Crying @ my Birthday

Today is my birthday.

And yet, I find myself in tears. I started crying last night.

You know me, I'm a happy guy, and I'm almost always optimistic. 

What changed my mood so drastically and on my birthday of all days?

Am I crying over my lost youth, over the passing years?

In a way I am.

Today is Memorial Day. Memorial day is the saddest day in Israel. Only once every 19 years do my birthday and Memorial Day occur on the same date.

The State of Israel celebrates official events and religious holidays according to the Jewish calendar. I celebrate my birthday, like most Jews, according to the calendar you are familiar with.

My birthday is on April 28th.

Memorial Day is the 4th of Iyar.

The month of Iyar

Only 19 years from now will the 4th of Iyar and April 28th occur on the same day again.

Here is some more information about Memorial Day:

Israeli Memorial Day

I could have been easily killed during my army service.

My army brothers, can you find me?

I served in an elite combat unit for three years. Compared to the U.S army, you could say that I belonged to Marines-Special Forces. My last rank was First Sergeant. 

After my army service, I asked my mom how she could sleep at night. She knew the risks. Every week, soldiers would die or get wounded at the front. 

"There was nothing that I could have done. How would worrying for you have done any good?" 

Twenty-three thousand eight hundred sixteen soldiers and 3,153 victims of terrorism have died since 1860, the year when Jews started rebuilding our homeland. 

Jonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu, the brother of our illustrious prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was one of them. 

He died during Operation Entebbe:

Operation Entebbe (a.k.a Operation Jonathan)

As I listened this morning to our prime minister, talking about his fallen brother, I couldn't stop crying.

Benjamin was studying at Yale during that time, and his parents were living in NYC. The youngest brother, Ido, informed him, and he was in charge of telling his parents.

Here's what the American author Herman Wouk wrote about Yoni:

"He was a taciturn philosopher-soldier of terrific endurance, a hard-fibered, charismatic young leader, a magnificent fighting man. On the Golan Heights, in the Yom Kippur War, the unit he led was part of the force that held back a sea of Soviet tanks manned by Syrians, in a celebrated stand; and after Entebbe, "Yoni" became in Israel almost a symbol of the nation itself. Today his name is spoken there with somber reverence."

Here are some words by Yoni:

Yoni Netanyahu
"We're preparing for war, and it's hard to know what to expect. What I'm positive of is that there will be the next round, and others after that. But I would rather opt for living here in continual battle than for becoming part of the wandering Jewish people. Any compromise will simply hasten the end. As I don't intend to tell my grandchildren about the Jewish State in the twentieth century as a mere brief and transient episode in thousands of years of wandering, I intend to hold on here with all my might."

Muslims have attempted to destroy the Jewish State and indiscriminately murder Jews since 1860, the year when the first Jewish homes were built outside the walls of Jerusalem.

In 1948, 50 million Muslims tried to destroy the tiny Jewish State and murder its Jewish inhabitants. During our War of Independence, there were only 600,000 Jews in the former British colony of Palestine. 

A lot of them were Holocaust survivors.

The Muslims have failed.

But their desire to murder all of us is everlasting, eternal. The only thing stopping them from carrying out a second Holocaust is the Israeli army, and our will to defend our homeland. 

Since 1860, nearly 27,000 Israelis (almost all Jews but also Christians and Muslims) have been murdered by Muslims. 

In the summer months of 1944, during the Holocaust, more Jews were murdered every day by the Germans and other European nations. 

Jews, in Auschwitz. Two hours later, almost all of them were dead

It's no comfort for the families of our fallen heroes, but it puts things in perspective for the rest of us.

But what about my Birthday?

Poor Felix, his task is an impossible one. 

To celebrate my birthday under impossible conditions. Not only is today is Memorial Day, but the entire country is under lockdown again because tomorrow is Independence Day. This lockdown is to prevent people from celebrating it outdoors in large crowds.

So he can't take me to a B&B or an excellent vegan restaurant.

He can't give me any presents, either. I told him it's not right to be happy while we mourn our fallen warriors.

He only gave me this for now (he made it):

It reads: "Happy Birthday, Mr. Poo." 

Last year, my birthday was much more relaxed.

A few of my gay friends took me to a fantastic B&B up north. There were six of us, gay and happy. Four of us were naked by the large pool (the couple was more restrained). 

During that birthday, we hiked for 12 miles.  

We stopped by this mountain stream to swim, smoke, and celebrate life.

Felix came over last night. He hugged me while I was crying, and we fell asleep cuddling each other. Of course, we didn't fuck; I wasn't in the mood for that. Also, I scream when I get fucked, and I know that my neighbors can hear me. 

You can hear me scream while I get fucked here:

I'm a Screamer

My noisy screams are not the kind of sound I want them to hear on this sad day.

When will we celebrate my birthday? 

Felix is preparing dinner right now. While he is doing so, I jogged on my treadmill for 7 miles and took a shower afterward. 

At 8 PM, Memorial Day will end, the Israeli flag will be raised, and the official Independence Day ceremony will begin in Jerusalem. Like every year, I will watch the ceremony with my parents. 

It always brings tears to my eyes.

But those are tears of pride & joy.

I am so lucky to be Jewish and live in our homeland!!

When I come back from my parents', then we will start celebrating my birthday, and I know that Felix will give me lots of presents. 

I also plan to give him a present.

Felix's cum shots deep inside my smooth ass will be the last present that he will give me for my birthday. 

Unless he keeps some more for tomorrow!

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