Boiled Testicles

A long day at the office + having to deal with my dick co-worker and pressure from the CEO

When I finally got home, some text messages from that dick waited for me, blaming me for things that he has done.


Speaking of dick, I decided it is time to get rid of excessive exposure to vaginas in my life.

You see, when I first joined MeWe social network, I asked a lot of people to be my friend.

I don’t regret it because that’s how I got to meet some lovely people on that platform.

The downside is that I also ended up with less desirable contacts (for me, that is)

What kind of contacts?

1) Those who don’t post anything

2) Those who only post “reblog” this crap and that crap

3) Those who only post gay porn, or nude photos of random guys

4) Those who post straight porn or naked pictures of women

5) Those who only post cock pics of themselves, or headless photos

While I support the right of every person to express himself in whatever manner, I will start removing contacts of that kind (200 deleted today alone).

I am at the point where quality (the way I define it, that is) is more important to me than quantity

In a way, it’s sad that people can’t find anything to write or share about their life.

Even a photo of a place that they are/were is so much more interesting than another video of a guy fucking another guy (not to mention a woman getting fucked)

I am a content queen.

Give me stories, photos, comments about your life.

I enjoy learning and observing other people’s lives. That is also why I enjoy talking with strangers at the beach. Sometimes I will speak with them for over an hour before we make love.

There is something to learn from everyone.

It’s a shame some people hide behind their cocks and not share more about themselves.

As for me, I am not hiding behind my wet ass and boiled testicles.

My testicles get so red in this hot jacuzzi

There are enough photos of me here as it is

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