Being A-Social

I am enjoying a very relaxed weekend.

Last weekend, on Friday, I hosted my entire family for dinner, and the day after I invited my parents of coffee and cake.

This Tuesday I organized a birthday party for one of my best lady friends.

It's all a lot of fun, and I never regret doing it afterward, but I ended up entirely exhausted this weekend.

So, I decided to take it easy.

Just staying at home and being a-social.

It felt perfect.

I started watching a new series from Netflix called "Another Life," which got me hooked. Almost finished Uncharted 3 on my new 4K PS4. In short, I did a lot of things on my own.

Which is what I am doing at this photo: Sex on my own.

Playing with my love hole is so much fun

I was playing with my love hole when I took this photo. It sent my cock up in no time. My hole was burning hot inside because I just finished running for 6 miles.

Some guys have asked me when will I post the photos of the sexy stud from Belgium that I made love with on Wednesday at the beach.

I wrote about our love making here:


I just got a response back from him:

"Yeah you can post the photos, but I prefer no pics where I'm hard and with my face .. "

It is not clear if I can post photos showing his face if he is not hard. In other words, it is not definite if the "and" is, in reality, an "or."

I will wait for his final approval.

He liked most of the photos, and so did I., But as a photographer, his wishes are more important than anything. When I have his final approval, I will be happy to share his beauty with you

And until then,

Naked hugs,


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