Crying @ my Birthday

Today is my birthday.

And yet, I find myself in tears. I started crying last night.

You know me, I'm a happy guy, and I'm almost always optimistic. 

What changed my mood so drastically and on my birthday of all days?

Am I crying over my lost youth, over the passing years?

In a way I am.

Today is Memorial Day. Memorial day is the saddest day in Israel. Only once every 19 years do my birthday and Memorial Day occur on the same date.

The State of Israel celebrates official events and religious holidays according to the Jewish calendar. I celebrate my birthday, like most Jews, according to the calendar you are familiar with.

My birthday is on April 28th.

Memorial Day is the 4th of Iyar.

The month of Iyar

Only 19 years from now will the 4th of Iyar and April 28th occur on the same day again.