"begs to be penetrated"

"Ur hole begs to be penetrated."

Dean, my cute, and so sweet, 20 years old fuck body, wrote me this sentence two days ago when he was in the army base. He was bored and horny.

Here is a small part of our hot chat from two days ago (the right side is my answer):

I am looking at a photo of his angelic face now.

He has big blue eyes and a devilish smile. He has the same smile, albeit wider when my legs rest on his shoulders, and his thick cock is buried inside my ass.

I will describe below what ended up with my smooth hole and his thick cock. His delicious cock and beautiful body were not the reason I did not write anything for six days.

One of my addictions was the reason behind that.

I have two serious addictions.

The first one, you should be familiar with.