Brother or Lover?

Yesterday, contrary to my weekly schedule, I went to the nude beach.

I go to the beach on Monday, Wednesday and sometimes on Thursday.

Did I go yesterday because I felt the need for some hot cum shots fired into my ass while looking at another beautiful sunset?

Not really.

I never object such an excellent way to end my day, but that was not the reason I went yesterday.

The season is almost over.

I go to the beach year-round, but the beautiful season is ending. 

The sun has started to move south again, and of course, sunset is at 7:10 PM and no longer at 7:55

I want to experience as much of this beautiful season before it's over.

There were not many people.

I was sure I would be alone.

But nearly 20 minutes after I arrived, a cute guy came over. I did not recognize him at first. He placed his towel not far away from me. I was waiting eagerly to see him naked.