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Under what circumstances will I fuck and breed a man?

As most of you know, I prefer to get fucked by mature men.

But please remember, fisting is completely out of the question!

I've kept my ass in perfect, fuckable condition because I don't engage in such risky activities.

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What kind of mature men attract me?

I am very attracted to this German stud:

His hairy body and uncut cock are to die for!

I'm also attracted to this beautiful Dutch guy:

I often declare that I'm a total bottom.

Consequently, I don't have sex with men who desire to suck, touch or ride my thick cock.

However, in life, every rule has an exception.

Sometimes, my cock does find itself inside a beautiful ass.

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What makes me want to fuck a hungry ass such as mine?

First, the bottom has to be much younger than me, and second, his ass needs to be very hairy.

I want the ass I'm about to fuck to be hairier than my entire body!

That condition shouldn't be a problem!

When Avi contacted me, I had no idea how hairy his ass was.

I also needed to find out his age.

He started our conversation by saying: "You're so beautiful."

He had no photos. Therefore I asked if we'd met.

"No, but I'd love to," was his response.

Several days passed, but I never heard back from him.

I was neither surprised nor disappointed. I get so many messages from followers and horny guys that I often lose track.

Yesterday, however, he contacted me again and complimented my toned body.

I thanked him and told him I work out 3 hours daily.

"That explains your outstanding body!" was his response.

I also wanted to compliment him, but I still needed to find out his age or even what he looked like!

"How old was the oldest person you had sex with?" he asked me.

Based on his unexpected question, I assumed he must be a mature horny guy, probably closeted and trapped with a woman.

Such men often ask me a similar question before offering me their leaking cock.

"The oldest person who fucked me was 75," I answered, "but I've also web-cammed with guys even in their 90s."

For example, yesterday, I helped a lovely British guy drain his 76-year-old manly testicles.

Aren't they terrific?

The 75-year-old guy fucked me at the nudist beach:

"75! Wow! I'll probably be too young for you. I'll be 17 next month."

I laughed and told Avi that my 23-year-old fuck buddy, Gidi, had started fucking me when he was 16.

"Why did you ask me that question?" I wondered.

"Because I prefer guys older than me. I favor men in their 30s, but I wouldn't mind meeting a guy even in his 70s."

"What type of older men attract you?" I inquired.

"I'm particularly attracted to a guy like you, who's older but appears young and has a fantastic body."

I wasn't surprised by his observation.

A hot 20-something guy I fucked at a Purim party asked me if I was still in the army!

My costume had fooled him:

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"I'm not good-looking like you," he warned. "Do you want to see my photo?"

"You don't need to compare yourself to me or anyone else," I told him.

I was concerned because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

From my experience, most young men who prefer mature guys are usually not in shape. Therefore, his reference to his looks was alarming.

To avoid unpleasantness, I told him I'm always delighted to see who I'm talking to.

I emphasized that I'll stay in touch even if I'm not attracted to him. However, I clearly stated that I prefer to get fucked by lean/muscular/toned guys.

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At first, he sent only a face photo, revealing some upper body. I told him that he looked adorable and smooth.

"My legs are very hairy," he added. "I hope you don't mind that my ass is also hairy."

"Why would I mind?" I asked. "A hairy ass drives me wild!"

"I was worried because yours is so smooth!"

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Gidi's body was precisely like Avi's when we first met.

Seven years later, his body is covered in thick, curly fur (except for his back). I'm sure that when Avi is 23, his upper body will no longer be as smooth. `

Mine is as hairy as it was when I was 16.

Sadly, after Gidi had finished his 3-year army service, he also gained a lot of weight.

I hope Avi will keep his perfectly toned body even in his 20s.

Mine has changed very little since I was in the army.

Seeing a photo of Avi in white briefs stained by pre-cum was exciting.

I told him he has a beautiful body but said nothing about his leaking cock. I am careful when dealing with such young guys.

"I'm just lean, whereas you are incredibly sexy," he responded.

I asked him what he liked about my body so much.

"I love everything about your body. You have a fuckable, smooth ass, and your cock is also terrific. I'd love to ride your cock and kiss you simultaneously."

"What's your cock like?" I asked.

"Nothing compared to yours," he responded.

"I'm sure it's awesome," I told him.

He responded by taking a photo of his leaking cock and sharing it with me.

Avi's cock was terrific!

It was thick, long, and hairy—precisely the kind I like to feel breeding me.

"It's not as nice as yours," Avi said. "When yours gets hard, it points upward so beautifully. Mine, on the other hand, curves."

I told him that it's far more enjoyable to get fucked by a curved penis.

"Come on! You have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, I swear!!!"

"It's perfectly shaped!"

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"Fuck I'm so horny!" he added. "I want to masturbate with you on cam."

Avi lives far away from me, so there was no chance for us to fuck that afternoon. Still, I was surprised by his suggestion.

I usually don't webcam with such young guys.

However, I was tempted to see his massive, hairy cock fully hard and shooting hot seed. I told him I'd only video-chat if he always showed his face on cam, and he agreed.

Thirty minutes later, we were naked together on cam. I witnessed in awe his boned curved cock.

I lubed mine with coconut oil:

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He watched me touching my body with wide-open, admiring blue eyes.

"I love your pecs and balls. I want to bite your nipples and lick your balls!"

I smiled and told him not to get the biting and licking the other way around!

Then, I complimented Avi on his ripped, flat stomach.

I could see his abdominal muscles clearly.

I no longer have a flat stomach as I had at his age.

While wanking, Avi asked me many questions and kept saying he wanted to fuck and breed me.

However, he kept insisting that I must do the same to him.

"Trust me," I told him, "when you start fucking me, you won't take your cock out of my muscular ass before your balls are empty."

Guys often tell me similar things:

"I love that you are so open about getting fucked. Show me your ass!"

"Do you want me to put the jock back on first?" I asked.

"Sure, but then take it off slowly."

"Your ass is so fuckable!" he said, showing me his precum.

"However, I still want your thick cock in my hole," he concluded.

"I might be tempted if your ass is as hairy as you claim."

Avi brought his cell phone close to his fuck hole and showed me how pink and hairy it was.

He also demonstrated finger-fucking his furry ass.

My cock leaked uncontrollably on watching him!

"Well, do you like my hairy hole?" he asked while his fingers were still buried inside his terrific ass.

"Show me your hard cock again, and I'll tell you!"

Avi re-position his cell phone, so I could again see his ripped, smooth upper body, hard cock, and adorable face simultaneously.

"Well?" he asked.

"You have a perfect ass and hole. It's precisely the kind that I sometimes love to fuck."

"Now show me your hole!" he demanded.

I turned around and spread my cheeks, revealing my thirsty cum hole.

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