Blackmailed & Fucked

On Monday morning, I woke up with a desperate desire to have my love hole licked and eaten. 

How was that different from every other morning?

It wasn't.

When I woke up, I was rock hard, but I didn't bother to play with my cock, my hands and my fingers were playing with my ass and my smooth opening. 

Guys often express their desire to suck my cock; I always tell them the same thing: My primary sex organ is my ass, and my hole is the most sensitive part of my body.

Choosing my cock over my ass is just wrong. 

If you want to please me, focus your attention on my ass and primarily my love hole. That is where I was focusing my attention that morning, while still in bed.

I kept caressing my ass while softly moaning. I enjoy slowly waking in this fashion. I ran my fingers over my love hole then gently fucked myself with two fingers.

I didn't bother playing with my hard cock, the pressure of my fingers inside my hot oven was all that I wanted.

My hard cock
My hard cock when I woke up on Monday morning

I took my fingers out of my spoiled hole and sniffed my manly morning smell. I licked them, enjoying the taste of my "cunt," then kept satisfying my loose hole.

And all the while, I kept thinking: "I need a man to eat my hole."

At this point, you're probably asking yourself: Is it not enough for me that my boyfriend, Felix, eats my hole?