Why did I lie to the guy who wanted me about being HIV+?

I'm not HIV positive.

Before I started taking Prep, I always practiced safe sex. Sure, there were times when cum leaked out of my open hole even before Prep. I'm not proud of that, but I'm also not ashamed.

I'm human, and sometimes I make mistakes. Getting my ass full of cum before Prep, was idiotic.

Before Prep, I would never ask a guy if he was positive prior to meeting him. Nor would I ask him that before he started taking control of my ass. I assumed that everyone was positive, and so I protected myself.

However, on Monday afternoon at the beach, I told a very sexy guy who was about to fuck me that I was positive.

Why did I do that?

Perhaps I should explain something before telling you about my latest sexual adventure at the nudist beach.

I'm a clean guy. There's nothing special about that.

I take a shower twice a day: in the morning before going to work, and in the evening after my workout. I also shower before a sex-date and usually after.

Also, as you already know, my love hole is super clean. I never have "accidents," and I never use an enema to clean my ass before getting fucked.

How's that possible?

You can read about that here:

Are you clean?

Why am I telling you that I'm clean?

A lot of bisexual guys check out my Grindr profile.

Many of them are in their 50s or older. Since I too am no longer in my 20s (or 30s!), that's understandable and even preferable. I prefer a mature cock making love to my ass than an amateur top who fills my ass with cum in 10 minutes and then leaves even before I've had a chance to cum and kiss him goodbye.

Why do bisexuals check my profile?

I guess it has to do with the fact my ass is less "manly" since it's so smooth. I don't recall a gay guy calling my love hole a “cunt”, but most bisexuals do.