sizes, shapes, colors, and tastes. 

Here's one of those cocks from last year before it made love to my ass

I'd taken a few days off in previous years to enjoy this beautiful time at the beach. But it's not just the beach, when you open Grindr during this time of the year, you see so many unfamiliar faces. 

It's awesome. 

This year, however, things are very different. 

The reason should be quite apparent to you: Because of COVID-19, there are no tourists in Israel right now.

But it's not only that.

Why is the nudist beach deserted this year?

  1. Fewer Israelis come over because they know there are no tourists. 

  2. There is a generally gloomy mood in the air. A lot of people have lost their job or are afraid of losing it. 

  3. There is still fear of another CV19 outbreak. People are so scared to meet for sex, especially older guys. 

  4. The beach is remote, and it takes an effort to get to it. 

I have been naked at this beach for over 15 years, and I'd never seen it so sad and deserted. Even when the Muslims were firing rockets on our cities, people came to the beach to sample a different atmosphere and terrific sex.

But not this year, and it's so depressing. 

So, spending a naked time with Paul that afternoon was the most exciting thing that had happened to me at the beach for quite some time. 

However, I was about to get very lucky at the beach, or so it seemed at the time.

A young guy, wearing white socks (!), a t-shirt and nothing else, was walking towards us with a massive erection. He passed us, looking desperate for sex. He crossed us, presenting his enormous erection and then came back. 

This cock parade took place a few times.

He was adorable and very hairy. But I was sitting with Paul, and I didn't feel sexual next to him. Paul was completely drunk and stoned. However, that made him want to help me get fucked.

"So, Yuvi, do you want me to get his cock for your ass?", Paul asked.


"Yes, your name is Yuval, right?"

"Yuval? What are you on? I'm Theon".

"Today, you're Yuvi. Should I get him for you?"

"No thank you, I'm fine."

The young guy had noticed that we were talking about him, and he came over and stood in front of us. I looked up at his massive tower of Babylon and felt my love hole getting loose. 

Paul pointed at me and announced to the guy: 

"It's your lucky day, Yuvi here has the best fuckable ass, and he gives amazing head." 

I looked at Paul astonished.

"How on Earth do you know all that about my ass?"

"Yuvi!!! You're too modest. Everyone at the beach knows how fuckable you are"

Steve, who was 23, in the closet and had never fucked a guy, came over, sat next to me and smiled. I smiled back, but my cock stayed soft.

I was nervous.

I wasn't going to let Steve fuck me in front of Paul, who was drunk. I knew that Paul only wanted to watch Steve satisfy my ass for his amusement. 

But I got lucky again, or so I thought at that time.

An older guy passed us; I didn't even look at him because my gaze was fixed on Steve's huge cock. It was thick, extremely hairy, and dripping pre-cum. I was about to suggest that we leave together and go north from some private fun.

"That is my future husband," Paul yelled. "Did you see him? Oh, my God. I'm going after him. Steve, you fuck Yuvi. Yuvi, you are all set with Steve. Can I count on you to stay here with my belongings until I return?"

Without waiting for my answer, Paul jumped up and pursued the "love of his life" or, in other words, a beach bottom to fuck and forget the minute he shot his load inside his ass. 

I didn't mind.

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Paul's beach belongings were far better than mine. He'd brought music, a large beach blanket, vodka, a beach umbrella, and he also left me condoms and poppers (neither of which I needed, but it was sweet of him to leave behind). 

"Do you get fucked, Yuvi?" Steve asked.

"Seriously, I'm Theon, not Yuvi, and yes, I'm a total bottom."

"What that?"

"A bottom?"


Steve was 23 and clueless, which made him far more adorable in my eyes. He was so sweet and innocent. 

"Have you never fucked a guy before?"

"No, I'm bisexual, but I want to try to fuck a guy."

"A bottom is a guy who gets fucked. So If I tell you that I'm a bottom, it means that I like a guy to fuck me. Do you like my ass?"

On asking him that, I turned over on to my stomach and spread my legs. 

Steve's cock, which was already rock hard, got even more prominent, extra thick, and leaked a constant stream of pre-cum.

"Yes, your ass is so beautiful. Almost like my girlfriend's."

Honestly, I was not going to let him fuck me that afternoon. Steve's cock was massive, and since he had absolutely no experience fucking a guy, the beach was not the best place to teach him how to fuck an ass. However, I was planning on introducing him to some of the pleasures of anal sex. 

But I couldn't.

Just as I was about to ask him to start sliding his massive cock on my smooth crack or try to finger my horny love hole, the "creature" arrived.

The creature was a beach parasite.

A guy that comes over to look at other guys fucking and interferes.

I turned over and sat next to Steve. Both our cocks were rock hard and eager to kiss each other. Steve was looking at me with the most beautiful begging expression.

"Let's wait for him to leave; I can't let you play with my hole when he's around."

"Oh, him? I thought that he'd already left. Well, he'll probably go soon".

Since this was only Steve's second visit to the beach, he didn't know about these parasites. Beach parasites don't leave. They are like ticks. 

I tried my best to drive the parasite away by giving him my dirtiest looks. 

Nothing helped. 

Technically, he wasn't doing anything wrong. 

He wasn't sitting too close to us, and he never tried to look directly at us. But he kept walking back and forth or standing and pretending to look somewhere, but I knew he was waiting for us to start fucking.

I kept Steve excited by playing with his massive hairy balls or holding his cock. The parasite could not see it because Steve was sitting next to me. Each time I played with Steve's balls, he moaned softly, and a stream of pre-cum erupted from his huge mushroom, like a sacred mountain spring. 

I took his love juice and licked it or used it to lube his cock or my love hole.

"Theon, I'm so close, but I can't cum when he's looking at us."

"I know, cutie; I hate this guy."

Twenty minutes later, and the parasite was still not showing any signs of leaving.

"Let's go behind those distant rocks," Steve suggested. "I'm sure he will not follow us." 

"I'm not so sure, but that's a great idea."

We stood up, and our hard cocks were obvious. Presenting our hard cocks to the parasite ensured that he would never leave. But we were about to leave him.

But then I remembered.

We couldn't.

I'd promised Paul I'd watch his belongings. 


I kept looking north, waiting for Paul to return. How could I have been so stupid???!!!

We sat down again. I felt like crying.

"Theon, you're adorable and so sexy, but I promised my girlfriend I'd be back soon. I must take a shower before I meet her. She has no idea I've come to the beach".

We stood up, hugged each other, and Steve grabbed my smooth ass with his strong hands. 

Both our cocks were pre-cumming so much next to each other. However, that was the last intimacy I was about to experience that afternoon with his terrific huge breeding device.

Guess what happened when Steve left?

So did the parasite.

I felt like screaming.

Do you know what also happened?

Five minutes later, Paul returned with a stupid smile all over his face. He remembered nothing about Steve

"Yuvi, that guy had the best ass. It was so amazing; I shot my load twice. Once in his ass and once on his face".

That was just too much for me to bear for one afternoon. I left stoned/drunk Paul and went northward. As I was walking north, the bottom that Paul had fucked passed me. I felt jealous of him even though I didn't find him attractive at all. 

He got two hot loads of cum while my ass was dry, hungry, and angry.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet. I had several offers to get fucked, but the guys were not to my taste. One guy sat next to me in the hope of at least masturbating while looking at my naked body. I drove him away with my "I'm going to kill you" look. 

At least, the sunset was beautiful, and I was looking forward to meeting Felix later that evening. 

I was so damn horny that I knew that I'd probably shoot my load twice that night. Once before Felix fills my ass with his delicious cream and once after.

As I was leaving the beach, I passed Paul's beach blanket again. Everything was there except for Paul. It was weird. The only explanation I could think of was that he'd gone somewhere to fuck another guy. The thought made me jealous again, and I left, pissed off.

Fast-forward to midnight.

Felix was sleeping in my bed, stoned from painkillers. He was fortunate. He could have lost an entire finger, or his palm or his arm from the massive wood lathe. 

Instead, it made the top half of his left pinky look like minced meat. 

The doctors were able to stitch everything up and make it look like a finger again. He also broke the pinky bones and lost his nail (which may or may not grow back).

It was awful.  

I told Felix after I'd stopped crying: "You were perfect and flawless, and if your nail does not grow back, you will still be perfect and have one tiny flaw."

When he fell asleep, I had to clear my mind, and so I worked out. When I was done, I smoked an entire joint to relax.

It made me feel horny again.

Here's a photo of cum all tangled up in my pubic hair; after (!), I washed. 

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