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Can hiking with your boyfriend destroy your sex life?

Last night It rained for the first time since April.

On waking up this morning, I was a bit cold.

During the summer, I sleep without a blanket.
During the summer, I sleep without a blanket.

My immediate instinct was to jump off the bed and check the new wet world. However, I waited for a few minutes.

Was it because I wanted my hard cock to soften up?

Every morning I play with my boner while fingering my demanding hole.
Every morning I play with my boner while fingering my demanding hole.

Not at all!

The neighbors who can see into my apartment have seen me naked countless times. I suspect they have also seen me getting fucked on my roof terrace occasionally.

As for the neighbors with whom I share a dividing wall (and those in the adjacent building), they have heard me screaming while a man takes care of my hole on even more occasions.

And they know precisely when I shoot my seed because then I scream my lungs out. Especially if it happens while a man is fucking me at the same time.

And my loudest, longest and strongest orgasms are when my ass is full of hot semen, and the top keeps fucking me.

That was the case the last time Felix and I made love.

My legs were on his broad shoulders, and my right hand was holding his terrific balls while he was shooting his seed deep inside my thirsty ass.

I urged him to keep fucking me even after he'd satisfied my ass's thirst for cum. He quickly shoved his (still hard) cock into my tunnel of love and resumed fucking my ass.

Shortly after, I screamed and shot my seed all over my face and upper body.

You can hear my incredible orgasm (and his) in the following audio:

So if I wasn't ashamed of my neighbors seeing my naked body and hard cock, why did I stay in bed?

The reason is related to the brain damage that I'd suffered two years ago.

You can read more about it here:

How long did it take me to recover from my brain injury?

The trigger for this damage was standing up too quickly on waking up, resulting in my blood pressure dropping instantly. While sleeping, the blood pressure was already low. Therefore it was devastating to my brain.

Since that horrible day, I always remain in bed a few minutes after waking up. Then I sit up slowly, wait, and then lower my legs onto the floor while taking deep breaths.

I do it to minimize the chance of a recurrence which might ruin what's left of my brain.

By the way, I received hundreds of support emails and messages after that blog post. I still haven't had time to respond to all of them, so I apologize for that.

Here are two examples of such messages:

"Thank you so much for your latest blog post. It takes a great amount of courage to put something so private that millions can see. I can only imagine what you go through every day of your new life and I applaud you for how far you have come. And you are so right your smile, sexy 🍑🍑🍑, and your alarm cock are all still superb. I am so glad you have Felix for support. You are a gorgeous couple. Although I must admit that I’d love to be one of those studs on the beach breeding your sizzling hot 🍑🍑🍑.Congrats and keep up the great work and stay positive"

And the second one:

"I just wanted to say that it is inspiring to read such a positive story from a fellow Brain Injury survivor who won't let their disability set the course of their lives. You are an inspiration."

What did I do after getting out of bed?

What every man does after his morning wood is gone.

That felt so good.
That felt so good.

Where was Felix?

He wasn't sleeping with me last night.

I miss his naked body next to mine.
I miss his naked body next to mine.

I hadn't seen him since last Saturday (when he'd last provided semen for my ass).

Why hadn't we seen each other for such a long time?

Last Saturday, we hiked near Jerusalem in an area where there are a lot of natural pools. They are pretty small, and the water is freezing since they come out of the ground.

For thousands of years, farmers have been using these springs.

There are remains of their presence all over the trail, and every half a mile there is a small artificial pool full of clean water.

I always walk faster than Felix. Therefore I got to one of those pools before him. I was delighted to find out there was no one around.

"Finally I can go skinny dipping," I thought to myself.

I climbed on the edge of the pool and noticed above me another small hidden pond. The other thing that I discovered was a naked, sexy guy in his early 20s with his girlfriend.

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On seeing him, he quickly covered his hard, terrific-looking cock and hairy legs.

"I'm sorry," I told them, "I didn't realize that you were here."

"We didn't hear you," apologized his girlfriend. "Not many people find this pool, and when they do, they usually yell to each other. Also, their kids make a lot of noise. You surprised us!"

"And I'd do it again," I thought to myself. Fuck, this guy was super sexy, and his cock was to die for. Now, if there was a way to convince his girlfriend to leave....

"There are two of us," I told them, "and I also prefer to be naked. So, we're not going to bother you. We're going to stay in the lower pool."

Without waiting for their approval, I stepped down even though I was dying to know if his ass was also hairy.

"Who were you talking to?" asked Felix upon his arrival.

I told him and whispered the juicy details into his ear. "Damn," he whispered back, "I want to see that hunk too!"

"NO!" I told him. "I promised them we would leave them alone."

I stripped naked, but Felix didn't because he was too afraid that someone might come over.

The water was cold, but it felt amazing to be naked outdoors.

I was getting out of the pool.
I was getting out of the pool.

But how is all of that related to not seeing Felix for nearly a week?

Since Sunday, Felix's stomach has been acting up. On the first day, his temperature had even gone up!

I took him for a Covid test, which came up negative.

That was a relief, but he's been having diarrhea ever since! He suspects that the water in the pools was polluted hence his digestive problems.

I wanted to take care of Felix, but he didn't want me to see him while his stomach was upset. He said that it's truly awful when he has to use the bathroom.

Poor guy!

This morning, I insisted that he came over for breakfast. Diarrhea or not, I just wanted to hug and kiss my boyfriend!

I bought fresh Challah bread and sweet pastries from the bakery next to my apartment.

I also prepared light dishes for him.
I also prepared light dishes for him.

I'm never naked in my apartment when Felix is around because I don't want him to get used to my naked body. However, when I'm alone, weather permitting, I never wear clothes.

That was also the case when I was preparing breakfast before Felix's arrival.

While cutting vegetables for a salad, I remembered how he kept fucking my cum-loaded ass last Saturday until my orgasm was over.

It made my cock rock hard!

I hope Felix feels better this weekend because I need his seed!!!
I hope Felix feels better this weekend because I need his seed!!!

When Felix came over, I saw right away that he's been having a tough week. He's lost a few pounds!

Sadly I couldn't spoil him too much because his stomach was still upset. I also couldn't satisfy his terrific cock because sex was the last thing on his mind.

So, instead, I spoiled him by looking after him.

I served him breakfast on the balcony.
I served him breakfast on the balcony.

Felix didn't eat much, but it was enough to send him to the toilet! That meant bad news for my ass since I don't think fucking me is on his schedule for this weekend.

"I'm sorry for being so lousy this morning," he told me. "You are so sweet for making me breakfast. Can I stay with you this weekend even though I'm so gross?"

"Shut up!" I told him. "That's my boyfriend you're talking about. He's anything but gross. He's beautiful, masculine, and an incredible person!"

Felix smiled for the first time.

"How was your beach experience yesterday?" he asked me. "Did you meet any friends and have fun?"

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Why am I angry when people think that I'm an exhibitionist?

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