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Is anal sex the only way to please your man? Read on to find out.

I last wrote about my boyfriend, Felix, some time ago.

Consequently, many have asked me if we are still a couple. Rest assured, we still are and remain madly in love.

However, we're also still in an open relationship.

In fact, Felix asked me to take a new photo of him for Grindr.

Here it is:

He's so damn sexy!
He's so damn sexy!

Felix uses Grindr to find guys to fuck his smooth ass,

whereas when we fuck, he's almost always breeding my submissive hole. Most versatile guys are like Felix and prefer to fuck me instead of me fucking them.

My new German friend is one of them:

His uncut cock is to die for!
His uncut cock is to die for!

However, Felix and I don't always practice anal sex.

For example, last night, I sucked his cock while a vibrator was stimulating my fuck hole.

I have five different types of anal vibrators, and while I was serving Felix's terrific cock he used them to control and pleasure my ass.

Here's one of the vibrators that we used.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

I begged Felix to fuck me, but he preferred shoving different vibrators into my fuck hole.

Lastly, while a vibrator was still stuffed in my ass, we faced each other and masturbated.

While masturbating, we held each other's testicles.

My testicles are very sensitive.
My testicles are very sensitive.

When Felix was about to ejaculate, I bent my cock and told him, "Come on my penis, come on my cock."

On feeling Felix's hot seed creaming my hard cock and lubing it, I was no longer able to hold my orgasm.

While Felix was still yelling, I began screaming and shot a massive amount of man-juice on his amazing, smooth upper body.

Click here to listen to our voices as we came on each other.

My previous blog post discussed the importance of staying in shape.

Here's a short video of my pecs bouncing while running on my treadmill.

Here's my sweaty body right after I'd finished jogging.

The room's temperature is 12C/55F, so I didn't sweat much.
The room's temperature is 12C/55F, so I didn't sweat much.

Every other evening I jog 10 KM(6 miles).

In addition, I walk 4 KM (2.5 miles) every morning.

I do it not only to keep my body fuckable, but also because it's such an incredible feeling after I'm done.

When I finish jogging, I don't feel exhausted.

Instead, I feel as if I've just woken up. It gives me a terrific energy boost for the rest of the evening.

Compliments such as this one also boost my energy:

He was exaggerating, but it was a lovely compliment.
He was exaggerating, but it was a lovely compliment.

I've also received many questions about my vegan diet.

Here's one example:

"Your blog is nice, especially the part about nature. I love forests. Luckily we have many forests where I live.

At the same time, vegan food does not fit me, although I have tried it in the past. Beans etc., are difficult to digest for me. Meat is easier. Of course, I love vegetables.

It is a big question to discuss with vegans who insist on losing every animal keeping (but what about their cats who must get meat?) Nature has changed a lot. Not enough big wild mammals kept Earth's ecosystems that way as many flower and insect species etc. were developed.

We cannot stop cattle keeping. Our landscapes and wildlife would lose their richness without it drastically. I absolutely do not understand why some vegans deny beekeeping. This is absurd. The same vegans badly need all of these fruits, which we could never get that way without bees. There are not enough wild bees to pollinate fruits.

These are my thoughts. The vegan theme is very intriguing to me. I cannot stay calm about it.

But your photos look good and enjoyable, and keep posting them!

Hugs from Hiiumaa island, Estonia. "

First of all, per his request, here's a nude photo:

As for his concerns:

I've heard these questions and concerns many times before, and it's easy to answer them.

However, when I discuss veganism, it's always related to its proven health benefits and nothing else.

For example, eating a vegan diet is proven to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure:

"Multiple studies show that vegan diets are linked to lower cholesterol levels. In fact, according to one review of 49 studies, vegan and vegetarian diets were associated with lower levels of total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, compared with omnivorous diets ( 3 )."

It's sad that people prefer taking poisonous pills to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure or treat other health-related issues rather than changing their eating habits, working out, and losing weight.

I can only advise you about how to feel better, hornier, and stronger.

The rest is in your hands 😜

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

As regards the stud from Venezuela:

Many were shocked by the beauty and enormity of his penis.

It's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!
It's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!

Here's one of the many emails I've received about him:

"I had to take a minute and tell you how beautiful that big cock was that you started your latest blog with. 

I am a sucker, pardon the pun, for a big full thick cock head, and this one does the trick. Shit, what a beautiful thing to behold.

He is soooo appealing to me. I lust for his body. I would love to get him in my bed and milk and bow his dick for hours. 

Do you have any more pics you may post? Where is he from? Do you plan to mount him someday?"

I have many more photos and cum-shot videos of his incredible body and huge cock.

Here's one of his sexy ass for a change:

He's fuckable too!
He's fuckable too!

Since he's from Venezuela, the chances of his hammer exploring my ass are slim.

It's a relief because I honestly don't think I could even take just his HUGE cock head without risking an injury to my delicate hole.

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Still, we talk a few times every week, and he keeps sending me videos of him shooting beautiful cum shots while looking at photos of my cum hole.

Here are some examples:

In response, I sent him this photo:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

This was his response:

I usually don't have time to fulfill personal requests…

… such as this one:

However, I decided to accept this guy's request:

"I had to tell you how hot you looked in that ski cap pulled down over part of your ears. Oh my God,

I just about shoot my load without touching my hard cock. I find those caps hot and love seeing hot men wearing them, especially when naked like you. 

Could you do another couple for me, love to see you in a side view with your hard cock sticking out and up, showing off your length and thickness. 

Tanks so much, my stud. I love getting a hard cock with you. Keep it up, so to speak, and be good. "

Per his request, here's a photo of me wearing a ski cap with my cock rock hard:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Lastly, I want to respond to this lovely feedback:

As regards his guessing about how much jewelry I had:

He was wrong.

I always wear at least four pieces of jewelry: An earring, a necklace, a bracelet, and an ankle bracelet.

You can see my ankle bracelet in this photo:

As for "getting hard enough to masturbate,":

His cock probably gets somewhat enlarged like mine is in this photo:

I know it because I sometimes have sex with mature men.

I particularly remember a lovely guy in his 60s who attempted to satisfy my hungry ass at the nudist beach.

No matter how I tried, I couldn't make his cock hard enough to fuck me. I sucked him, licked his balls (and his hole!), and told him how badly I needed his cum in my ass, but to no avail.

He kept telling me that when his cock bones it's larger than mine, which was somewhat aggravating and ridiculous...

...especially since I could tell that it wasn't nearly as big as mine.

Mine is 7 inches long when fully boned.
Mine is 7 inches long when fully boned.

Eventually, he masturbated while finger-fucking me, but his cock never fully boned.

Nevertheless, he shot a decent amount of semen on my smooth ass.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

As regards "offers from guys 25-50 to play with their hole,":

I, too, get turned on when an older man is playing with my ass.

I started this blog post describing how Felix and I played last night.

He devoted most of his attention to my ass, even though he didn't fuck me.

Before switching to another vibrator, he finger-fucked me. Sometimes, he rimmed my loose hole before shoving a different vibrator into my body or making me lick the previous one.

If a man can't get hard enough, he can do everything that Felix did to my ass last night, and it will still satisfy my need to be submissive and used.

Getting spanked is also a huge turn-on for me!

Of course, having Felix's thick cock inside my body is the best part of our sex life.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Re his advice is to "just enjoy what you can.":

That's precisely what the neurologists said after I became 30% disabled because of Pfizer.

He said I was lucky that only the right side of my brain had suffered damage.

He told me that I should focus on what remains.

At first, his words didn't make sense to me. It took me half a year to recover both physically and emotionally.

But nowadays, I know that he was right.