Back to Life -Part 2

"You are kidding. How can you not have condoms? I want to fuck you."

Ronen is a bisexual guy, in his forties, stocky-muscular, hairy, big pecs, and big arms.

His cock was thick & beautiful, and with his lush pubic hair, he got me horny before he even came over. He was also a dominant top, wanting his bottom to be submissive and worship his cock.

For me, it has been nine days without sex; I was super horny.

The story ended with Ronen refusing to fuck me without a condom even though I explained to him I am on prep and what it meant. Usually, I respect guys who still want to use a condom, but that night, I needed it raw and to have my ass filled with hot loads of cum.

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"What's the problem?

Don't you believe me, it's safe? I also get tested; I can show you my HIV test from two weeks ago. I'm fine."

There was something else; I could sense it. Since we both kind of lost the mood and were soft, I did not mind pressing the subject.

"It's not that; I think I believe you, it's just that, you know."

It was weird to see such a big butch guy who a minute ago talked dirty to me, demanding that I suck his cock and clearly expressing his desire to fuck me, feeling embarrassed to talk about something.

I was starting to lose my patience.

Maybe it was time to call it a night (it was late anyway). I was also beginning to feel cold. I did not heat my bedroom that much because I was expecting us to fuck like rabbits, but now that we were both naked and not so horny, I was getting cold.

"What is it???"

"You know, it's not always clean, many times when I am done and take the condom off, I see that it came out dirty. I don't want my cock dirty like that; it is terrible."

Now he was making sense.

He has every reason in the world to be afraid. Especially if his experience with bottoms thus far has been so unfortunate. These bottoms give us all a bad reputation.

I have witnessed that a few times myself (me + another bottom and a top, the other one was not so clean). I can tell you some real horror stories, yikes,

There were also a few times at the nude beach when I have been a top, and it happened to me as well, even with experienced bottoms. I don't get it.

"You have nothing to worry about; I am clean proof, 0% accidents."

It's true; I am not bragging here. I will explain how am I so clean in a separate post (no, I don't do an enema, and have never done)

He still did not believe me.

"Nobody is that clean; I almost always come out somewhat dirty."

What kind of bottoms does he fuck in that rural part of Israel?

Poor guy, I can see why he was terrified to fuck me without a condom. No one wants to come out with his cock covered in shit.

I have never faced this kind of situation before, but I came up with what was, in retrospect, a brilliant idea.

"I'll tell you what we'll do, why don't you fuck me with my biggest dildo, that's fun to do anyway, get me all wet and begging for your cock and also relaxed, then you can look at the dildo and see for yourself that it is clean."

I saw that he was starting to get hard again.

I used the word "begging" on purpose because he said before he likes the bottom to beg for him to get fucked.

Not wanting to lose this opportunity, I jumped from my bed and opened my goodie drawer. I did it quickly because I did not want him to see that besides the two kinds of anal vibrators and three dildos, I also have there several types of condoms.

I came back with not the biggest dildo that I have, but quite a big one. You can see how it looks like when it is not pleasing my ass, here:

My dildos and vibrators

9 Inches is the largest size I feel comfortable to take, more starts to feel painful. I handed over the dildo and the lube to Ronen and.

"What are you waiting for, stud? Lube me and the dildo up and start fucking me."

When I said that he got fully hard again and so did I. I position myself in a doggie position my love hole raised a bit teasing him and begging without words to get fucked

Well, did I pass the dildo test?

Of course, I even sucked the dildo to prove to him how clean it was

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