His face mask was interesting, but he was interested in fucking me

Yesterday afternoon I hiked naked in my favorite forest.

It was pretty muddy.
It was pretty muddy.

Even though it was a workday, it was vital for me to take a break. I knew that a significant storm was approaching, and I would be locked indoors for at least four days.

Surprisingly it wasn't that cold, as you can witness from my nude photo. However, it's freezing outside right now and hasn't stopped raining for several hours.

My horny ass is locked indoors, and Felix's terrific cock is in his apartment. Even my hot ass isn't a good enough argument for potential tops (or Felix!) to venture out.

Instead, I've had a very hot cam session with Daniel, a 21-year-old stud who contacted me on DudesNude.

I found him particularly sexy because of his:

  • naturally smooth, toned upper body

  • huge thick cock

  • fully grown, black pubic hair

  • large hairy testicles

  • hairy arm pits...

...and adorable face and kissable big lips.

He said he likes older guys. However, he was shocked when I told him that I wasn't 27 as he'd assumed.

If you too want to look great and feel younger, read this blog post:

Do you want to look and feel younger and healthier?

Here's our short conversation before we turned on our cams and masturbated.

Older guys almost always love to kiss and hug.
Older guys almost always love to kiss and hug.

We wanked together for 20 minutes while complementing each other

"You have a terrific, thick cock," he told me. "I bet you also like to fuck older bottoms as I do."

I laughed. "Oh no, I'm a total bottom. I like to get fucked by older men. Why did you think I was a top?"

"Because of your impressive cock! That's why I didn't ask to see your hole. Can I see it please?"

After showing Daniel my love hole, he moaned loudly, and I knew he was about to shoot his seed.

Daniel's thick, 21-year-old cock would have enjoyed my ass

The entry point to my body is clearly visible.
The entry point to my body is clearly visible.

While his orgasm was approaching, so was mine. I stopped masturbating because I wanted to see him shooting his load first.

"Please finger your hole for me," Daniel requested.

I enjoy feeling the warmth and tightness of my love hole
I enjoy feeling the warmth and tightness of my love hole

On seeing my facial expression as I was fingering myself, Daniel yelled: "Oh Theon, I want to fuck you so bad. I'm going to cum!" Then he shot more than ten long cum shots all over his face and upper body.

It was an incredible sight.

When his orgasm was almost over, I ejaculated while thinking of his creamy love juice firing deep inside my thirsty ass.

After we'd said goodbye and promised to stay in touch, I felt relaxed enough to complete the story of Ezra, the older guy, and Arik, the younger guy who had taken turns at fucking me at the nudist beach.

You can read the first part here:

Would you date a married guy? I wouldn't but I got fucked by one

On arriving at the nudist beach, that afternoon, Luka decided that we should sit next to Ezra.

It wasn't because she is fond of him.

On the contrary! Luka is bitchy towards every man who shows even the slightest interest in me (even Felix had to work hard to win her trust!)

She's such a jealous queen!

Luka loves the beach!
Luka loves the beach!

She chose Ezra because of his large beach tent that provided shade.

That's the kind he had.
That's the kind he had.

"I feed her, take care of her, bring her to the beach, and she has chosen you!" I told Ezra and concluded by saying "Never trust women!"

Ezra smiled and opened his muscular arms to hug me.

While hugging and kissing him, I felt Ezra's thick cock and warm testicles pressed against my cock and balls. It was such an enjoyable feeling.

Then he asked me if I wanted to smoke weed with him.

Smoking weed with Ezra always leads to his magnificent cock finding its way deep inside my ass. So, obviously, I agreed. While smoking, he caressed my pubic hair and my ass. I played with his hairy chest, nipples, and balls.

Why didn't Ezra play with my hard cock as well?

Because, unlike the following guy, he knows that I don't like my cock sucked or played with:

It's quite simple: a top can do almost anything with my body except my cock.

If you ever have sex with me, please remember that.
If you ever have sex with me, please remember that.

A weird, sexy young guy named Arik was watching us playing with each other.

What was weird about him?

The fact he wore a black face mask even though he was naked and his cock was semi-hard.

"He's hot," I told Ezra. "But why is he wearing a mask?"

"Why don't you invite him over and ask him?" suggested Ezra.

While walking towards us, Arik's cock became thicker and longer. By the time he reached us, his cock was fully hard. At that point, his black pubic hair interested me far more than his black face mask.

I immediately began sucking his 24-year-old cock even though it wasn't so impressive.

Arik's wet, hard penis.
Arik's wet, hard penis.

My partly-erect cock is thicker and almost as long as Arik's hard cock.

My cock during my morning shower.
My cock during my morning shower.

However, Ezra's cock is thicker and longer than my erect cock

That's my hard cock. Ezra's is much more impressive.
That's my hard cock. Ezra's is much more impressive.

Because Arik's cock wasn't so thick, I was able to suck his and Ezra's at the same time while they were kissing each other (obviously, the mask was gone by then).

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After a few minutes, Arik went behind me, and I felt freshwater washing my ass and hole, followed by his tongue licking my ass and eating my anus.

My washed fuck hole, ready for service.

Another top took this photo after cleaning my ass.
Another top took this photo after cleaning my ass.

For me, it was the perfect combination:

One guy was eating my anus while another man's thick cock was fucking my other hole.

I handed Arik the lube, and in less than 30 seconds, his entire penis had taken control over my ass. I knew that his cock was experiencing the tremendous heat and tightness of my ass because Arik moaned loudly.

The sensation was terrific for both of us, but I longed for a much more demanding hammer in my ass.

Why wasn't Arik's cock enough for me?

I'm not a size queen, but if my ass has an option, it always prefers a longer and significantly thicker cock, like Ezra's.

Therefore, I begged Ezra to fuck me as well.

My cock is the right one.
My cock is the right one.

On feeling Ezra's hammer widening my love tunnel, I began screaming. Ezra was patient and didn't force his way in. However, after two minutes, the tip of his tower was kissing my spine from inside.

The excitement from serving two beautiful men simultaneously brought me very close to ejaculating. Therefore I let go of my cock and instead caressed either Ezra's testicles or Arik's (who was fucking my mouth).

Arik enjoyed my oral skills, but he wasn't too happy about losing my ass. He went behind me and told Ezra: "Hey, I want to fuck your boyfriend's ass too!"

Since Ezra was so focused on making love to my ass (and was stoned!) he didn't bother telling Arik that we were merely fuck buddies. Arik literally had to push him to gain access to my loose hole.

It was so hot that two sexy alpha males were fighting for the right to breed me.

I was in doggie behind this rock while they were fucking my two holes.

It was incredible to serve both of them at the same time!
It was incredible to serve both of them at the same time!

"Theon, you're so sexy. I wish I could fuck you forever, but I'm getting so close," Arik said and began fucking me faster while spanking my ass (which he hadn't done until then!).

I knew that soon he would satisfy my ass's thirst for fresh semen.

I stopped sucking Ezra and began screaming.

My orgasms are potent.
My orgasms are potent.

While I was shouting, Ezra slapped my face with his massive tool or occasionally held my head, and forced his dick back into my mouth, thus silencing my screams.

When Arik started screaming, I grabbed my cock and climaxed with him while Ezra slapped my face with his penis.

I almost fainted when it was over.

Arik fucked me for another minute and then pulled his cock out and headed towards the Mediterranean to wash.

"Come here," I told him. "I want to clean your cock first."

I sucked and cleaned his cum-covered cock

I also licked every drop of seed that oozed from his sweet penis.
I also licked every drop of seed that oozed from his sweet penis.

I was still in doggie and waiting for Ezra to load my ass with another bucket of cum.

However, I sensed that he was hesitating. I figured he thought I no longer wanted him to fuck me since I'd already climaxed.

Even though I was no longer horny, I wanted Ezra to experience an orgasm by using my ass. Therefore I told him: "I don't mind if you keep fucking me until you mix your seed with Arik's."

Ezra fucked me for a few minutes and apologized while his thick cock was still deep inside my body: "I'm sorry, Theon, I don't think I can cum. I'm too stoned. I just wanted to experience fucking your sexy ass when it's full of cum."

"Don't worry about it," I told him, "some other time."

Ezra and I joined Arik, who was sitting by the waterfront. Ezra's cock was still hard and beautiful, and it was a delight to look at it covered with Arik's semen.

At first, Ezra washed my very loose love hole.

My loose fuck hole after it got nicely pounded.
My loose fuck hole after it got nicely pounded.

I washed Ezra's breeding tool while we were kissing. We always clean each other that way after our love-making is over.

It's such a sweet tradition that we have.

My wet, cleaned body after our fucking session was over.
My wet, cleaned body after our fucking session was over.

While Ezra was washing my ass and hole, Arik told him: "Thank you for letting me fuck your bottom."

I was amused: "Excuse me? Shouldn't you be thanking me? After all, I'm the one you've fucked!"

Arik shrugged: "You've enjoyed it too, and I don't expect you to thank me for fucking you. All I was trying to say was that you are such a hot couple. It's nice that your boyfriend lets other guys breed your smooth man-cunt."

I looked into Ezra's beautiful eyes and said: "Honey are you going to tell him or should I?". Ezra spanked my ass and laughed: "Go ahead, tell him."

Arik looked at us, puzzled.

"We aren't a couple. We're fuck buddies." I explained. "He's married with kids, and I have a boyfriend."

"Wow, your relationships are really fucked up," Arik responded. "Anyway, in that case, I admire Theon's boyfriend for sharing his bottom with other guys. Also, it's nice for Theon that Ezra's wife lets him fuck him!"

My boyfriend, Felix, knows he has no control over what I do with my ass.

Isn't his hair so beautiful in this photo?
Isn't his hair so beautiful in this photo?

"You have a weird concept of what it means to be a bottom," I told Arik. "I'm not a property, and no one decides what I should or shouldn't do with my hole."

I wasn't mad at Arik or surprised by his comment regarding my ass.

Some blog followers have told me: "I want you to be mine." I've also dated many guys obsessed with owning my ass and taking away my freedom.

You can read more about it here:

Is owning an ass the same as owning a Victorian tea set?

Even my boyfriend can't control what I do with my ass except when he fucks it.

I'm neither a slave nor property.
I'm neither a slave nor property.

"Slow down," Arik said. "I'm not talking about owing you. I meant that if your hot ass had belonged to me, I wouldn't have let anyone get near it."

There were too many paradoxes in his last statement, but I got tired of the discussion, especially after having such an incredible mutual orgasm while he owned my ass for a short time.

Before leaving, Arik put on his face mask but remained naked. I suddenly remembered that it was thanks to his face mask that we’d fucked.

"What's with the face mask?" I asked him.

"Well, I want to protect myself from Covid," explained Arik.

Arik said that having an open-relationship is fucked up.

I thought that his wearing a face mask to protect himself from Covid at the beach after he'd had unprotected sex with me was what was truly fucked up!

I kept my thoughts to myself because I didn't want to start another argument.

Instead, I walked half a mile north to an isolated spot.

I wanted to sleep after working so hard to satisfy two guys.
I wanted to sleep after working so hard to satisfy two guys.

Little did I know that Ezra and I would fuck again two hours later.

I'll write about it soon, hopefully!

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