I am devoting this blog post to the creep who sent me a message yesterday suggesting that I engage with Luka sexually.

Here is the filth that he sent me:

Let's start with the obvious:

Even if I was into having sex with dogs, what am I going to do with Luka?

I am gay and a total bottom. Luka has no penis so she can't fuck me and I have no interest in fucking her (or anyone)

OK, that was the disgusting part.

Now for the less disgusting part.

I saved Luka from being executed when she was a baby, nearly eight years ago.

She was in a cage, and I saw how sad she was. It was heartbreaking. The other dogs were jumping and barking, begging for people to take them.

Luka was laying down; her face turned against the wall.

It was as if she knew that because she is black and people are racist bastards no one will want to take her. Yes, black dogs have a far lesser chance of being adopted.

I did not even know that at that time.

I just saw a desperate soul that needs saving.

It took me over two years to calm her down. Clearly, when she was a baby, some evil creature hit her or abused her. She was afraid of anything: Dogs, people, noises.

With a lot of love and patience, I helped her. For the first year, she nearly did not let me touch her. I wanted to hug her so badly, but I saw the fear in her eyes.

So I waited.

I knew she would come back, to life, to love.

Like an abused child, an abused dog can never be fully healed.

There is always a particular fear in her eyes when I approach her. But It is just a very tiny bit before it's gone and I see the love in her eyes.

To think that someone will take all that love, and suggest that I use her as a sex slave?

Some people are not only sick, but they are pure evil.

Luka loves me so much that she is also very jealous. When I have a guy over, she knows an hour before that someone will be arriving.

She is brilliant.

I have to sneak him to the bedroom quickly or put her in another room. She can't stand anyone touching me, let alone fucking.

When she hears that I am getting fucked she will sometimes start barking in protest.

But she does not hold her grudge.

Once it's over, she is friendly to the guy. It's strange because before and during the act, she was willing to rip his head off if she could.

In this photo, we just came back from our morning walk.

Relaxed time with Luka before coffee

She is relaxed, especially because she knows that it's Monday and I will spend the entire day with her since I work from home.

In the afternoon I will go to the beach with her.

Maybe I will meet again the Belgium stud I made love to last Wednesday. I am hoping to be in this exact position when he fucks and breeds me.

I wrote about him ( + photo of his stunning uncut breeding tool) here:


Happy Monday,


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