How did Covid-19 influence the price of getting fucked?

My last blog post talked a bit about how I masturbate a lot these days:

My Cum-Thirsty Hole

There is no need to worry.

Everything is right between my boyfriend and me. However, because of CV-19, it is so hard (pun intended) to meet other guys to fuck me.

That's why I started wanking much often.

Why is it so hard for me to find cock?

After all, I go to the nudist beach 2-3 times a week. In the last 15+ years, I got fucked there almost every time I went.

Well, not anymore.


Even though the nudist beach feels like a fairy tale, it is part of our world. And as such, the rules of economics and capitalism apply to it as well. Right now, because of CV-19, these rules don't play well in my favor.

How can sex and nudity in a remote nudist beach in Israel have anything to do with economics?


When you get naked at that nudist beach, you enter the market for cock and ass. The price of your goods can go up and down depending on the situation at the beach.

Generally speaking, an ass is less in demand in the gay sex scene. That's because the ratio between tops-bottoms is 1:3 or worse. In other words, for every three hungry holes, there is one cock.

If I had to generalize, I'd say that this is why a top is less likely to be fit than a bottom. Most of the tops that I see on Grindr are not in shape.

Why should they be?

They know that their cock is in high demand.

I'm lucky that my ass is in great shape and naturally smooth because it puts a higher price tag on my horny hole. However, I also seek a more "expensive" cock, which is not that easy to find.

Especially during CV-19.

I vented my frustration on Felix, my boyfriend.

"How can it be that so many top guys, especially older guys, don't work out or aren't in shape?"

Felix is in great shape.

Like me, he works out regularly.

I would not be attracted to him otherwise. I'd still love him because he is adorable in so many ways, but I would be much less attracted to his massive cock.

A thick cock
Felix's cock is massive

“It’s a calling," Felix explained to me. "Most guys that work out when they are older have exercised all their life. If they hadn’t bothered to keep their body in shape when they were younger, there is less chance they’d stay fit as mature guys".

Nowhere is it more apparent than the nudist beach, I have been there almost alone on the last couple of occasions, and the few guys I saw were not in good shape at all.

You can read more about it here:

Horny ass at the beach

And because of that, the price tag on my ass has gone down considerably.

It almost seems that every top at the beach (the few) just walks around like a newly appointed king. The feeling is almost as if you have no choice but to hand over your ass to him.

Well, not me, not my ass.

I'm not going to compromise on the guy who is going to shoot cum in my ass. I don't care that the price tag on my ass is lower than ever at the beach. I'd rather spend quality time with one of my three anal vibrators than hand my ass over to someone I'm not attracted to.

Some of the situations at the beach are bizarre at best, and others are outrageous:

I was walking on the beach, looking for a place to sit down. An unattractive naked guy passed me and stopped walking. He just stood and waited to see what I'd do next.

What did I do?

What I always do.

  • I found a lovely place

  • Got naked

  • I applied lots of sun-block on most of my body, paying special attention to my face and my ass.

  • Took a quick dip

  • I laid down naked on the sand.

He came back and placed his towel too close to me. Not close enough for him to tell him to fuck off, but too close nevertheless.

Then he started playing with his cock, pointed at it, and signaled me to come over.

Putting aside the fact that he was not attractive, what kind of behavior is that? Did he see a large "Slave" sign on my forehead? Is that the reason he summoned me to serve his cock?

I ignored him in the hope that he'd leave.

He didn't.

So I did.

It was so irritating.

But it doesn't end here.

As I was walking north, farther away from him, another unattractive guy passed me. He was playing with his massive cock and, when I reached him, he asked me: "Want some?"

One of these days, I'll write a blog post to help a top understand what to say to a bottom to make him desire his cock.

As for his thick cock, the answer was: NO!

Perhaps the weirdest encounter was with an ultra-orthodox Jew. I'd seen him before at the beach, but he'd never bothered talking with me. He knew that he had no chance of fucking me.

But in this new cock-stock market, his cock was suddenly worth a lot more than usual. He approached me after sunset when I was practicing with my new flash.

Unlike the two rude guys, he was polite and pleasant. I may appear harsh or rough, but honestly, I am the nicest guy. When he asked me if he could lie next to me, I had no problem with it.

He was shirtless, I was, of course, naked, and I could tell by the way he was staring at my ass, that soon enough, he would ask me something about my thirsty-for-cum love hole.

My hole was extra thirsty for juice because Felix hadn't yet fully recovered yet from his finger injury. The painkillers and antibiotics had made him less likely to seed my ass during the last week.

"Do you mind if I get naked?" he asked me.

"Not at all."

It was the first time that I saw him naked. He always walks shirtless, but never naked.

What was his cock like?

Quite impressive.

I was surprised. I thought that his cock would be small, but it was extra thick even when flaccid.

It didn't stay flaccid for long.

Seconds after he got naked, his cock was rock hard, and soon began to leak drops of precum. The view was beautiful, but when I raised my eyes and saw the rest of his body, I didn't feel attracted to him at all.

He was embarrassed by his nudity and hard-on. He tried to hide it without much luck, and so he started talking with me instead.

"When is there more sex at the beach?"

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"There is not much going on right now," I told him, "During this time of the year, usually there are plenty of tourists and lots of sex is going on. But this year there are no tourists".

I kept playing with the flash and took some sample rock shots because I wanted to take a photo of my love hole and the rocks using the flash.

"So, when there are tourists at the beach, will they let you fuck them?"

He was clueless, and that's why he was asking such a stupid question. Being ultra-orthodox, I was sure that he was also married with kids. He was in his mid-40s.

Why was I not attracted to him?

From the look of his body, it was evident that he didn't work out one single day. There was only fat on his body. There were no muscles at all.

"Some let you fuck them; others want to fuck as well."

It was getting dark quickly, but I could see that his cock was going up and down and leaking loads of precum.

"It's a shame you are not into it."

'Into what?"


"Oh, but you are mistaken. I am very much into men".

His cock went back up halfway after I said that.

"Well, it's a shame that you are not into getting fucked."

I'm used to guys thinking I'm a top. I almost smiled when he said that.

"I'm very much into getting fucked."

After I'd said that, his cock became fully erect. This time he didn't try to hide it.

"That's great, Should we go to your place or do you want me to fuck you here?"

I didn't want to tell him that I was not attracted to him. He knew that the price of his massive cock was high in this cock market, or he was clueless that he was not attractive. Either way, I was not going to hurt his feelings.

"No, I'm good."

"Give me your phone number; I will call you later and come over to fuck you."

"No, it's ok."

I was finally ready to test the flash and see how well it would take a photo of me in doggie.

He kept staring at my ass.

"You are like a woman. Your ass and hole are so smooth. How is this possible?"

I could see why he would be puzzled. His ass was a network of hair. Some of it went up to his lower back. A hairy ass for me is irresistible, but not in this case.

"It just is."

He started masturbating while looking at me.

"Can I touch your hole?"

That's where I drew the line.

I didn't mind him standing next to me with his massive cum-leaking cock. I could feel my hole getting loose from seeing such a beautiful breeding device, but I couldn't give my ass to someone so unattractive in my eyes.

I pointed him to the distant rocks. I knew that after sunset, there is always some action going on there.

So far, I've detailed three not so exciting stories.

When I began the blog, lots of guys left comments that I make up my sex stories. They were especially skeptical of the way I detailed how I got fucked so often at the beach. Sadly this beach season proves them wrong. If my ass doesn't get fucked at the beach, I can't come up with a story.

I am a good writer, but I don't have the imagination to write about things that never took place.

The next hot story didn't end up with my ass open and leaking cum, but it was a beautiful highlight of a rather dry beach season.

I took this photo using the flash.

I enjoyed the fact that I was able to take a picture of myself and the sunset simultaneously.

I'm not naked in the photo because I wanted to use this photo for Grindr as well.

Two super-hot guys passed me. They were wearing speedos and looked like they'd stepped out of an old fashioned gay magazine.

Both of them resembled this guy:

They were in their 40s, hairy and muscular. I could tell that they both had a massive cock. I could also tell that they were a couple.

"Don't worry; I'm not going to take your photos," I told them.

"Hey, why not? Don't you find us attractive enough?"

"You guys are very sexy, but I never take photos of guys without their permission."

They smiled at me and kept walking.

WOW - I thought to myself. I'll gladly be their slave!

I watched them walking north and decided to see if there was any chance of getting fucked by them. I didn't think so, because I had a feeling they were in a monogamous relationship.

It was the way they were checking my ass. It was a look that said: "You have a great ass, but our cocks are not in the market."

We'll see about that," I thought to myself.

When they came back, I was the one who was trying to avoid having an erection.

That's because they came back holding their speedos in their hands while their massive cocks were dangling between their hairy legs. The fur above their cocks made them look like two gods in my eyes.

Now, I was the one leaking cum, just like the religious guy I wrote about earlier. They smiled at me again, unaware of the storm in my balls and inside my ass.

I smiled back at them and watched their muscular hairy asses parade as they kept walking south.

They were stunning and so friendly as well.

The sun was about to disappear. I packed my things and took this last photo:

The couple were walking at a slow pace.

I managed to reach them just as I was about to ascend from the beach. They were in front of me. I thought they would put their speedos back on.

But they didn't.

They climbed naked, and I was walking behind them. The view was stunning yet heartbreaking. I could count every single hair on their perfect muscular asses. Occasionally when they had to bend or turn, and then I saw a full view of their glorious hairy hole.

When the path widened, I could see their massive cocks dangling between their legs and also their massive hairy balls.

It was heaven and hell combined.

Twice the path forked.

Each time, one of them chose the other trail, and that's how I got to walk behind each one of them twice. Seeing their muscular legs and asses push them upward and their hairy holes exposed from time to time was the highlight of the beach season so far.

Which also demonstrates how lousy the season has been.

Last year, I would not have bothered to mention them. I've seen so many shaved and hairy holes and massive cocks of all kinds at the beach.

If I had to write about each of them, I would have no time to fuck!

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