Are you considering buying a jock or a thong? Which kind is right for you?

I received a lot of feedback regarding my latest post about how I'd made out with a hairy, married guy named David.

You can read about David's sexy body and small penis here:

Do you want to know how to attract a man's attention to your naked body?

When boned, David's cock was as long (but not as thick) as my flaccid cock in this photo:

A hairy guy with a small cock always surprises me!
A hairy guy with a small cock always surprises me!

Here's one example of such feedback:

Such messages always make my cock hard and my hole loose, but If you've been following my blog, then you should know that cock and cum is what gets me excited!

I would have been even more delighted to see that blog follower's hard cock! So, please don't be shy and send me photos of your private parts!

Before continuing the story, I would like to answer a question regarding that blog post asked by several blog followers.

It was regarding the following paragraph:

"I used my most trusted trick, which always works when I want to lure a top. I put on a jock."

Here's the jock I put on to attract David's attention:

Note how sandy my crack is.
Note how sandy my crack is.

Several followers commented that it would have worked even better had I put on a thong...

...such as this blog follower:

I always take a few speedos, jocks, and thongs to the beach.

I decide what to wear based on the kind of guy I'd like to attract. I rarely use a thong to lure a horny top to my hungry hole.

Isn't my naked body tempting enough?

At start of the season, there are few people at the beach.
At start of the season, there are few people at the beach.

I know that I'm considered good-looking, but many handsome, naked guys are at the nudist beach.

Therefore, showing off my naked body is sometimes not good enough!

When a horny guy looks at my naked body, I can almost hear his thoughts: "Hmmm, he's sexy, but I should keep walking. Perhaps I'll find even sexier guys."

Another problem is that guys don't realize I'm a total bottom.

Therefore, when a top checks me out, he might decide to keep walking because he doesn't think my ass is on the menu.

I could present my fuck hole in this way to clear any doubts:

Doggie is my favourite position to get fucked at the beach.
Doggie is my favourite position to get fucked at the beach.

Waiting in doggie suggests that I'm waiting for it, no questions asked. However, most times, I feel that it's too vulgar. Especially since I always chat with the man I'm about to have sex with.

Therefore, my solution is to wear a jock.

It sends a clear message that I'm a bottom and makes my ass stand out!

In addition, in Israel, very few guys wear jocks. Those who do only wear one for sex. I've never met anyone in Israel who wears a jock daily as I do.

Here, most guys wear bikini underwear or mini boxers.

The only boxers I have are made of lace.
The only boxers I have are made of lace.

Therefore, wearing a jock also gives the top something to say when he gets closer to me.

It's silly but it increases the likelihood of us enjoying each other.

Why is that?

People (me included) are afraid of rejection. Instead of approaching me and asking if I'm interested (and risk rejection), the top can merely show interest in my jock.

Judging by my reaction, he can tell if I'm interested in his cock or not without actually hearing the sentence we all hate to hear: "I'm not interested."

Take Gary, the older guy with whom I fucked after David, for example.

He told me that he'd only seen guys wearing a jock in porn movies. That's how our lovely chat started. Thirty minutes later, he milked my cock using his seed as lube.

What kind of jock do I wear?

Most jocks have white straps, which in my opinion, isn't attractive enough.

I no longer buy such jocks.
I no longer buy such jocks.

That's why I always bring jocks with colored straps...

...such as this one

I also try to buy jocks with interesting patterns.
I also try to buy jocks with interesting patterns.

Lastly, a horny top finds it hard to resist a muscular, smooth ass framed by a jock. It's like offering candy to a child.

He can't say no!

To summarize, I wear a jock at the beach because:

  • It removes any doubt about me not being a bottom

  • It makes my ass stand out among other horny bottoms

  • It makes my ass appear even more fuckable

  • It provides something for the top to talk about.

  • It's an uncommon sight in Israel.

OK, now you know why it's a good idea to wear a jock and what type gives the most significant impact.

But why not wear a thong, as some blog followers suggested?

This thong, for example:

My mid-day nap.
My mid-day nap.

A thong gives my ass and body a feminine look. I have no problem with that since I enjoy being submissive and serving a man until he climaxes.

To some guys, it's also very appealing!

Many tops want a feminine-looking ass to pound and enjoy. That's why my hole is often referred to as "cunt”, "pussy”, "boy-cunt” and so on.

However, others tell me that while they love that my hole and ass are smooth, they also appreciate that I'm manly.

They especially like the fact that I'm tall and hairy in some parts.

I love my hairy pits and pubic hair.

I find hairy armpits very sexy!
I find hairy armpits very sexy!

Others appreciate that even though I'm a bottom, my cock is impressive.

That's why I don't wear a thong to lure guys to my ass. I don't want to lose the tops that aren't attracted to feminine bottoms.

As for those seeking a feminine hole to pound, my white ass and dark hole are usually tempting enough.

Finally, you should know that a jock or a thong doesn't fit nicely on any ass. It's especially tricky to look sexy in a thong.

That's not a problem since guys also look terrific in a bikini or even long boxers.

However, if you want to try out more exciting underwear, consult with a friend you trust to give you his honest opinion.

Or, if you enjoy how your ass looks and don't give a fuck what others think (as I do), follow my motto in life:

Enjoy, explore and do whatever makes you feel the best!

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