"begs to be penetrated"

"Ur hole begs to be penetrated."

Dean, my cute, and so sweet, 20 years old fuck body, wrote me this sentence two days ago when he was in the army base. He was bored and horny.

Here is a small part of our hot chat from two days ago (the right side is my answer):

I am looking at a photo of his angelic face now.

He has big blue eyes and a devilish smile. He has the same smile, albeit wider when my legs rest on his shoulders, and his thick cock is buried inside my ass.

I will describe below what ended up with my smooth hole and his thick cock. His delicious cock and beautiful body were not the reason I did not write anything for six days.

One of my addictions was the reason behind that.

I have two serious addictions.

The first one, you should be familiar with.

I am addicted to the feeling of a guy penetrating my love hole and making love to my ass. Feeling a man's cock powerfully but gently making its way deep inside of me is such a supreme moment. I am even more addicted to holding his big hairy balls while he shouts and shoots his load inside my submissive ass. I can sense the contractions forcing his manly juices inside of me, and at the same time, feeling the hot splashes hitting my insides.

What an incredible thrill that is.

But that addiction was not the reason I had a writer's block.

The second addiction that I rarely write about is the land of Israel.

I am an Israeli patriot, and the land of Israel is my addiction. Sometimes, just walking in the countryside can bring tears to my eyes. When I walk and see the sites from the Bible come to life, I feel connected to my history, my people, and God.

It is a very emotional and spiritual experience for me.

Satisfying my second addiction is not as easy as meeting the first. I can get fucked almost always whenever I have a desire for cum, but for hiking, I need to wait for the weekend or take a day off.

But how is that related to me not writing for six days?

Here's how:

Thursday last week, I did the best hike of my life. I am saying that not as a figure of speech, it WAS the best hike of my life.

The hike started at 6 AM, at sunrise:

Me, and my ex fuck body (and now best friend), Dor, walked with a group of 25 people from Jerusalem to Jericho. The hike was 17 miles long. It started at 6 AM and ended at 7:30 PM.

During the last 2.5 hours, we walked in darkness.

We had to wake up at 4:15 AM to get to Jerusalem in time for the hike. Dor slept over at my place. It was fun being again naked with him in bed.

How did we become best friends, and why did we stop being fuck bodies?

I have known Dor since 2012.

We were both two young vegan activists, and we chatted on WhatsApp long before we met. At that time, he was coupled with the "love of his life."

Here's a photo of me from that time visiting a prison for babies that were stolen from their mothers. They are allowed to live for nine months; then, they are sent to a death camp.

That is the "price" of milk.

After chatting for several months, I met both him and his spouse at the nude beach. It was a random encounter. They were walking naked on the beach, and he recognized me first. I did not look at him at all because I was glued to his lover's huge (I mean HUGE) Yemenite dark cock.

"Theon?, OH MY GOD!!! is that really you???"

That was the first thing he said to me.

Although his lover's cock drew my attention right away, both of them were beautiful men. His lover was lean and tall. Dor's body is slim, and he has a beautiful face. Dor is mostly smooth except for his crack, hole, and bush. His cock is thick and big as well, but nothing compared to his ex's cock.

It was not too long after that meeting that we started fucking regularly.

I used to come to their apartment in Tel Aviv and have fun with them all night long. I was not on prep back then, so they never creamed my ass. But they took turns fucking me for hours. We have had such a wonderful time. I used to make love to Dor or his ex at the beach quite often (meaning, just with one of them).

That lasted for about two years until they broke up.

Dor and I had a better connection, and I ended up staying in touch with him. That's proof a huge cock does not always cloud my judgment. I do miss his partner's monstrous cock, though, damn!

It took Dor a long time to recover from their breakup, and I was there for him during that time. It made us best friends, brothers like. As a result, we no longer fuck.

However, we can be very intimate with each other.

Dor sometimes caresses my love hole when he rubs my back. Sometimes he hugs me at the beach from behind while we are both stoned and naked. It's more loving than erotic or sexual. It's hard to explain, but that's how things are between us.

Feeling him penetrating my body would feel weird to me.

We are too close for that.

I'd rather have Dor as my best friend than feel him make love to my ass as he did so many times before. Maybe we will fuck just one more time so that I can feel for the first time his cock shooting thick cum in my ass, but I am afraid that it will make things weird between us. I think about it sometimes when I masturbate.

Back to the hike:

We woke up at 4:15 AM.

I woke up first, and I hugged him from behind, pressing my hard cock to his soft hairy crack. His gentle ass fur was caressing my cock and I felt some precum leaking out. It was so tempting to stay like that and keep sleeping, but we were planning this hike for months. It was even more alluring to reach forward and grab his cock and balls, which I knew was hard like mine (but bigger).

But I did not do that.

We had to leave my apartment by 5 AM to get to the meeting point. I will write about why this hike was so unique in a separate post.

How was the hike?

As I said: the hike was the best one in my life. That was the reason why I did not publish a blog post for almost a week.

Here is a photo when we got to the Monastery of Saints John around sunset (after walking for 14 miles):

More information about this stunning site:


How is that related?

When we came back from the hike, I was euphoric. I never took drugs (except for weed), but I felt as if I did. I was high because I overdosed on the land of Israel.

It was also a triumphant achievement for me, given my disability. I can no longer fly abroad because of my medical condition. Driving at 5 AM towards Jerusalem was like driving to the airport. It felt like I was going abroad again, except I went to a much better place.

Spending a day with Dor was also a beautiful experience. I love him more than a brother. We hiked for the first time two months ago, so this was the second time we were hiking. This time, we were part of a group.

I wrote about our first hike here:


When we came back, we stopped at an Arab restaurant for some delicious Mediterranean vegan food. We came back to my place (for his car), and we soaked for a long time in my rooftop jacuzzi.

It was probably the first time that I saw him naked and did not think of him fucking me. I was exhausted.

He took this photo of me:

When I lost the euphoric feeling, I felt the same way a drug addict feels once the effect of the drug is over:

I felt depressed and with no energy.

During the first two days after coming back, I recovered physically from the hike. But my soul took longer to heal.

I just laid naked, and was daydreaming most of the weekend:

Everything seemed so dull and boring compared to the magical day I spent in the most beautiful country on Earth with my best friend and a fantastic group of people. Going back to work and even meeting Saturday with a new guy for anal fun, all seemed so pale in comparison.

I felt that I came back from a two months vacation in a fantastic place. Except it only cost me 15$ and lasted less than a day.

Finally, my muscles have healed, and so has my sex drive. My mood and my cock are once again on the rise.

Back to Dean:

Dean is a fantastic lover.

The last time we made love after his cum was buried deep inside of my ass and mine was all over face and my upper body; he gave me the most beautiful compliment while rubbing my cum all over my upper body:

"I am going to start dating older guys, like you. You really know how to bottom."

That was so sweet.

Two days ago we had an erotic chat. The one I was talking about at the beginning of this post:

I work Monday from home, and he wanted to come over straight from the army base at 3 PM to my place. The thought of taking off his army uniform slowly made me so horny. I had visions of him fucking me while he was naked and wearing his army boots.

The new twist was that for the first time, he expressed his wish to experience a guy rimming his hole. His ass is muscular, beautiful, and hairy. I told him I would love to lick his hairy hole and that I am a pro when it comes to that.

"Don't worry," he wrote to me, "do whatever you want with my hole except penetrating it. That is what I want to do to your hole. I want to enter your body and fuck your ass. I want to hear your moan and scream when I fuck you until my cum leaks out of your smooth hole."

He sure knows what to write to get me excited.

Sadly none of it happened.

2.20 PM yesterday, I got a phone call from him.

Shortly before that, I took a shower and thought how awesome it would be to shower with him, three hours from now while his cum is inside of me.

He never fucked me while standing, because he is shorter than me, but I wish that he would fuck me like that in the shower:

Anyway, it was odd because he never called me before.

"Theon, my sexy stud, I am so sorry. I have had the worst day in the army. My sergeant gave me hell the entire day. I am really in a bad mood, and I don't want us to meet when I am like that. You deserve better."

Taking into account that he is only 20, that was so sweet of him to be so considerate.

"You are so cute," I told him, "That's fine. Sex without desire is one of the worst experiences. We can do it some other time."

He wrote me after a while: "You are a prince, you know that?"

"I'd rather be your princes", was my answer.

I was hoping for a mind-blowing orgasm with him. The kind that will satisfy my other addiction, but it will have to wait for another time.

But that's OK.

Perhaps it will be better to wait before I overdose again. This time, on my young lover's cum.


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