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Carpe Diem! That's how you should live your life!

"Carpe Diem" is my life's motto.

That's why when my fuck buddy, Brian, asked to come to my apartment this morning, I didn't hesitate.

Before he came over, I put on the necklace he'd given me.

Brian wants me to wear it each time we fuck.

His ex-boyfriend gave it to him.

Sadly, many of my followers don't live like me.

Here's one example:

"Hi, Theon,

I've read through your profile, and it is quite interesting to me, including the pictures.

One of the pictures shows that you have a ginger bush. Is that correct? Ginger is a big turn-on for me!

I am a nudist, also. I started nudism at age 12 with a buddy of mine and have been ever since then and believe it is the best life for me.

I look forward to the time when I can have bareback sex with someone. I am 81 years old, and I have never really had anything other than masturbation with another guy.

I would love to feel cum shooting into my ass. Let's stay in touch!"

As regards his question, yes, my bush is indeed ginger:

It's most noticeable in direct sunlight:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

However, it appears pitch black when wet... in this video taken after Brian had left:

Brian told me he missed me and fucking my ass.

It was ironic since I had been waiting to hear from him for several months. Still, he's a fuck buddy, not a friend, and I wasn't going to give him a hard time about it.

Especially since I was interested in milking his terrific, hard cock.

Brian didn't breed me this because my ass wasn't ready.

Instead, I bent over in the shower in a submissive posture.

Shortly after, he shot his creamy semen on my cock and fuck hole:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

As regards that lovely gentleman and his desire to be bred:

I can't imagine living my entire life and reaching his age without fulfilling the basic need of hot semen shot deep inside my body.

I first experienced it when I was 16.

As you know, I prefer to do it outdoors:

Don't wait your entire life for something that may never happen.

Carpe Diem!

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