Why do so many guys talk with me about the marriage problems?

I may appear masculine and manly, but I have a feminine side as well. I'm not referring to the fact I get so much pleasure from letting hairy guys park their thick cock in my ass.

I'm referring to my inability to park my car

I know it's stereotypical to say women find parking more difficult, but it was proven, so I feel comfortable repeating that.

One of the benefits of having Felix in my life is that when we drive my car, I let him park.

It's quite silly.

I get out of the driver's seat, and he parks my car. Felix fits my car into the tightest of spots the same way he fucks my ass:

  • penetrates in no time

  • fits perfectly

  • comes out without a scratch

Newer cars have cameras that can help you park comfortably. However, I don't plan to replace my 2010 Honda Civic. I have enough money to buy a brand new luxury car every three years, but that goes against everything I believe in.

Also, I feel quite attached to my car, after getting fucked in or next to it many times.

Why am I telling you about me being feminine and unable to park my car?

My inability to park my car got mt into trouble with one of Israel's leading Mafia families.

Recently I started working at a new location.

I work for the same company, but to save money, they moved the office to an industrial area.

It was a setback.

The commute is about the same, but the area is daunting. It felt like moving from the 21st century back to the 1950s.

The most significant change was the parking space. Before, I parked at the tower building where I worked. At this new location, the company made arrangements with a parking lot not too far away.

The resemblance between a parking lot and the gravel paved area reminds me of the difference between my hole and a cunt.

Sure, you can quickly shove your cock into my hole, but it doesn't make it a “cunt”.

Similarly, parking a car in that "parking" area doesn't make it a parking lot.

The owners/workers all looked suspicious. The young guys were always shirtless and very sexy, but they all seemed violent. A month ago, my boss told us that the company had found out that a well known Mafia family owns the place.

"Don't talk with anyone; don't argue with them. Park your car and do what they ask you to. In the meantime, we will try to look for another solution."

As for me, it was too late. I'd already had gotten in trouble with them.

I wake up at 6 AM to avoid traffic. I only have time to:

  • Shave (not my balls, those are naturally smooth),

  • take a cold shower

  • take Luka outside to do her bussiness,

  • feed her

  • and kiss her on the nose before I go

When I arrive at this "parking lot," it's before 7 AM, and there is no one there. Since there are no signs where to park, I try to do my best. But it's hard to decide where and how to position my car.

Eventually, one of the sexy angry-looking guys told me:

"You park here, next to this pillar. This is your spot".

Last Tuesday, when I went to pick up my car and drive to the nudist beach, he yelled at me already from afar.

"Come here, I'm sick of how you park. Why didn't you park close to the fence?"

If I'd parked as he wanted me to, it would mean that any passenger sitting next to me wouldn't be able to get out.

"I had someone with me this morning. That's why I parked like that".

"You're lying! I saw the video footage. You were alone this morning. Don't you dare lie to me again!!!"

I drove away, shaking, and eventually informed my boss that until they find us/me a parking solution, I will be working from home.

Before getting to the nudist beach that afternoon, I felt that I needed something to calm my nerves. I didn't have weed, so instead, I bought beer. But I knew that what could surely calm my nerves would be a massive load of cum in my ass, preferably more than one.

I was lucky that afternoon.

I got my upper body sprayed with a fountain of love cream:

His cum and my orange-dark-brown pubic hair

- And shortly afterward another married guy, filled my ass with a bucket of cum from his thick 55-year-old massive cock.

Who were these guys?

Before telling you how I got lucky to serve two stunning cocks that afternoon, allow me to share with you my career change decision:

I have decided to become a marriage counselor.

You're probably wondering why I think that I qualify as such. Well, the answer is quite simple. Horny married guys come to the nudist beach all the time. Those who end up giving me their sperm, return home relaxed and probably buy flowers for their devoted wives.

In a way, my ass/mouth/hands have saved countless marriages.

Isn't that what a marriage counselor does?

The two guys that generously gave me their cum that afternoon were both married. I want to share with you the first encounter:

He was walking towards me naked. Even from afar, I'd noticed he had a big cock. When he got closer to me, I felt attracted to him right away:

  • He was hairy

  • Lean

  • Presented a lovely hairy ass

  • Had a sweet face

  • And a large cock with a full bush

He stopped and smiled at me.

"Where is the nearest exit?", he asked.

He asked me about exiting the beach, but I was sure he was more interested in entering my body.

We started talking.

"Married?", I asked him.


"Four kids?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

I could just tell because I've had sex with so many married guys at the beach. I can sense their desire for a man and their hunger for a cock/ass. It radiates from every orifice of their body.

"Well, you have the look of 'horny, married, with four kids'"

He smiled, and his cock started growing.

"So, is the exit further north, or should I go back south?"

"Wait for a second, don't leave so fast", I said and, after reaching for his nearly-fully-hard cock, I started massaging it gently.

On doing that, he dropped his bag on the ground. His cock finished getting rock hard instantly, and soon afterward started leaking beautiful crystal drops of precum. I tasted some and used the rest as lube to finger myself.

He didn't notice, because his eyes were closed.

"Oh my God, this feels so good".

He threw his head back, moaned and trembled. I started to gently massage his delicious-looking balls and his stunning, hairy ass gently.

His moans intensified.

"When was the last time a guy played with your balls like that?"

"It's been a year."

He reached to my hard cock and started playing with it as well.

"Oh, fuck, your cock is so big & thick."

It was sweet of him to say that since his cock was gigantic. But he'd probably seen very few hard cocks besides mine.

"Wait a second", I told him, "I need to drink some water."

It was an excuse.

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I secretly got out my lube and poured lots of it on my smooth ass, crack, and love hole. Then I returned to his amazing cock.

Not wanting to waste any time, I started playing again with his pole. But this time, I pressed it to my upper lubed left thigh. When I did that, he firmly hugged me. Slowly I turned within his arms until his massive cock was nicely pressed against my horny crack.

"What are you doing to me? You are amazing; this feels so good".

The funny thing was that he was amazing as well. He was both naive and sexy at the same time. This rare combination made me utterly desire his lean body and hard cock.

He started rubbing his cock on my crack, and I reciprocated by pressing my submissive ass against his cock and my legs against his body. I was eager to feel his massive cock diving into my oven until it reached my spine and made love to me.

Instead of him fucking me, a bizarre conversation began.

Try to imagine him hugging me, pressing his massive cock against my ass, slowly rubbing it while I played with my hard cock. While all of this was happening, he started talking to me:

"So, you're gay?"


"Never been with a woman?"

"No, I'm a total bottom. For me, getting fucked is the ultimate pleasure".

"Oh, but you are missing so much. A cunt is so soft, tight, wet, and warm. You should unquestionably try to let your cock experience that"

Had I not been so horny and amused, I'd probably have been insulted.

The guy was having a dream ass at his disposal and was having a dream-like experience with it. But instead of focusing on this sensation, he was trying to convince me to fuck a woman?

Or perhaps he was trying to convince himself that he was fucking a woman!

There was only one way to get out of this crazy talk.

I knew that the minute his massive tool started penetrating my horny, "tight, soft, warm", lubed love hole, he would experience such intense pleasure that he would shut his mouth, open his cock and feed cum to my thirsty ass.

I gently took his throbbing red cock and tried to target it to my partly-open hole.

He immediately pulled back.

"No, I don't do that, too risky."