Why do so many guys talk with me about the marriage problems?

I may appear masculine and manly, but I have a feminine side as well. I'm not referring to the fact I get so much pleasure from letting hairy guys park their thick cock in my ass.

I'm referring to my inability to park my car

I know it's stereotypical to say women find parking more difficult, but it was proven, so I feel comfortable repeating that.

One of the benefits of having Felix in my life is that when we drive my car, I let him park.

It's quite silly.

I get out of the driver's seat, and he parks my car. Felix fits my car into the tightest of spots the same way he fucks my ass:

  • penetrates in no time

  • fits perfectly

  • comes out without a scratch

Newer cars have cameras that can help you park comfortably. However, I don't plan to replace my 2010 Honda Civic. I have enough money to buy a brand new luxury car every three years, but that goes against everything I believe in.

Also, I feel quite attached to my car, after getting fucked in or next to it many times.

Why am I telling you about me being feminine and unable to park my car?

My inability to park my car got mt into trouble with one of Israel's leading Mafia families.

Recently I started working at a new location.

I work for the same company, but to save money, they moved the office to an industrial area.