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    Closed for Bussiness

    The only time I am not wearing jocks is when I am sick. It's like my way of saying:

    "Anus closed until further notice."

    I opened twice my hole yesterday.

    The first guy was married, and I was his first. I only let his big cock's mushroom inside of me, to give him a taste of what it feels to be inside of another man. I did it also because he said my ass is "naughty and demanding"

    What was his reaction to having his throbbing mushroom inside of me?

    "Incredible," "Amazing," "Unbelievable"

    Those were a few of the words that he used.

    I was not going to teach him how to fuck; that's why I had him in me only a few times, and in this manner. Only in porn movies, virgins are great lovers the first time the fuck a guy.

    We fooled around naked outdoors; it was superb.

    The second guy was an ass veteran on both ends. I enjoyed burying my finger is his hairy hole while he was shooting his load into mine.

    That was a more traditional indoors, while in bed, fucking.

    But tonight it's "normal" underwear.

    My ass is closed until this cold is over.

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