Balls or Eggs?

Saturday at noon, I felt that I was about to suffocate.

No, I wasn't suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. I simply could no longer stay indoors when there is such perfect nudist beach weather outside. I'd been with Felix since Thursday afternoon, and I needed some time alone. More importantly, I wanted to be naked outdoors. I also longed to see the countryside. For me, Israel is a burning desire, a yearning, a love story greater than life. Sometimes when I climb a mountain or see a beautiful stream, a sigh comes out, and tears roll down my cheeks.

These are tears of love and thanks to the almighty. It is a blessing to be Jewish and live in our homeland. I am so privileged.

This photo is from a summer hike at this location: Zaki Stream Water Hike When I told Felix, his response surprised me. I was sure that he would object and that I would have to quarrel with him. "Just don't get caught by the cops and Theon…" "Yes?" "Don't get fucked by strangers; keep a social distance." "No problem, I am not even horny, I merely want to be naked outdoors with Luka."

I meant it.

Wed' already fucked three times during the previous two nights. Felix filled my hungry ass with his delicious cum twice, and during the last time, he shot a massive load all over my face.

In what position was I during the last time Felix had given me his precious gift? I was kneeling on the hardwood floor. My mouth was open with my tongue sticking out, ready to collect every drop of his white gold. I was close enough so I could play with Felix's massive hairy balls to intensify his pleasure. It sure worked because he yelled loudly when his volcano of cum erupted all over my face.

I love it when a man makes me his in this fashion.

Felix cooked us dinner on Friday night, and I made him a chocolate cake. Felix is from the States, so making him a chocolate cake is the best way to win both his heart and his cock (even though I already own both).

The cake is vegan.

There are no disgusting ingredients inside like butter or eggs. Besides, Felix and I do not support murderers and animal abusers like dairy farmers (🤬🤬) and other evil creatures. Even though I was not horny and my desire to be naked at the beach came from my soul and not my ass, a guy did spank my muscular ass and fingered my smooth hole at the beach.

Who was he?

More details below.

I was afraid of getting caught while driving to the beach because it's illegal to go more than 100 yards from your apartment. It's a 130$ fine. 😱😱😱 I was so desperate to be naked outdoors that I was willing to get caught and pay the fine. Still, I was afraid of experiencing a cop pulling me over and all that. I chose side roads wherever I could, and finally, I made it to the gas station, which is a mile from the beach.


There is no cell reception at the beach, so, before I started walking, I sent a text message to my best buddy (ex fuck buddy), Dor:

"Hi sexy, I'm at the beach. I'll be at my usual location." Dor is a pothead, so I was not surprised that he did not show up. Also, it was cold at the beach! There was a strong wind, but I was at my usual hideout between two big rocks that sheltered me. I love this hideout because it is easy for people to pass by and not see me. When I get fucked at the beach, it is one of my preferred places. It was here that the professor with the colossal cock shot loads of cum all over my ass.

I wrote about it here:

Cum on your ass?

On the way to the rocks, I saw a very sexy young couple fucking. The top was blond, and his muscular ass was smooth. He had a beautiful thick cock, which reminded me of Felix's. The bottom was dark-haired and had a stunning hairy ass and massive balls. They didn't stop fucking when I passed them, and why would they?

Apart from us there was no one at the beach.

I watched with great interest from far away. The blond was fucking him doggie style until he yelled and filled his ass with his cum. He kept on ofucking his boyfriend, and shortly after, the bottom yelled as well. It was so hot to watch them, even from far away.

They cleaned in the water and left. I was alone and read my book. The author is an American. Since I'm a conservative, I enjoy reading his literature:

After an hour or so, it became colder. I decided to take some nude photos, perhaps even masturbate and go home. Even though Felix had given me his delicious vegan cream three times, I emptied my balls only twice. The last time, when Felix came all over my face, I wanted to focus on his orgasm and not mine. Besides, I prefer to cum when my ass is full of man Juice.

So my balls were still loaded with cum

The beach had seemed like the perfect place to extract my seed.

I took some photos, and, just when I was about to start fingering my love hole and masturbate, I saw a woman approaching from the north. "God damn it," I thought to myself. "Even during the lockdown and in such cold weather, somebody still comes over to look at naked people? What the fuck is wrong with people?" I was not going to satisfy her wish to see my thick cock, and therefore I put on my jock.

I decided to take some more photos while wearing my jock, and once she passed to start exploring my horny hole.

When she got closer, I went to my hideout and waited.

The woman approached my hideout. "What the fuck?" I thought to myself "Theon!!! I can't believe it's you!!! Brother, I've missed you so much." The "woman" turned out to be Dor!!!! How was I so confused? Because it was relatively cold, Dor was wearing a pullover and had covered his head with his hoodie. Dor is also a short guy, and that's what had led me to believe that he was a woman. Now that I'm thinking about it, I've never seen him wearing clothes at the beach. That was probably the reason why I did not recognize him from afar. I am used to seeing his relatively smooth naked body and beautiful thick cock. "I got your message," Dor said, "And I went north looking for you," I went so far north in the hopes of seeing your sexy ass. How did I miss you?"

I pointed at the rocks.

"I thought you knew that I sit between the rocks. It's easy to miss me if you don't look." We both smiled at each other. Damn, Dor was so cute. I hadn't seen Dor for more than three weeks. Now my heart was racing, and my cock was starting to get hard. It was so odd; here was Dor, whom I not only love as a gay brother but also long to feel him making love to my ass once more.

But we couldn't even hug! I wanted to hug and kiss him; I forgot about all the rules because my cock was partly hard, and his smile had melted my heart (and my ass).

"Sorry, my brother, we can't hug."

I turned around and presented my smooth ass that was wrapped by my jock. "You are not going to get COVID-19 if you just touch my ass." I forgot what I'd promised Felix, and besides, Felix said: "Don't get fucked by strangers;" But Dor is by no means is a stranger, not to me nor my ass. When Dor started touching my ass, my entire body was electrified, and I got rock hard. It was not only because I'm so attracted to him, but also because he was the first guy to have touched my ass, besides Felix, for three weeks. I released a loud moan and bent a little bit, making me appear more submissive. "Damn, Theon, not only am I crazy about your hot ass, but I haven't touched anyone for three weeks. The jock makes your ass look so fucking sexy and fuckable."

"Oh, I'm fuckable more than you can imgine"

I kept moaning while he was caressing my ass. In response to my moans, Dor had moaned as well, and I knew that his thick cock had reached its gigantic size. Dor played with my ass cheeks, massaging them, and spanking me hard. He did that because he knows how much I enjoy when a guy makes my white bread rolls somewhat red.

And also because he is a very dominant top. Dor spoiled my ass with his right hand, and, with his left palm he'd held my testicles with gentle force and massaged them. Dor is a dominant top, much more than Felix is. He likes to own the bottom. The fact he was holding my balls in place, meant exactly that:

My ass belongs to him.

I'm very submissive during lovemaking. The fact that Dor was holding my balls like that while playing with my ass drove me wild with desire for his massive cock. Soon, Dor's fingers started exploring my horny crack and began playing with my love hole. When I felt Dor's fingers getting closer to the most sensitive part of my body, I raised my voice and then yelled just from the feeling of his warm fingers pressing my delicate opening.

It did not take long for Dor to start fingering me gently.

The feeling of his fingers inside my smooth oven made me scream in ecstasy. If his fingers made me scream like that, I couldn't imagine what sort of sound I'd make once his amazing hammer was drilling into my ass. Dor was still wearing his shorts, and I was beginning to ask myself when he would take out his giant cock and fuck me doggie style just like he did three months ago. I wrote about the last time he owned my ass here: Dor's Cum Back

This is a photo from the above story of how Dor fucked me doggie style:

Since Dor hadn’t taken his cock out yet, I turned round.

I wanted to pull his pants down and start sucking his magnificent tool. However, when I turned around, I tried to kiss him before pulling down his pants. In fairy tales, a kiss has the power to break an enchantment. And that was also what happened yesterday.

Dor pulled back from my hard cock and my eager lips.

"We have to stop; this is dangerous. What are we doing?" I knew he was right. Only because we were so attracted to one another, and he was so stoned had we started fooling around like that. For me, it was even more straightforward. When a guy touches my ass, my brain immediately dies. My ass is so sensitive, far more than my cock. "OK, let's stop, we can just sit and talk, but I want to see your beautiful cock, even if we don't do anything."

"But it's too cold to be naked."

"Not between the rocks."

We went to my hideout, and both got naked. I was drooling when I saw how much precum was oozing out of Dor's big cock. Dor squeezed his hard cock and licked his precum; I did the same. While the taste was delicious, I wanted to scream out of frustration. I yearned so badly to feel his massive cock fucking me for a long time and the hot burst of his vegan cum seeding my ass. Instead, we sat down and smoked weed. Dor is so cute. He'd prepared two joints just for me before coming to the beach.

What do two naked horny gays talk about during such times?

Naturally, COVID-19.

What did we discuss? I'll give you the summary: 1) If you believe COVID-19 is some giant conspiracy of the Illuminati and the freemasons to control the world, then you are fucking stupid. 2) If you believe COVID-19 is like the flu, then you are fucking stupid. 3) If you believe COVID-19 is a conspiracy to install 5G networks, then you are, well, you know, fucking stupid.

Too many idiots believe in this crap

4) If you believe that we should isolate the elderly and let the young people roam free, then you are not only fucking stupid but also evil. I have a better solution: Instead of isolating the elderly, let's just kill them all. We could save so much money and trouble. Or perhaps if this is too extreme, let's move them all to remote locations (I read some suggestions of this type). We, as a society, should cherish and protect the older generation. Since COVID-19 is especially lethal to the elderly, we should do the maximum in our power to protect them even if that means that I don't get fucked at the nudist beach or that parents need to stay home and "suffer."

5) Then we discussed eggs.

In Hebrew, slang for testicles is "eggs." You say "balls," we say "eggs."

During the coming holiday of Passover, there is an increase in demand for eggs. This year, because of COVID-19, there is a shortage of eggs.

It's for two reasons:

1) People are stocking up because of fear 2) Because no one is going overseas, there are 10% more Israelis during the holidays.

To solve this problem, the ministry of agriculture is promoting this product

The benefit, according to the ministry, is that this product is pasteurized, unlike eggs that could infect you with Salmonella. In hotels and homes for the elderly, they aren't allowed to use eggs.

Whoever prepares food in such places must use this product because of the Salmonella risk.

Both of us simply couldn't understand people that read this information and yet continue to buy eggs.

It is the dirtiest, most disgusting product that you can eat.

Would you buy chocolate from a factory where there are piles of shit, piss, bodies, and rats? These are the conditions in the camps where eggs are "produced."

Eggs come from the same orifice from which shit, piss, and blood also come out. Eggs usually come out covered in shit.

Who wants to eat shit for breakfast?

People are so afraid of COVID-19, and yet they consume shit like that daily.

You don't need to believe me, believe the CDC:

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), non-typhoidal Salmonella causes an estimated 1.2 million illnesses with 1 million of the illnesses resulting from contaminated food. Salmonella is responsible for the most hospitalizations and deaths per year of any germ found in food. Although many cases are mild and are not diagnosed or reported, 27% of diagnosed cases result in hospitalization, and 0.4% of diagnosed cases result in death. Around $365 million in medical costs are attributed to Salmonella infections annually."

It was getting colder, and we'd finished our second joint. We were no longer horny but more relaxed and happy. Dor stood up and put his clothes back on, nicely packing his thick cock into his underwear. I stood up as well and put on my jock. I was getting ready to say goodbye to him. "Just one last touch," Dor said with a stoned smile, "your hot ass is the only one I am going to be able to spank while this craziness is raging on."

He got closer to me and I'd turned around in anticipation.

He squeezed my ass cheeks, pressed his fingers into my smooth crack and deep into my love hole. This time, he took special care to massage my prostate for half a minute or so.

I screamed when he did that.

Dor pulled his fingers out of my open hole and gave me four final hard spankings, two on each eager cheek.

Each spanking made me moan loudly.

"That's the last thing you are getting from me today, slut." I turned around, smiling, and overjoyed. I was not expecting such a terrific goodbye. I guess the two joints (+ probably several more before we'd met) had made Dor even more relaxed.

Then I thought about something:

"Dor, would you come over for dinner this week? The way I see it, the three of us have been in isolation, and there is a greater risk of a car accident than either one of us getting COVID-19 from each other." "Let me think about it; I miss Felix too, you know. He's a great guy." "I know he is; he's an angel." "Yes, it's amazing how he took care of you when you were sick." I wrote about what an angel Felix is here: He's an Angel Suddenly, some clear thinking emerged into Dor's stoned brain: "Wait for a second; are you going to tell Felix that my fingers have been deep inside your ass?" "I don't hide anything from Felix; you know that. The day I feel that I should hide something from him is also going to be the last day that I want to share my life with him." "I guess you are right; I just hope that he won't be mad at me." "Why would he be mad at you?

You didn't even want to hug me. I am the one who offered you my ass the first time, remember? The second time your fingers were deep inside my ass it was because we were stoned. I'm sure that Felix will understand. Stop worrying and take one last photo of my ass framed by my jock."

Dor took this last photo of me

We gave each other virtual kisses, and I watched him leave. I waited a bit longer and then left as well. It was windy and cold. It was a mile+ walk back to the gas station where I'd parked my car. I walked most of the way naked.

When I got to the gas station, I was thrilled to see this restaurant empty

I hate this place.

It was the first time that I'd come back to my car and could breathe fresh, clean air, and not Auschwitz-style stench.

There are some neat things about COVID-19, after all. The not so pleasant thing about COVID-19 is that I no longer have sex with other guys. I find myself doing lots of webcams, and I masturbate almost daily (unless Felix makes love to my ass). I wrote about it here: Is Isolation that Bad? If I do end up giving you my Skype/"House Party" link, please be friendly and respectful.

Don't be like this guy:

Or this one:

"Switch camera on"??? Seriously?? Next time try this: "Can you please switch your camera on?" I blocked this guy; I have zero patience for rude people.

And now, I'd better take care of my hard cock with my black webcam buddy.

hard cock
I need to empty my balls before going to bed

I'm in love with his massive uncut black cock. He is in love with my white smooth ass and colorful hole.

As far as webcam counts, we are a perfect match for a long-term relationship.


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