How to keep your relationship alive during COVID-19

I love my boyfriend.

Here's a voice recording of how I sound when he starts to take control over my horny ass with his massive tool.

Since Felix's cock is massive, whenever he fucks me, I almost always start by sliding on his long pole. Generally speaking, that's the easiest way to get one's hole opened.

Even though I have been fucked countless times, I still prefer to do it that way.

Yes, Felix has a big made-in-Montana cock!

It ensures that after two minutes at most, the top can start using my ass for his pleasure. I need two minutes to open my love hole if it's a huge cock. I need, for Felix's cock a minute at most. Most guys have smaller cocks than his (at least in Israel). I'd say that on average in Israel, for most guys, 30 seconds is what it takes to allow them to start enjoying the warmth of my ass.

I love Felix so much that I considered, for his birthday present (in November), offering him to move in with me. His birthday is just around the time when we started dating. It would have been a beautiful way to celebrate both.