Blackmailed & Fucked

On Monday morning, I woke up with a desperate desire to have my love hole licked and eaten. 

How was that different from every other morning?

It wasn't.

When I woke up, I was rock hard, but I didn't bother to play with my cock, my hands and my fingers were playing with my ass and my smooth opening. 

Guys often express their desire to suck my cock; I always tell them the same thing: My primary sex organ is my ass, and my hole is the most sensitive part of my body.

Choosing my cock over my ass is just wrong. 

If you want to please me, focus your attention on my ass and primarily my love hole. That is where I was focusing my attention that morning, while still in bed.

I kept caressing my ass while softly moaning. I enjoy slowly waking in this fashion. I ran my fingers over my love hole then gently fucked myself with two fingers.

I didn't bother playing with my hard cock, the pressure of my fingers inside my hot oven was all that I wanted.

My hard cock
My hard cock when I woke up on Monday morning

I took my fingers out of my spoiled hole and sniffed my manly morning smell. I licked them, enjoying the taste of my "cunt," then kept satisfying my loose hole.

And all the while, I kept thinking: "I need a man to eat my hole."

At this point, you're probably asking yourself: Is it not enough for me that my boyfriend, Felix, eats my hole?

Felix is an angel, and I love him more and more every day, but licking my hole (or a hole that belongs to another bottom) is not something that he likes to do.

There is no drama associated with this "problem." 

Felix has a terrific cock, a muscular smooth upper body, and the way he fucks me drives me wild with desire.

Here are the last two minutes of getting fucked by him for nearly 55 minutes. I was on my stomach, and Felix was about to dump loads of cum inside me.

This lovemaking took place on Friday night. 

You can hear how Felix pounds my hungry ass with more & more gusto, and how I yell loudly when I feel the cum shots satisfying my craving.

"WOW", Felix said while his cock was still deep inside my ass, drowning in hot cum and still hard.

Fuck, he's such a terrific lover.

By the way, one of my blog followers wrote to me regarding the voices that I make while a cock is making love to my ass:

"The sounds of you being fucked were music."

I responded:

"Which composer did you have in mind?"

This was his response:

City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Back to Felix and the fact that he doesn't wish to eat my hole

Those sweet lips don't want to kiss my ass lips

That's the point of having an open relationship. 

This is precisely why I would never be monogamous. 

It doesn't matter how terrific the sex is with my boyfriend (and I've always had boyfriends who've known how to take excellent care of my ass). There are still going to be things that he doesn't do or doesn't know how to do well.

However, because of COVID-19, my love hole hadn't been kissed for over a month; that was until last night when a professional top/photographer kissed my hole, filled it, and later drained it.

How did I end up with his lips kissing my hole and later drinking his cum from it?

It was an act of desperation. 

The original plan was for Dor, my beach buddy to provide anal/oral services for my ass. We met by chance at the nudist beach nearly two weeks ago.

I wrote about it here:

Balls or Eggs

At the very last minute, we stopped fucking. 

We were both afraid of COVID-19. Still, it was terrific to feel Dor caressing & spanking my ass, holding my nuts and deeply fingering my love hole and pressing my prostate.

But I needed so much more.

On Saturday evening, I talked with Dor, and he agreed that we should fuck the next time we meet at the nudist beach.

What has changed?

The pandemic seems to be under control in Israel, and as a result, we are both less worried. 

"But, we probably shouldn't kiss," Dor said. 

"Oh, don't worry, just kiss my smooth hole. I am desperate to have someone lick it."

"Still no luck with Felix?"

"I'm not even asking him to. 

If I make it an issue, he will lick my hole, but I fear that it will destroy other things. He told me he does not like it, and I respect that"

"Babe, I and so many others will gladly eat your terrific hole."

I sent Dor this photo

"That's how I want to be at the beach. Just a hole for you to eat and fuck"

"You got it."

This talk took place on Saturday evening, and later that night, I prepared my beach bag and made sure there is enough lube for Dor's massive cock to slide easily into my submissive ass.

On Sunday morning, I got a call from my boss:

"Theon, how's the holiday? Listen, Marketing wants some urgent changes to our website. The CEO is backing them. 

Can you do it today?"

I could say "no" to the marketing department, but not to the CEO. What am I going to tell him:

"I can't make it because this afternoon, my best friend is going to lick my hole"? 

No worries, I thought to myself, I'll have Dor eat my love hole on Monday. However, I forgot how meticulous the CEO is. He wanted more fixes and additions, and I found myself, on Monday afternoon still programing.

And still, yearning for wet lips to kiss my love hole.

Speaking of the CEO, how do you think he'd react if he saw a video of me masturbating, fingering my hole and screaming that I want to get fucked?

What if my mom, all my friends, and my co-workers had seen such videos and more?

How would you react if something like this happened to you?

Why am I asking you such weird questions? Has my desire to have my hole kissed made me lose my mind? 

First of all - my desire was fulfilled last night (more about it below)

And second - I am being blackmailed.

If you recall, I started this blog post describing how I was caressing my ass in bed and fingering myself.

It was still dark outside, about half an hour before sunrise when I was enjoying my ass so beautifully. It was a fantastic way to wake up, but it was also very early.

I decided to go upstairs, soak in my rooftop jacuzzi and watch the sunrise. The light was so soft on my naked body.

I just wish there had been a hard cock to accompany this soft light.

While relaxing, I checked my emails, and suddenly my heart rate went from 45 to 145:

"i know zxcfgh11 is one of your password. 
I've recorded your cam while you were watching porn on XX sites, also I've installed a keylogger on ur pc & collected all your contacts on social networks, messenger & emails. 
If you want me to erase the recording, pay me 1128$ on bitcoin address: 3K3vVqkxeDeD8Qbex4MzXe2WdAcfw2WXzF 
(search in Google for "how to buy bitcoin"), [case SenSitiVe so copy & paste it]. 
If I don't get the bitcoins, I will definately send your video to all of your contacts, don't reply to this email it's hacked. HTElcU"

Terrible English aside, this was very stressful.

I've already written a few times that, because of COVID-19, I do much more webcam. So, technically, this could have been a real threat.

What did I decide to do besides changing all my passwords?

I decided to delete the message and no longer think about it. No one is going to fucking-blackmail me. 

If indeed this threat is real and all my co-workers are going to see my thick cock, smooth love hole and hear me scream when I shoot my load or beg to get fucked, well, good for them. 

I believe that it's lovely to see a grown-up enjoying his body naturally as I do. If anything, it will make the girls at the office like me even more. 

Speaking of the office, while I was busy programming at home, Dor went to the nudist beach as planned. 

He sent me this photo just before going down:

"I want to be in doggie facing the ocean and let anyone passing by fuck me," I told him.

"I'll be next to you in the same posture."

"Don't go bottom on me," I told him, "If you are next to me, then be in me."

"I was supposed to, remember?"

I sent him a sad emoji and kept programming, but I kept thinking about how weird life is. I've known Dor since 2012 when we both became vegan. Inadvertently, he brought Felix and me together.

I hiked with Dor and Dan in September I think, I published a post about it:

Hike & Anal Fun

We also hiked in "Burma," and I published several posts about it. Here's the first one:

Naked in Burma - Part I

After that, Dor and I started hiking together and became closer. It was not until we spent a weekend in a desert in a beautiful B&B that we made love after 5+ years.

A Good Samaritan?

Dor had shown the photos of our hikes to Felix, and he expressed his wish to join us. On the date that he wanted to join us, Dor could not make it, so only the two of us went hiking.

A Triple Date

That was late December, and the rest is history.

Dor took this photo of me during our hike in "Burma":

It's so strange to look at it now and to think I wasn't in love with Felix then. This was only five months ago!

It was also before Dor emptied his balls in my ass for the first time, before COVID-19, before I gave Felix keys to my apartment.

Sometimes five months seem like five years.

Here's another photo from this hike:

I pushed all these romantic-nostalgic thoughts aside and kept on working. I had to finish the damn website. In one hour, the website was complete, and the CEO was happy (or maybe he was happy because he got the video of me fingering my hole?).

In three hours, the lips of a professional photographer were eating my hole, and I was screaming in my shower. 

As I've written above, this was an act of desperation, born out of an insane desire to have my love hole kissed and licked. 

I have known Avner for five years. He is a professional photographer, and obviously, because of COVID-19, he is short of clients at the moment.

During the last couple of months, I started seeing him on Grindr a few miles from my apartment. He sent me a few messages, saying he's divorcing his wife and that he moved to my home town.

I'm not surprised that he is divorcing her. 

I knew that I was not the only guy that he photographed and was also interested in fucking. We didn't fuck because he doesn't like to kiss guys. My philosophy regarding kissing is that if a guy doesn't want to kiss your mouth, he would not know how to kiss your other hole. 

So, despite his repeated attempts and stunning 8-inch cock, I never agreed to have him fuck me, but we kept in touch over the years. 

However, a lot of things have changed because of COVID-19:

  • I work from home

  • There is a military-style curfew in Israel 

  • I am required by law to wear a mask when I leave my apartment

  • My love hole hasn't been licked since March

Desperate times require desperate measures, and when I saw Avner online on Grindr that evening, I sent him a message asking him if he wanted to come over and help me learn to take photos with my flash. It was a lame excuse, and Avner was not fooled by it.

"Theon, I still don't like to kiss guys."

"Avner: forgot about kissing me; I just want you to kiss my hole."

"Oh, that I can do, and I will even help you with your flash a bit before that."

"That will be great; seriously, I still don't understand how to use it effectively." 

I took this photo the night before Avner came over.

I've posted it already and have received lovely feedback, but I know flash photography can be so much more than this photo. I was able to take reasonably good shots of my front side, but shots of my backside were a disaster. 

When Avner came over, I was still not sure if I want to have sex with him. It's weird for me to have sex with a guy without him kissing me a lot. Therefore I decided to hand him my camera and the flash and start by him taking photos of my naked body in the shower and see how things developed.

"Turn the tap on and hold your thick cock in your hand."

"Soap your ass and look at me."

Those are some of the things he kept telling me while taking one shot after the other, the flash going on and off.

"Bend over and finger your hole."

"Make it two fingers."

"Now, three."

"Move your fingers, spread your ass cheeks and show me what your cunt looks like"

The moment Avner said "cunt," I knew that he was extra horny and that his huge cock was hard. It was a slight change, from "hole" to "cunt," but that change meant he could no longer hold back his desire to fuck me.

And neither could I.

"Theon, you have such a fuckable smooth boy-like cunt."

I was bent over with my love hole open and loose when he said that.

I turned around and noticed that Avner was no longer taking photos. Instead, he'd taken his massive dark cock out and was masturbating. 

"You said you were going to kiss my hole," I reminded him.

"Kiss your hole? I want to fuck you until my cum is leaking out of your stunning ass, and then I want to drink my cum straight from your beautiful dark cunt lips."

Yes, Avner likes to call the ass hole a "cunt", I already knew that. I couldn’t have cared less at that moment what he called my hole. My open hole was begging to be licked and fucked.

When Avner pressed his naked hairy body against mine in the shower, I released a loud moan. It was not long after that that his lips were kissing my ass while his fingers were exploring the depths of my love tunnel.

When he started to kiss my love hole and later lick it and push his tongue deep inside, I was continually screaming, moaning, yelling, begging him not to stop.

He ate my hole and fingered it for 20 minutes; then, he took a step back.

"Baby, Your cunt lips are so aroused. You are open and red like a flower, and I want to seed your beautiful red flower."

I didn’t want him to stop eating my hole, but I also wanted to feel his thick tool fucking me. I was more than ready. I was not concerned about swallowing his huge cock inside my smooth oven. Since Avner had eaten my ass for such a long time, I was so loose and ready to take any kind of cock. I thought for a second if I should blow him first but then decided against it.

I knew Avner wanted to penetrate me, and I also wanted to feel him make my body his in the most primitive yet effective method:

By holding me strong and fucking me, pure, intense fucking. 

"Are you sure you can take my big cock?", Avner asked. 

"Please, you underestimate my ass. "I lubed Avner's cock while I was still bent over and pushed all 8 inches deep inside my cum hole. 

We both yelled at the same time.

Avner started fucking me with deep, powerful thrusts, holding my body with force. 

"Yeah, take it, Theon, damn, fuck, WOW."

"WOW," that's what Felix said as well, I thought to myself while enjoying Avner's fantastic breeding tool and screaming. 

"Let me cum first; I want to drink my cum from your cunt while you cum afterward."

"No problem. My ass is ready to collect your seed whenever you want."

When I said that, Avner increased the intensity of his thrusts. I wanted to hold his massive balls when he exploded in my ass. When I reached back and grabbed them, Avner first slowed down his thrusts and was breathing and moaning heavily. 

I pulled on his balls, and then he yelled, and he resumed thrusting with incredible force into my tunnel of love and seeded me with a massive amount of man juice.

After he pulled out, he immediately started to lick his cum directly from my "cunt." Avner's tongue was dancing over my hole, while I was moaning, nearly fainting from sheer pleasure. I kept my ass closed, and released only a few drops of his love juice each time. 

The feeling of him licking his cum from my open hole made me scream even before I started to empty my balls. While I was shooting my load, I forced out the rest of his seed, and Avner pushed his mouth to my open hole and sucked it dry.

It was incredible.

Our "photography class" was one of the most intense lovemaking sessions I'd had in a long time and without even kissing the guy who fucked me.

COVID-19 does bring a lot of changes.

How are these flowers related to the fact Avner had named my hole a "flower"?

Tonight we are celebrating the second holiday of Passover, and Felix came over to spend the next two days with me.

He surprised me with flowers.  

I have no idea how he was able to find a flower shop because it's illegal right now to sell flowers on the street.

Indeed, Felix does not kiss my love hole, and he probably never will.

But he kisses my heart.

And that is what truly matters. 


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