Because I Care

I just had lunch with family members from the States. A sweet Jewish couple with two kids. The young one is 12 years old.

He was interested in me being vegan.

"But how do you get protein?"


He is so young, and already the manipulative criminal industries have implanted in his mind that one must eat body parts to survive.

I answered the boy's question with a question:

"Do I look like someone who suffers from lack of protein?"

I was not going to try and make anyone vegan over lunch, so I dropped the subject quickly. Besides, if anything, it was more important for me to hear about their journey. 

They came over because their son will soon have his Bar Mitzvah. 

They wanted him to see the Jewish homeland and Jerusalem. The eternal capital of the Jewish people since 3000 ago.

Coming back to the office, it made me remember this photo from last April.

My sweet sister gave me this as a present

The tank top is a small gift from my sister. She is also vegan and lives in the adjacent building with her husband and three kids.

The writing says:

"I'm Vegan because I care."

When I became vegan, I had the childish notion that vegans are better than non-vegans.

I'm not God.

I can't unveil who is wickeder or better than me.

Besides, I think one should focus more on ways to improve himself. If you set an example for others, that is the best way you can influence them. 

That is what I believe in.

I do know one thing for sure.

If you become vegan, you will become a better person. If there is some scale of goodness, becoming vegan moves you up that scale.

Because it means you care.

  • You care about global warming

  • You care about animal suffering

  • You care about cruelty towards the helpless 

  • You care about the existence of death camps for other species.

  • You care about yourself and your health

  • You care about deforestation 

  • You care about future generations

  • You care about world hunger 

Mahatma Gandhi wrote:

"Violence begins with the fork."

Please try to think about it the next time you use a fork.

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