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Do I feel awkward when women talk with me about my gay sex blog?

I've just finished a lovely video chat with a Wix customer representative. Wix is the company that hosts my blog.

"We want to listen to successful bloggers like you and see how we could improve our services," she said at the start of our discussion.

Our video chat was lovely, although the beginning was a bit awkward.

"I have to admit that I only looked at your blog an hour ago," she said with an embarrassed expression.

"Oh," I responded. "I guess you hadn't realized before setting our meeting that it was a sex blog."

I didn't ask her for details, but I assumed she'd seen my cock and my hole.

Even though I knew she'd seen me naked, I didn't feel awkward.
Even though I knew she'd seen me naked, I didn't feel awkward.

I've talked about my blog with women followers before.

Therefore, I felt comfortable discussing with the Wix customer rep how they might help my sex blog be even more successful.

The conversation was strictly professional!!

"I think that you've created a community," she told me. "You have a very high return rate. Most of your traffic comes from people who re-visit your blog."

I didn't want to tell her that most of my "community" members re-visit my blog to help them release the pressure from their testicles.

Such as this lovely, mature gentleman:

I'm often asked if I'm fine knowing that men use my photos and videos to achieve an orgasm.

I'm more than OK with it. I'm honored and pleased, in fact.

Whether it's thanks to my thick cock, toned body, or smooth ass: have fun!
Whether it's thanks to my thick cock, toned body, or smooth ass: have fun!

I have no idea if female followers masturbate to my photos.

I know that women visit my blog and enjoy looking at my cock and perhaps other body parts.

However, they probably aren't interested in seeing my cum hole.

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

While I have zero attraction to women, it's nice to know that some women find me attractive.

Unlike male followers, they rarely contact me.

However, Paola from Italy has been an active follower for quite some time. She knows I'm not attracted to her and doesn't care.

I have many followers from Italy, and I generally find Italian men very attractive...

... such as this incredible hunk

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

As for Paola, she has no penis for me, but she does have a somewhat unusual request for you:

"I would like to send this message to all those who frequent your beautiful blog.

I wanted to point out that I am perhaps the only woman who follows Theon's blog; from the beginning, he was aware of this.

Still, as I told him, I also tell you that as a woman, I think I'm close enough to your way of thinking, or at least in part.

Just as you like to see nice penises, so do I, so I have no prejudice about who it belongs to and who uses it.

If you have the desire or are happy to show me your penis as Theon does, send your photos to my email address:

I'm Paola, and I live in Italy."

To summarize, lovely Paola loves seeing penises.

I, too, love to get photos of penises!

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

The lovely lady from Wix asked me if I had enough material to write about.

I laughed.

"I have too much to write about!!!" I told her. "I'm very active sexually, and followers love to hear about it."

Six hours before video-chatting with her, I was walking on the dirt road leading to the nudist beach.

Tommy, a beautiful, shirtless guy in his early 20s, passed me. What attracted me instantly was his very defined six-pack belly.

I’m toned, but my belly isn't so muscular!

My pecs usually draw more attention than my stomach.
My pecs usually draw more attention than my stomach.

Tommy was short compared to me (he was 5'5/165 cm, and I'm 6'/183 cm). His pecs were hairy, and his dark skin combined beautifully with his stunning green eyes.

In other words, except for his height, I thought he was a terrific-looking young man!

I rarely have sex while walking to the nudist beach because I prefer to arrive with my balls full. Besides, Tommy was so breathtakingly gorgeous that I was confident he wouldn't even look at me.

Don't get me wrong: I know that I'm handsome.

However, I'm afraid I have to disagree with this blog follower:

After passing Tommy, I stopped to pee. To my astonishment, Tommy stopped walking. He stood 20 feet from me and took his thick cock out of his shorts as if he, too, was peeing.

Except he wasn't.

Instead, he was checking me out.

I came closer and admired his beauty. The sweat on his pecs and pointy dark nipples made him even more desirable.

His erect cock, although thick, was smaller than mine.

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

Before I could say anything, Tommy pulled my shorts and jock down and began sucking my hard cock.

I usually don't appreciate getting a blowjob, but he was so attractive that I enjoyed it immensely. While sucking my cock, I kept spanking his beautiful hairy ass and ordering him to suck me deep.

I also felt his sweaty hairy love hole and wondered if Tommy was expecting me to make love to his muscular ass.

I also wondered if he'd agree to breed my smooth ass.

Showering before going to the nudist beach.
Showering before going to the nudist beach.

When he stopped sucking me and reached for his bag, I was sure he was about to take a condom out and either bend over or make me bend over.

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However, it was poppers that he was looking for.

A fancy, red sports car was parked 300 feet from us.

We didn't pay any attention to it. However, it got closer shortly after Tommy had sniffed poppers, and we got rid of the rest of our clothes.

"Shit," said Tommy, and he stopped sucking my cock but kept two fingers deep inside my hungry ass.

I shared his sentiment because I didn't want anyone interfering, plus we were both very close to shooting our load.

Ronen, a naked stud in his mid-50s, stepped out holding a small bottle of lube. His build was hairy and manly.

His cock was hard and very similar in size and girth to this one.

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

He didn't turn the car's engine off, which was weird.

Tommy and I looked at him while he circled us, assessing our asses.

Horny men check out my ass at the beach quite often.
Horny men check out my ass at the beach quite often.

I knew he was evaluating our asses because he had the same expression as guys who check out mine at the nudist beach.

He held my left ass cheek and asked: "Are you a bottom by any chance? I'd love to fuck you even if you aren't."

I laughed, bent over, and grabbed his throbbing cock.

"I'm a total bottom, and I'd love to get fucked by your red, hard cock."

"I'm also a bottom," Tommy announced, and I suddenly realized I was competing with him over who would get fucked.

"Damn!" I thought. "I've no chance competing with Tommy's incredible boy's ass."

I was wrong.

"Darling," Ronen said to Tommy, "it's apparent that you are a big slutty bottom. However, perfectly shave your ass as he's done, and then I'd consider fucking you. I desire a smooth boy's cunt, not a hairy jungle like yours!"

"I don't shave my ass," I told him.

He spanked me a few times, spread my ass cheeks, examining my cum hole while lubing it and his cock.

"A very professional laser job," he told me. "It must have been expensive."

"I'm naturally smooth," I told him while grabbing his cock and pressing it onto my love hole.

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

Ronen was a professional top, so he didn't use force while shoving his enormous cock inside me. My ass had swallowed his cock in less than a minute, and he began pounding it.

At the same time, Tommy resumed sucking my cock.

The sensation was so incredible that I began screaming. I felt Ronen's cock thickening inside my ass and his thrusts more potent. Shortly after, he started yelling while breeding me.

I couldn't hold my seed any longer, joined him, and shot my cum down Tommy's throat.

It had taken Ronen less than five minutes to get out of the car and return with his balls empty.

That's why he didn't bother turning off the engine.

He knew it would take him only a few minutes to deposit his seed inside a thirsty ass like mine.

After Ronen had left, Tommy lubed his cock with my seed (he didn't swallow all of it) and also used Ronen's cum that was leaking out of my loose hole.

He was standing very close to me and frantically masturbating while holding my cock. I held his hairy balls at the same time.

I also pinched his pointy nipples every few seconds.

I knew he'd enjoy it because I love nipple play.

Click here to enjoy this photo without blurring.

In less than a minute, my upper body and cock were covered with Tommy's hot semen. Some of it was even on my arms.

Tommy fired more than ten intense cum shots.

The combination of Tommy's seed on me and Ronen's cum in me was so exciting that my cock began boning again!

While cleaning myself, I wanted to tell Tommy to ignore Ronen's insulting remarks regarding his ass. Tommy's ass was perfect, and while I only felt his moist hairy hole, I was sure it was as beautiful as the rest of his body.

Instead, I told him: "For the record, I think your ass is far more beautiful than mine!"

Tommy smiled.

"It's OK, Theon. He's not the first and for sure not the last prick to turn my ass down because I'm hairy. It's their problem and not mine!"

Even though Tommy was a young bottom, he talked like a very experienced one. Like me, he didn't care what others thought about him.

Just before leaving, he added:

"And for the record, I'd fuck you if I were a top. You’re beautiful!"

It's a shame Tommy would never dominate my ass, but perhaps we will play again.
It's a shame Tommy would never dominate my ass, but perhaps we will play again.

The rest of the afternoon was mostly calm.

I sucked two more guys at the beach until they came all over my pecs, but my ass didn't get any more action.

By sunset, I was almost alone.

Some guys expressed interest in my hole, but I didn't find them attractive.
Some guys expressed interest in my hole, but I didn't find them attractive.

Of course, I wasn't going to discuss all those cum shots with the Wix representative.

Instead, I told her that besides writing about my sex "adventures," people ask me for help with staying in shape, sex practices, and more.

"What are people most interested in?" she asked, and before I had a chance to answer, "seeing videos of me getting fucked," she added, "as far as questions."

I told her I get asked the most about ED (erectile dysfunction). In fact, the last time was the night before while chatting with a handsome 66-year-old guy.

He's a new follower and had a lot of questions. Eventually, I suggested a video chat because it's easier to talk than type.

We were both naked while chatting.

I'm always naked indoors when alone (provided it's warm enough).
I'm always naked indoors when alone (provided it's warm enough).

Even though we were naked, only my upper body and the start of my pubic hair were visible.

As a nudist, I couldn't care less about showing him my cock. However, I had a reason for not showing my penis.

Our chat wasn't sexual, and I knew that showing my genitals might be misunderstood as a sexual gesture and not merely feeling comfortable about my naked body.

He showed me his cock a few times, and I noticed it was almost completely shaven.

"I know, I know," he said before I had a chance to comment about his bald cock. "I've read 14 blog posts, and I understand you don't like guys that shave their pubic hair."

I lowered my camera for the first time to fully expose my cock, balls, and pubic hair.

"My pubic hair appears black," I said. "However, it's red/orange/yellow/brown/black colored in daylight."

"Why would I want to get rid of such an attractive display of colors?"

I was resting next to my treadmill after working out.
I was resting next to my treadmill after working out.

"Well, when your bush is all gray like mine, perhaps you'd change your mind."

I don't think I will shave my pubic hair once it turns gray or white because it also gives my genitals a nice frame beside the colors.

"Hairy or not," I concluded, "your penis is lovely."

"So is yours," he'd said before I repositioned the camera to focus on my eyes instead of my smooth balls.

"Now, you can see my eyes again," I smiled.