Blood, Cum, and Sweat

Overall I have had a great week.

Yes, there was blood and sweat, but also lots of cum. Some of the cum was in my body and some of it on my body. Some of it my own, and some of it of the "old-new" guy I started dating - Felix.

How did I get to know him, that is a long story, that belongs to another blog post. But we have known each other for quite some time. Felix and I are not similar. One thing we differ about is our approach to nudity and sexuality. He is much more conservative. He was at the nude beach with me many years ago but very quickly concluded that the atmosphere (sexual) and being naked in public is not his thing.

So, he is so much different than Dor, my best friend. For Dor and I, both (sexuality and nudity) are very natural.

More so, Felix hates the nude beach.

Not only the free atmosphere but also the fact he can't take a shower after he took a dip. The nude beach is not a "real" beach. There are no facilities of any kind there.

I don't expect him to come with me there any time soon. If he does come, I don't expect him to be naked. If by some miracle, he decides to go and get naked, there is unquestionably no chance he will make love to my ass there. Not unless I can find a room and a shower.

That is why I was looking for the cave when I hiked with him this Sunday.

I wrote about it here:

A Triple Date

I wanted us to fuck in that cave. I thought it would bring us closer if he fucks me outdoors and also somewhat liberates Felix of his strict views.

The cave was 5.5 miles from the starting point. I wanted to get to it not only to have Felix cream my ass but also because caves fascinate me.

While hiking, I teased Felix a lot with my ass. Most of the time, I hiked in my jocks or took my cock out.

The first time I striped to my jocks was after two miles when we got far away from civilization.

I knew he felt awkward at first because he was attracted to me, and yet the thought of him also striping was so foreign to him. I knew he wouldn't feel comfortable because we could still see the houses of the nearby community. They would need a telescope to zoom on my hole from that distance.

It still did not matter to him; it made him uncomfortable.

You can see by my smile that I was overly comfortable.

But after two more miles of me walking mostly like that and bending over enough times that he could see my love hole clearly, he has softened.

More accurately, he softened, but his cock got hard.

It was one of those calculated bends that I did when he came over behind me and started caressing my ass with his hands and then sliding his fingers inside my crack and playing with my smooth hole and also spanking me.

"You are driving me crazy; you know that, right?"

"Really? I did not notice. You mean here?" and then I grabbed his right palm and forced his fingers to press hard on my sweaty hole.

"Damn you; I want to fuck you so bad."

Felix continued playing with my hole in this position for quite some time while I moaned from sheer pleasure.

Then I rose, turned around and we kissed for a long time while he grabbed my ass and pushed his fingers into my crack. I tried to unzip his jeans. I could tell he was hard and that his cock was begging to see the light.

"No, not here, are you crazy?"

That was was a funny remark considering that his fingers were seconds ago all over my hole. But I guess for him, me being naked was reasonable and for him crazy.

He had a point because every once in a while, Thai workers were passing us. The path was adjacent to fields and vineyards. Occasionally from the forest, we would hear the voices of people. They were far away, but one time I had to dress in a hurry when a religious family with kids got a glimpse of my ass.

I did not care if Thai workers would see him fucking me. I was that horny, and they did not seem to care at all.

However, from here on, my ass could not escape his hungry fingers. I no longer needed to bend to tease him. He would stop me from walking so that he could play with my ass.

I did not complain. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a guy playing with his fingers on and in my ass.

The only thing missing was him kissing and licking my hole. I wanted it badly, but I knew he would not do that unless I wash my ass from the sweat first. He is so strict about some things. I had no problem licking his fingers after they were deep inside my ass.

When we got close to the cave's location, I was already loose enough to have him finger fuck me with nearly three fingers. He was loose enough in his mind to allow me to release his belt and push two hands into his jeans. One was deep into his lightly hairy crack feeling his hairy hole, and the other was holding his hard thick cock, milking it while we kissed non-stop.

I was about to pull his jeans down, but he would not let me.

"Not here, anyone could see us."

I did not want to argue with him. I wanted him to feel uninhibited on his own. There was no point in forcing him to fuck me if he felt uncomfortable.

That is why I wanted to find the cave. There I knew I could get Felix to make love to my ass and dump his cum in me without fear.

Searching for the cave, took us away from the fields. We were on a hill far away from anything. We could see in the distance the highway.

After 20 minutes of searching and getting my lower legs nearly bleeding from the dry thorns, I said:

"Damn it; I can't find the cave,"

He dropped his jeans and took his cock out of his underwear; His cock was hard. Up to this point, his cock did not see the sun except when he peed.

"Forget about the fucking cave; I want to fuck your cave."

We dropped our backpacks, and I dropped to my knees and started kissing his balls and licking his cock. However, Felix did not want to waste any more time on mouth play. It was a chilly afternoon, and Felix's cock wanted to warm up inside my body.

I handed him over the lube (I have a small bottle of lube in all my backpacks, one never knows when there is going to be a happy occasion) and in seconds his entire gorgeous hard cock was fucking me.

This was not going to be a romantic, outdoor fuck. We were both so horny. We even did not take off our shirts. Felix was standing behind me, and I bent in a semi doggie posture.

In less than five minutes, I felt his cock growing even more inside of me, his thrusts became quicker and more profound, and then he started yelling and started fucking me frantically. I grabbed his balls to enhance his pleasure. He kept on yelling while he shot so much cum inside of me. I could feel each powerful cum shot.

When he took his thick cock out, with it, a stream of cum leaked out.

Felix suddenly realized he was naked outdoors and quickly washed his cock and dressed up. I did the same to my ass and my hole.

I still did not empty my balls, and my cock was still hard and begging me to let it shoot cum.

Felix came behind me and played with my hole, pushing quickly three fingers inside.

I moaned loudly; I was so close.

"What about you, sweety? Don't you want to cum?"

I did, and I didn't.

We still had 5.5 miles to hike back, and I knew that emptying my balls is going to make me tired and with less energy.

Besides, the point was to get Felix to be naked outdoors and cream my ass. And I could place a clear V on that target.

Mission accomplished.

That was Sunday: There were blood, sweat, and lots of cum.

How did I celebrate the new year? With whom did I kiss at midnight?

I was with Felix, we started fucking in 2019, and ended in 2020. But this time, it was more of his (and my) way of fucking. Indoors, after a shower, and with lots of passion.

I did not bother to kiss him at midnight because we kissed so much before that. I think that around that time, he was busy kissing my neck or my love hole.

He fucked me in this position.

We were not on the floor, but we were on this blanket in my enormous bed.

I sent my left hand back to grab his cock and balls as he was sliding in and out of my horny ass.

I massaged his cock with my powerful ass muscles. We did not talk much. We both moaned and screamed. At a certain point, I told him to stop moving, and I raised my ass up and down and squeezed my ass, tightening my grip on his massive cock.

"Oh, Theon, don't stop, don't stop, this is so amazing."

I did not stop, but at a certain point, he could not hold himself any longer. He forced my ass down, held both my arms to the side so I could not move, and started fucking me with force, and in seconds with lots of screaming, Felix shot gallons of cum in me. He made my ass a well of cum.

I turned around on my back, pumped some cum from the well. I tasted some and used the rest as lube for my cock. With the help of Felix playing with my love hole, in seconds, I started yelling and made my entire body a river of cum.

That was an excellent way to start the new decade.