By the Book

It was already past Friday at midnight.

I was not planning of having sex this weekend.

I have had enough sex at the beach. I forgot that in August I have the most sex (per month). It's so easy to hook up with someone at the nude beach.


Well, everyone is naked, and even if the other guy is not exposed, I am. So, it makes it easy just to come over and very soon to know if there is mutual interest.



The other guy or I will start getting hard. It eliminates the need for small talk. I do like to talk with the guy first, nevertheless.

So, I had sex with an Arab prince on Monday,

CIA Agent:


Real Peace:


A muscular guy whom I also fucked and creamed his ass on Wednesday

Double Cream:


Thursday at the parking lot I got fucked by two hot guys.

Taxi Taxi:


You can read about it in the above links.

Still, when I got a message from a fuck body of mine, I did not hesitate. We did not fuck for a long time, and I have known him for years. He is an excellent lover, and he knows exactly what to do to give me pleasure.

It also has been a very long time since I have had sex indoors.

Suddenly I thought how nice it would be to get fucked in a beautiful clean place like my king size bed.

It was lovely.

He fucked me by the book.

I first rode his cock. After that, he fucked me while I was facing down, legs spread.

In this position, I enjoy reaching out with my arm and feel the cock sliding in and out of my love tunnel. It's so sensual.

After that, he fucked me in doggie for a long time.

He is not a big fan of spanking, but I am. So he spanked me a lot in this position.

Finally, my legs were on his muscular shoulders. He fucked me slow and deep; he knows that this is how I prefer to be fucked.

He only started fucking me faster and harder when he was getting close to cream my ass. At that point, I was playing with his big hairy balls at the same time.

As I have said:

This was Theon's by the book lovemaking.

This is my ideal way of having sex with a guy. True, it's not adventurous or unusual, but it gets the job done, beautifully.

How did I end up shooing my load?

His legs are hairy, but his upper body is naturally smooth. I enjoy sliding my hole on his hairy legs, feeling his cum oozing out until I shoot my load all over him.

After getting fucked, my hole becomes so sensitive, that the tingling of his hairy legs sends waves of enjoyment up my spine.

We took a shower together, and stayed in bed naked, hugging each other, and fell asleep.

I woke up before him and seeing his beautiful cock; I could not resist taking this shot. I looked fondly at this wonderful breeding tool that not that long ago has given me so much pleasure.

This cock felt so good fucking me

His big balls looked full again.

But I was sexually exhausted.

Four times in one week is a lot of sex. I could see myself licking his balls if he wanted to shoot on my face, but I did not feel horny enough to force myself to cum again.

He felt it, and while I could tell that he wanted another round, he saved it for out next time.

That was two days ago.

It's Monday already, my first nude beach day of the week

I am ready and horny to play with a guy's cock again.

Hopefully, I will get lucky again

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