Brother or Lover?

Yesterday, contrary to my weekly schedule, I went to the nude beach.

I go to the beach on Monday, Wednesday and sometimes on Thursday.

Did I go yesterday because I felt the need for some hot cum shots fired into my ass while looking at another beautiful sunset?

Not really.

I never object such an excellent way to end my day, but that was not the reason I went yesterday.

The season is almost over.

I go to the beach year-round, but the beautiful season is ending. 

The sun has started to move south again, and of course, sunset is at 7:10 PM and no longer at 7:55

I want to experience as much of this beautiful season before it's over.

There were not many people.

I was sure I would be alone.

But nearly 20 minutes after I arrived, a cute guy came over. I did not recognize him at first. He placed his towel not far away from me. I was waiting eagerly to see him naked.

Then I saw the blue pillow.

I smiled to myself. It was Dor again, my gay "brother."

Dor is so adorable; he brings his pillow to the beach so he can nap like a prince. He is a prince!

How does he look like?

He has two best features: Beautiful face with blue eyes, and a big cock.

He is shorter than me, muscular arms combined with a beautiful chest. His ass and upper body are naturally smooth, but his hole has a beautiful hair pattern. Of course, he does not shave his pubic hair. 

"Theon, again!!"

We met each other just last week by chance.

I wrote about our meeting here:

We kissed for a long time, and then he packed his things and came to sit by me.

"You know, I was planning just to be alone, but let's hang out for a while and then I will move somewhere."

It suited me as well because I wanted to do some photography today at the beach. I have been too busy beach fucking lately to do any of that.

Eventually, he stayed with me until sunset was over.

I took this photo after sunset was over

First, we jumped in the water and played with the waves for nearly 30 minutes. It was so much fun. Just two naked guys having the best time. 

We went out and smoked a joint together. We talked about life, our planet, about what is happening to the environment and the Amazon.

"People don't care," I told him, "They are only interested in soaking in the blood of another helpless victim, and the world can go to hell as far as they are concerned."

"You are so right; our world is being destroyed because people can't control their desire to eat another steak."

We watched two murderers passing by us.

The sea is a liquid dessert because such evil creatures murder all sea life. They will not stop as long as consumers demand corpses of fish or until all life is gone from the sea.

How sad.

The weed made us both a bit more relaxed. I turned around and closed my eyes for a while. Dor stayed on his back, showing the world and people passing by what an amazing big cock he has.

He started caressing my ass.

It felt so good to feel his hand playing with my ass

"Such a nice ass, I wish I had a nice ass and smooth hole like yours."

I started getting hard; I knew that we were not going to fuck. The last time we fucked was several years ago. Still, it felt so good to feel Dor's hands touching my ass and his warm fingers diving into my crack so gently, almost lovingly.

"Shut up; you have an amazing cock. I wish I had your cock."

I know I have a nice cock, but his is amazing

He kept caressing my ass, my love hole and my back and eventually we both fell asleep until 20 minutes or so before sunset. 

He woke up before me.

He was still on his back, and when I opened my eyes, I saw his magnificent breeding tool erected and beautiful, with one drop of precum shining like a full moon.

I turned around, wet my finger with his precum, and licked it.

"You know Dor h if it was not you, I would slide on your amazing cock right away."

"Theon!!! Do you need to add another beach fuck story to your blog? Did you not have too many already?"

Damn his hard cock was so beautiful. I could tell that if I gently massage his hairy balls, some more precum will start oozing out.

"I did not write about all of them; mind you. I have a feeling ours will be the best story. Did you forget already how much fun we had together?"

That was several years ago.

Back then he was partnered with the love of his life, well, back then that guy was.

I have had sex with each of them separately and of course, with both of them. We fucked at the beach, in my apartment and at theirs. This was going on and off for over a year.

"Different life, different times," he said, "Another sunset joint?"

"For sure."

We stood up, hugging each other, smoking and looking at the beautiful sun saying goodbye to our planet. Our home that is being destroyed because people value their stomach more than anything else.

He packed his things and was about to leave. I wanted to stay a little bit longer.

"Theon, this was such an amazing time. I am so happy we got to talk and spend such a wonderful time together."

He said that, and I watched his eyes. There was this glitter in them; this shining reflection one sees in another human being's eyes when they love you.

I love him too, very much.

Can our love change from brotherly love to "let's spend our lives together" love, or at least to "let's make love."?

I don't know.

It probably would not be smart for both of us if he would make love to my ass again.

I knew that if I would have reached my hand to his cock, earlier, things would quickly get out of hand. But I better stay with my beautiful memories of our lovemaking.

I'd rather have him as a gay brother than a gay lover.