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    Back to Life - Part 1


    We all want it

    Safer cars, safer homes, safer lives, and safer sex

    Ronen, whose family came from Morocco, came to my town this weekend to stay with his brother’s family to feel safer. He comes from the city of Ashkelon. The tension was high this weekend in the southern part of Israel with the potential for rocket attacks, and he was looking for a safer place

    And last night he was looking for a safe ass as well.

    We chatted, a nice guy overall. In his forties, he identifies himself as bisexual, never been married, says he likes to play with Russian women (lots of them in Ashkelon). I told him a bit about myself as well.

    “You are a total bottom? that’s exactly what I am looking for.”

    I asked him why

    “I am looking for a smooth bottom to worship my cock, to beg me to fuck him.”

    The truth is, I am used to guys begging to fuck me, but it has been nine days since I got fucked (an unusually long time by the way), so I was already in the emotional state of mind to beg anyway.

    We exchange some photos. Well, Ronen looked precisely as he has described himself.

    The best description would be muscular but stocky. Ronen had big pecs, big arms, but a stocky midsection. He was a hairy, dark-skinned, friendly face, I would not date him, that’s for sure, but the photo of his beautiful hard cock decorated with so much pubic hair and crowned with big round balls was the icing on the cake

    The guy was into begging, he said so, so I sent him a message: “I’m dying to get fucked by your big cock, please come over.”

    It was begging, I admit it, but it was also so true.

    “Can I see your hole before?”

    I sent him this photo, since I was wearing these sweat pants last night as well

    “Of fuck, Theo, I am going to fuck you hard; I love your shaved hole.”

    “It’s Theon,” I corrected him, “and I am naturally smooth, I don’t shave it, here’s my address, come over in 30 minutes.”

    He came over in time; he looked just like in his photos, which was a relief |(I have too many horror stories worth telling regarding people that don’t look like the photos they send)

    By the way “in time,” was already quite late, close to midnight. We switched to daylight savings two days ago, and I am still not used to it. It felt like 11 PM to me, my wake up time is at 6 AM, but I needed to get fucked and fuck work, I’ll just be tired a bit.

    Or so I thought because I am so tired right now…

    It was a stormy night yesterday and so getting fucked in my rooftop jacuzzi was not an option. It was also quite late, so starting to fool around in the kitchen, then the living room and finally ending in bed was also not an option.

    I just took him right away to the bedroom, and once we were inside, we started kissing. I needed to get fucked, but i also wanted a real man kissing me first.

    He was an intense kisser, and he knew what he was doing because while kissing me he was able to undress me, pinch my nipples, and even turn me around and kiss my neck while fingering my love hole

    “Fuck Theon, your ass is so smooth.”

    Guys always say that. All it takes for my ass to be smooth like that (except for the lack of hair of course), is using skin lotion after taking a shower, it keeps your ass very soft and smooth to the touch.

    He has turned me around. At this point, I was naked (he did not even notice I was wearing a thong because he pulled everything down, Ronen was shirtless, still wearing his jeans, but somehow he managed to take his shoes off.

    We started kissing again; I moaned loudly from the feeling of his hairy chest on my nipples. He started pushing my head down, and I knew why

    I unzipped his pants, pulled them down and started playing with his hard cock while it was still in his underwear which by the way, were nothing to write home about, but what was inside of the underwear was about to enter my body, and it has driven me mad with desire.

    I started pulling his balls out, licking them, placing them back in. Then with my hands inside his underwear, touching his cock briefly and stopping.

    Ronen was not the kind of guy who would let his bottom take control over matters for too long. So after a few minutes, he just pulled his underwear down, forcefully pushed my head on his hairy balls and said the obvious: ”Lick my balls, I am going to fuck you, yeah, suck my cock.”

    Once his cock was fucking my mouth, he would not let my mouth leave it, which was fine by me.

    It felt like a dream finally sucking a real man’s cock. I could feel my hole yearning to be fucked, so I was fingering myself while I was sucking him and thinking that was his cock already fucking me. It made me precum a lot. I was worried that he would shoot too soon because his cock started to grow even more in my mouth, a sigh he was about to shoot his load

    There was nothing to be worried about though. Ronen came over to fuck me, the mouth fucking was just his way of reminding me he was a butch top, and I’m his bottom for the night.

    He pulled me up and got naked.

    We kissed again, now both our naked bodies pressed against each other. I was so full of lust that I moaned loudly just for the feeling of his hot cock pressed against mine. I could not wait any longer; I took him to bed

    “Theon, I am going to fuck you now; get the condoms.”

    I was so horny when I was talking to him before that I have forgotten to tell him I’m on prep.

    “We don’t need condoms; I’m on prep.”

    “What’s that?”


    I never considered the option he would not know what prep is, but lots of older guys, especially those from rural areas never heard of it.

    It was a total downer, but I had to give him a few minutes lecture about it. During the talk, both our cocks got soft again. Talking about HIV, statistics, and risks while very important before lovemaking is a total turn off once the guy is ready and eager to fuck you.

    “I only play safe; I never fucked a guy without a condom; I don’t take unnecessary risks.”

    Was he deaf?

    I just explained to him everything. Of course, you can get other diseases except for HIV that prep does not protect you from, but that’s also true when he fucks a woman without a condom (which he does)

    I have condoms, because some guys don’t believe in prep, or want to be extra safe. That’s fine, of course; I respect that.

    When I am not so horny for a cock I don’t mind compromising on that, but last night, I needed it raw, I needed a free cock sliding in and out of my tight ass, I needed to feel the guy’s cock getting bigger inside of me without any barriers, and most importantly I wanted to feel the cum shots hitting the walls of my love tunnel as he cries from ecstasy

    I was very horny, but I did not feel like compromising on this one.

    So I lied to him, and because the room was relatively dark, I was able to make it sound believable.

    “I don’t have condoms, sorry.”

    “You are kidding. How can you not have condoms? I want to fuck you.”

    What happened next?

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