CIA Agent

"Are you a CIA agent?"

That's how my conversation with a beautiful Arab prince started yesterday.

I did not expect to meet an Arab prince.

I came back to the beach looking for the Belgium horse I made love to last Wednesday. I was hoping this time that he fucks and breeds me.

Instead, I got to make love to a married 25 years old Arab prince from a small Muslim village. It turned out to be the best sex of the season thus far.

He was a fantastic lover.

To demonstrate what a fantastic lover he was: He rimmed my love hole again after we were both done and clean. It was so sensual and such a different feeling compared to before shooting my load.

Apart from being a marvelous lover, he was also so damn cute not to mention super sexy.

He was dark-skinned, shorter than me but muscular especially his legs and his terrific hairy ass.

His cock was to die for.

It was a beautifully shaped, huge, almost black cock. The big matching pair of balls from below just made the whole package more than perfect.

The start was slow.

I was walking south to where he was.

I saw from far away that he was packing his things, and I thought it's an excellent opportunity to go there and be alone.

When I got there, I got naked again (I don't walk naked with my backpack). He was already 200 feet away, dressed and walking towards the exit.

When he saw me, he started getting closer.

and closer.

Eventually, he placed this backpack close to me. He did not undress but just stared at my naked body. I stared back at him and noticed how cute he was. But I also noticed there was something odd about him.

Finally, he came over to me and handed over a cucumber. The cucumber was small, but looking at his trunks, I could already tell that his cock was massive.

Then he asked me:

"Are you a CIA agent?"

I laughed.

I have been asked so many weird things at the beach and have done so many crazy things. But I have never been asked that.

"No, Why are you asking me that?"

"You have so much self-confidence, you are muscular, you have piercing eyes. The way you talk and walk also reminds me of a CIA agent."

"How many CIA agents have you seen walking naked?"

We both laughed.

He was still wearing his sneakers, trunks, and t-shirt. I knew he wanted me, and especially my ass. I could tell from the way his cock was growing and shrinking all the time. Trunks or not, his cock was too massive to hide his erections.

"I am like a bird," he told me, "I come here to be free. I need my soul to be free. You can't understand that because I can tell you are free and you do what you want. The only way for me to be free is to come here and be naked."

I felt sad for him.

Being a gay or bi-sexual Muslim is very difficult.

If you come out openly and especially if you are a bottom, you will have to leave your family.

That is if you are lucky.

If you are unlucky, your brothers or your father will murder you for shaming the family.

I was standing next to him when he said that.

Suddenly a big wave came over and got his sneakers all wet.

"Damn, fuck."

"You see," I told him, "If you were truly free and naked, that would not have happened to you."

He looked at me.

It was an odd moment.

I knew that he was fighting with himself.

He knew that if he would get naked, it probably means we are going to make love. I also knew that it was something that he rarely does with guys.

He took off his wet shoes first.

Then his shirt and I noticed how sexy and hairy his upper body was.

Then his trunks.

I finally got to see him fully naked.

His massive black cock was to die for. I was emotionally ready to drop to my knees and beg him to marry me. Or at least to serve his breeding tool.

Instead, we talked for another half an hour before starting to make love.

Yes, we just talked.

It was very erotic.

We sat very close to each other all that time. It was borderline painful to watch his amazing cock & hairy body so close to me and yet do nothing. I could not wait to kiss him and lick his balls.

Why did I not do anything?

I felt that I needed to earn his trust first.

He had a beautiful soul, and yet he was afraid to get too close to anyone. It was his second time at the beach.

He had to sneak from his parents, friends, colleagues, and most importantly, his wife to get to the beach.

He was also tense.

I tried to speed things up by turning on my stomach.

"Theon, you are so damn smooth."

"My hole is also smooth."

"No way."

I spread my legs., "See for yourself."

He stood up and went behind me to take a closer look at my ass. He placed his hand on my ass cheeks.

"Such a terrific ass."

Is this a CIA posture?

Then he spread both my ass cheeks with both hands. I felt so erotically exposed under his gazing look.

"Damn, you are like my wife, it's so beautiful."

I was hoping that his fingers will follow.

I squeeze my hole to hint him that this is what I am waiting for. Instead, he left my ass and went back sitting next to me.

He did not try to hide his almost fully erected cock or his precum.

We kept on talking for another 15 minutes before we started our journey towards a glorified and pure male to male bonding.

What was the ice breaker that has led him to make love to my ass?

I'll write about that hopefully tonight.

I will only say, again, that he was a fantastic lover besides having such a beautiful soul.

As for the Belgium stud, I will post another photo of him soon.

Have a beautiful Tuesday, wherever you are


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