Boy? Baby? Woman?

6:45 AM in Israel.

I woke up and went out of my bedroom to greet the sunrise with my morning woodie.

But before that, Luka gave me the morning drum concert.

What's that?

She sleeps under my king size bed. My bed has a large wooden frame. The bed and the frame are gigantic. My interior designer told me once:

"It's not a bed; it's a temple."

If only she knew how many cum shots were sacrificed in this temple.

On second thought, she does know.

She saw the wall behind the bed when we moved it. It was decorated with hundreds of cum shots.

The drum performance is something adorable that Luka does.

When she realizes that I have woken up, she starts to wiggle her tail. The tail bangs on the bed frame, creating a sound. It's so cute to hear it. The tone gets louder, and the pulse quickens as she realizes I am just about to get out of bed.

Such a sweetheart.

The sun came up, and I thought about my time at the beach this week.

Sunrise today

Sunday and Monday were just quiet.

Wednesday however, a hot 58 years old guy fucked me for a long time and later on the dirt road I took part in an orgy in which I was the main star. It was all a lot of fun, and I will write about it.

The thing that I thought about though was how these guys referred to my ass.

The first guy kept saying that I have a woman's ass and a sweet cunt. The guy who fucked me during the orgy, said I have a boy's ass. I've never been a woman, and many years have passed since I could be called a "boy."

I felt amused when I remembered it.

Yesterday, my ass was given a new title.

More about it below.

As I was walking on the dirt road leading to the beach, Thursday afternoon, I stopped to pee. A car passed me going in the opposite direction. He could not see my cock because I turned around, of course.

He drove a little bit more and came back.

He started driving slowly and lowered his windshield.

He was driving a mini SUV. I glanced and checked him out: 30's something, adorable, and most likely hairy.

I am so attracted to hairy guys. I felt that my cock was starting to grow in my shorts. He must have noticed it too.

Eventually, I had to say something because he kept driving slowly and looking at me.

"Are you following me?"

"I had to; you are so beautiful."

OK - that was definitely an ice breaker.

Not the compliment, but the fact he was a nice guy. He could have said, "That's because I want to fuck you hard." That would have been a total turn off.

I came closer, he stopped the car and went out.

I could not miss his colossal boner that was very apparent in his shorts.

We started kissing right away, and I took off both our shirts. His hands were running all over my body. Once he reached my ass, he focused on that area. I run my hands all over his upper body. He was toned and hairy just as I have imagined.

He was so sexy.

When he took his massive cock out, I dropped to my knees right away and started licking his beautiful hairy balls, kissing his cock and very quickly he was face fucking me.

"Man, you have such hot lips, you give amazing head."

I did not need him to say that because it was obvious he was having a great time.

He kept moaning and holding my head. I could taste his precum flowing out like from a broken faucet.

I don't remember when was I fucked on the dirt road during the day.

There are just too many damn people, either walking or driving. But now I wanted badly to feel his cock penetrating me deeply. I felt my ass muscles already relaxing in anticipation to be fucked.

I was just about to get the lube out of my backpack when a car drove by.

An average person would slow down to see what was going on. Two guys fucking in the middle of the road is an exciting thing to see.

He did just that.

But then he stopped the car and kept looking.

We stopped whatever we were doing, waiting for him to leave.

He did not.

We went closer to the car, and my guy opened one of the back doors to hide us.

He still did not leave.

What a fucking creep.

"Look, I am dying to have you fucking my tight ass, but not while he can see us."

"What an idiot he must be, let me move the car."

I pulled my pants up and gave my "I will kill you" look to the other guy while my guy was moving the car to the edge of the road.

Then he opened the driver's and the passenger's doors and so the idiot could only see our heads and our legs and of course hear us.

"That's much better," I told him.

He turned me around and forcefully pulled my pants and my jocks down. Finally, he started giving my ass the attention that it needed so badly. His hands were running all over my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks, occasionally spanking them and right afterward, caressing them. I moaned loudly.

"Damn, you have a baby's ass, it's amazing."

Yesterday it was a woman's and later a boy's, and today a baby's? That was what I was thinking about when he said that.

"A baby's"?

"Yes, so smooth and soft, unbelievable "

Then he spread my legs even more and pushed his fingers deep into my sweaty crack and started playing with my love hole. I moaned even louder and started raising my voice to higher octaves.

"Damn, even your hole feels like a baby's, it's smooth, silky and so warm."

I felt troubled for a second that he knows how a baby's anus feels like. But he was not a child molester; he simply was a father of at least two young kids.

Their seats were at the back.

I lubed his huge cock; I could not wait any longer. I was so ready to have him start fucking me. I wanted to skip the fingering part and move to the main course right away.

First, he played with his cock head around my hole, teasing me. He kept saying how sweet my hole is, and that made me more receptive and ready to serve him.

When he started pushing himself in, I raised my voice. I did that because I was enjoying myself so much and also because I wanted to make the creep suffer, knowing what was going on while he could not see it.

I leaned on the back seats in doggie position.

My head was next to the kids' seats.

It was ironic that he was fucking my "baby's hole" while my head was close to where his babies were probably earlier today when he dropped them off at the kindergarten.

I tighten my muscles on his massive cock. He kept making sweet sounds while he was fucking me. Each time he pushed himself fully inside, I released a loud cry.

"Man, you have the best ass, this feels so amazing. You are tight and open at the same time."

I raised my ass, giving him a better angle to shove his manhood even deeper into my "eager to please" love hole.

During all this time I was playing with myself and felt his balls banging on my ass cheeks. I knew he was getting closer because he started to increase the speed in which he was fucking me and finally he shouted: "I am going to cum, I am going to cum."

I never understood why the top must announce it. Every inch of my ass, inside and out, felt that he was about to give me his hot seed.

Then he made a loud "ahhhhhhhhhhh,,” and he kept shouting. I started feeling his cum shots firing. I counted, one, two, three… eleven powerful cum shots fired deep inside my ass. I felt every one of them even though he kept fucking me hard the entire time.

He pulled out his cock, dragging with it a river of cum and gave me a good spanking.

"Man, you are hot. I wish I had time to go down with you to the beach and breed you again later. What about you? are you going to cum?"

I was not going to cum yet.

I don't like to cum before I get to the beach. It makes me exhausted. We kissed, his fingers were playing with my hole while we were kissing, pushing them gently inside.

He pulled them out and looked at his fingers that were covered with his cum.

"Dude, I really creamed your ass ha? There is so much cum inside."

I licked the cum off his fingers and his palm.

"And I loved every single drop of it."

I tightened my anus to prevent further leaking and pulled my pants and my jocks up. Then he drove off; I expected the creep to go away. But he did not. He stayed there, waiting to see what I was about to do.

I was about to clean myself, but I was not going to do that while he was looking.

I cursed him in my heart and went aside to a place where he could not see me and cleaned my ass hole while thinking what a nasty ass hole this guy was.

When I got to the beach, it was almost empty.

I relaxed in the pools, gently playing and massaging my love hole. My hole becomes extra sensitive after getting fucked by a huge cock. It takes it some time to relax, and that was precisely what I was planning to do.

Gently playing with my love hole after being fucked so nicely

I slept for nearly an hour and woke just in time to take a photo of this beautiful sunset. After the sunset was over, it became cold, and I packed my things and started walking back.

All alone and naked in this beautiful wonderland

During this time of the year, I walk back to my car naked.

I park the car 1+ mile from the beach. During the season there are many people not from the beach walking on this road: Hikers, runners, etc. But I did not expect anyone to be offended by my nudity yesterday.

Well, the guy who pulled over was not offended by it.

He was drawn to it.

He went out of this car, took off his shirt, and dropped his pants and underwear, exposing a beautiful big dark cock and a muscular hairy chest.

Perfect timing I thought to myself: I was horny and wanted to empty my balls. They were extra full since I did not cum while I was getting fucked before.

The guy was dark-skinned, just like his cock. From his looks and muscular hairy body, I suspected that he was a Muslim. When he started talking, his accent has confirmed it.

"Do you want to blow me?"

This was not going to be intimate sex; I knew that. But I was OK with it. I just wanted some cock, cum and to shoot my cum.

I went down on my knees and gave him a fantastic blow job. What can I say? I love blowing a big dick.

He pulled me up, made me turn around, and start playing with my ass.

"Damn, just like a woman's, so smooth."


A woman.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Do you have a condom?"

I didn't.

"I'm on prep."

"What's that?"

I was not going to start explaining to him what's prep half an hour after sunset. This was just a quick fuck anyway.

"Never mind, just play with my ass without fucking."

I positioned myself on the back of his car in a semi doggie posture. He was masturbating behind me with one hand and with the other feeling my ass, spanking it, and from time to time fingering my hole.

Then he yelled, held one of my ass cheeks very strong and I felt his hot cum shots hitting my ass and my back.

"Thank you, gotta go."

I did not care; I knew that was what he was going to do right away after he emptied his balls on my naked body.

In any case, I had in my hand exactly what I was looking for.

His hot cum.

I used his cum to lube my hole and my cock. Then I finger fucked myself with it.

I heard the jackals nearby and the night birds, and then I added my screams when I shot my load to their vocal performance. It was a beautiful explosion that made me feel so alive.

After sunrise today, I did my workout, of course, naked. Then I showered and took this photo using my macro lens.

A focus zoom on my love hole after shower

You tell me what do you think of my anus:

A boy's? A woman's? A baby's hole? A cunt?

It's just my love hole, whatever title guys give to it.

And it provides me so much pleasure and occasionally to other guys as well. \


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