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How to keep your relationship alive during COVID-19

I love my boyfriend.

Here's a voice recording of how I sound when he starts to take control over my horny ass with his massive tool.

Since Felix's cock is massive, whenever he fucks me, I almost always start by sliding on his long pole. Generally speaking, that's the easiest way to get one's hole opened.

Even though I have been fucked countless times, I still prefer to do it that way.

Yes, Felix has a big made-in-Montana cock!

It ensures that after two minutes at most, the top can start using my ass for his pleasure. I need two minutes to open my love hole if it's a huge cock. I need, for Felix's cock a minute at most. Most guys have smaller cocks than his (at least in Israel). I'd say that on average in Israel, for most guys, 30 seconds is what it takes to allow them to start enjoying the warmth of my ass.

I love Felix so much that I considered, for his birthday present (in November), offering him to move in with me. His birthday is just around the time when we started dating. It would have been a beautiful way to celebrate both.

But then CV-19 arrived, and we started spending more and more time together in my apartment. When we started working from home, Felix asked to come over and work from my place. Unlike me, Felix doesn't like to be alone while working.

Of course, I agreed.

But the result was that we ended up spending long hours together, indoors.

Felix is:

  • adorable,

  • helpful,

  • always smiles,

  • funny,

  • and of course, sexy.

But spending so much time together is driving me nuts.

For example, I'm usually naked indoors (and outdoors whenever I can). Because Felix is here most of the week, I can't be naked.

Am I ashamed to be naked next to him?

Of course not, I'm not ashamed of my nudity when it comes to total strangers. Why, therefore, would I be embarrassed to show my ass to the man who makes love to it so often?

But that's precisely the problem.

Because he makes love to my ass, I don't want him to get used to it.

I want him to see my thirsty-for-cum love hole when he is about to take control over it. Not when I simply bend over to pick something from the floor. The notion of my boyfriend seeing my smooth love hole so often sounds exciting, but it's not.

Everything that you see too much, can become “ordinary”.

I don't want him to get bored from seeing the dark lips that decorate my love hole.

When Felix sees my hole, I want him to have an instant boner followed later by his hot love juice leaking out of my open tunnel.

I don't want him to see my hole and think: "Oh, Theon's smooth hole, again."

I want him to see my hole and think: "Damn, I've got to fuck that hole right now!"

So, now that we are practically more than living together, I suddenly don't want to make it permanent. Inserting Felix's big penis into my ass may take less than a minute, but eventually, it comes out. Inserting Felix permanently into my apartment is far more complicated.

How do I deal with it?

Luckily I have the nudist beach.

Besides having sex there, it's the place I go to have some me-time and remember how things used to be before the world went mad.

I've had many amazing fucks there lately. I hope to find time to share some of them with you.

Getting fucked aside, most of the time I'm alone with my thoughts.

I never go to the nudist beach at the weekend. It's packed with people, and most of them aren't naked. There are sometimes families. I go to that beach to be alone, naked, and sometimes to get fucked.

During the weekend:

  • I won't be alone

  • I'll probably be the only naked person

  • I won't get fucked

I woke up on Saturday morning, with Felix beside me and I played with my morning-hard cock for some time.

My hard cock
My usual morning wood

I also enjoyed massaging my delicate hole and lightly fingering myself.

Little did I know that in 15 hours, in that bed, I'd be in doggie, moaning while Felix was forcefully fucking me.

This recording is how I sounded when I started obeying his terrific tool doggie-style.

I love getting fucked when I'm in this position.

Eventually, I left sleepy Felix and went to make him a surprise breakfast.

What did I make?

We are both vegans, so no eggs or dairy for us. Instead, I used Gram flour for making us an Indian salty pancake.

You can read more about it here:


This dish is an excellent replacement for an omelet, and it also has many more nutrients. We finished eating around 11 AM. As much as I love Felix, spending another day with him indoors made me desperate.

They say that desperate people do desperate things.

"Let's go hiking," I suggested.

"It's so hot."

"I know, but we can go to the Kziv stream. It's beautiful, and it has water and pools.

You can read more about this stream here:

Kziv Stream

"But it's so far away."

Kziv stream is a 1.5-hour drive from my apartment. In Israel, that's considered a long ride because Israel is so small. This hike is close to the border with Lebanon.

"I know, but it's going to be so much fun, Besides we need to get out of this fucking apartment."

I have a history with this stream.

In the past ten years, I've hiked there twice with two former boyfriends. The first time was ten years ago, the other four years ago. The hike starts with a steep descent and ends with a steep climb.

At the end of the hike, there is a ruined, beautiful crusader castle overlooking the stream.

However, I've never been to it.

With the first guy, it was a hot day, and we ran out of time. With the second one, he thought I was too hot, and we fucked non-stop for several hours, and by the time we wanted to see the castle, we'd ran out of time.

I was determined to see it with Felix and kiss him there. It's such a romantic setting.

You can read more about it here:

Montfort Castle

I also thought that this would be a good omen for us. Felix is such a better life partner than these two were. I felt that kissing him there would seal our love for all eternity.

We started hiking down around 3 PM. There were many people, but I wasn't too concerned.

I quickly removed my shirt and hiked in my (very) short shorts:

Going downhill reminded me of the Ardèche canyon in France.

You can read more about it here:

Ardèche Canyon

I went to Provence with an older friend a few years ago. We were lovers at that time, and I flew with him for three weeks as a present for his 60th birthday (his wife didn't mind).

It all seems like a dream now.

I can no longer fly because of my medical condition. He's no longer my friend (long story…), and no one can fly anywhere because of CV-19.

He was such a sweet guy with a wild libido and a stunning tool. He made love to my ass so many times during that trip.

Here's my photo after another beautiful river-side lovemaking in that canyon

Of course, the Kziv stream is about ten times smaller than the Ardèche canyon. But I prefer it because it's in my beloved country.

Anyway, these were some of my thoughts while going downhill. I thought about these two former boyfriends, the older lover with whom I flew to France and now adorable Felix walking by my side.

I wish he'd been all three of them.

He's a dream guy.

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When we finally reached the bottom (not me…), it was superb. There was water everywhere, the air was clean, and it was so beautiful. I changed into my speedo, and we both jumped in the large pool. Sadly, we weren't the only people.

I noticed that some people were surprised to see me wearing a speedo. I didn't care that much. I'd wanted to go in naked!

After the first large pool, we started hiking downstream. The further down we went, the fewer people we saw. Most people walk down to the large pool and hike back up. I kept my speedo on, and we kept going into smaller pools.

It was such a great idea to take Felix on this hike!

We couldn't do much as far fucking-wise.

Even though there were several moments of being alone, soon we either saw people or people saw us. This trail is very popular, especially during the summer.

We kept kissing all the time, though.

At one time, Felix hugged me from behind and pushed his fingers into my wet crack. When I started to moan softly, he reached further and started playing with my sensitive hole.

"Baby, I wish I could fuck you now."

He smelled his fingers after playing with my love hole for a while: "And you smell so good too."

I had to check for myself.

I played with my somewhat open hole and fingered myself; then, I smelled my fingers. Felix was right. My hole always smells great, but this time it was an exciting blend of fresh mountain spring mixed with sweat and a man scent.

"Is there a place here where we could fuck?" Felix asked.

There is one.

It's the place where I fucked non-stop with that former boyfriend. You have to go off-trail a bit and keep hiking downstream. It leads you to a quaint pool that few people know of.

There were so many people hiking that afternoon that I didn't think that we would be alone there. But I was eager to feel Felix fucking me outdoors. It'd been a long time since I'd served his massive cock outdoors.

When we got there, it was even more beautiful than I'd remembered. It is a rather shallow pool with a cute small waterfall.

Felix was disappointed, though.

"It's not that secluded. I don't think it's a good idea for us to fuck here."

He was right.

When I'd fucked here before, it was in April and mid-week. We barely saw anyone, and because it was so quiet, we could hear if people were approaching long before they showed up. I screamed when his dark thick cock fucked me back then because I knew that no one else was around.

This time, even though we didn't see other hikers, we could hear people. It was difficult to tell only by the sound if they were coming into our hideout or just passing by.

But we could see them in advance. Not by much though, some 100 feet. It wasn't much, but it was something.

In no time, I got naked and jumped in.

Felix still hesitated.

I'm Israeli native; we don't give a fuck about anything. Felix is a guy from Montana. I don't think public nudity is frequent there. Let alone fucking when people are around.

Eventually, he got in.

But not naked.

Naked or not, it was not long before he was hugging my naked body from behind, and I felt his hard red cock rubbing against my smooth white crack and later, with the help of my spit, sliding deep into my tunnel of love.

"I love you," I moaned when my ass had completed swallowing his breeding tool. He was so deep in me; it was such an intense moment.

"I love you too," he whispered, trembling, while slowly fucking me. "You make me so happy."

I was in a partly doggie posture when he was in me.

I figured that if we were quick, I could collect his seed in my ass in less than five minutes. All I needed to do was massage his thick cock using my powerful ass muscles and play with his beautiful balls simultaneously. If I put my ass (and mind to it), I can milk a guy very quickly.

But we didn't have five minutes.

Two minutes after he'd started fucking me, we saw people coming downstream towards us. His cock left my ass so quickly that it reminded me of some horrible past fuck dates.

Such as this one:

Really Fucked

Of course, it was different this time. As much as I'm comfortable regarding nudity and sexuality, I don't think it's fair to force that on other people (and of course it's illegal where we were).

Five hours later, I would be in a complete doggie posture, and Felix would not leave my submissive hole so quickly:

Here's my voice after getting fucked for nearly 15 minutes, doggie-style, by Felix:

"I love serving your cock"

When they'd passed us, Felix took this photo.

That's how and where I was when he was behind me, spoiling my ass with his marvelous cock. I felt the fresh cold water partly entering my open ass while my hole was becoming tight again. You can tell by my smile how much I enjoyed it.

We went back to the main trail and continued hiking downstream.

Felix didn't give me his seed, nor did we fuck for a long time. But those two minutes that he was deep inside my horny ass had brought us so close together.

Suddenly my mind became clearer again.

Of course, I want Felix to move in with me; he's such a fantastic guy. Besides, he fixes so many things in my apartment.

Felix is: