Back from India

Pieter, the Belgian stud took this photo. We had sex at the beach over a month ago.

It's a shame I did not get to feel Pieter's cock fucking me

I took some photos of Pieter (at the end of this post are a few) as well, you can read more about our lovemaking here.

Sadly Pieter did not get a chance to make love to my ass, but he was sweet and beautiful.

Why did I remember Pieter all of a sudden?

Because of the surprise encounter, I had yesterday at the beach with one of my guy brothers.

It happened after I made love to a hairy stud, and we both ended up with a fantastic orgasm. My seed was all over his beach blanket; his seed was leaking out of my ass. 

You can read more about it here:

Before that, I met David, the guy who fucked me a week ago. I have known him for ten years or so; I was his first bottom when David was still in the army. 

You can read about our lovemaking here:

In any case, I saw David again on Monday, and he told me how his beach day ended after he creamed my ass.

David saw me fooling around a week ago with the muscular guy that had a huge cock (I wrote about it in the link above). 

I did not let him fuck me because he treated me like an ass hole (pun intended). When I realized his main concern was his pleasure, I left him.

After I left him, David approached him. He was also drawn to his massive cock. 

"Interested in fucking me?"

"No, I am a bottom."

That was a lie, and David knew it. He knew that I fooled around with him because he was a top looking for an ass. 

David left him and went to the parking lot, now even hornier. 

"There I saw a cute naked guy that was dressing up outside of his car. We exchanged looks and not before long I was fucking him. You will not believe who joined us? Yes, that dick head. When he saw me fucking, he came over started playing with my ass and soon after he was fucking me, while I was fucking the other guy. It was so hot."

Inspiring story.

I am happy that David has learned a few things from me during the last ten years.

"Why did you not let him fuck you?" David asked me.

"Because he was treating me like a hole to fuck and dump."

David looked at me and smiled. 

"Yes, he was like that, and of course you need a lot of kissing and touching before you allow anyone to fuck you. That's why we are so good together when we fuck because I like you just like that"

It was true.

We have a great time when we fuck. It does not happen a lot, once or twice a year, always at the beach. 

As for my gay brother:

I did not expect to see him. Last I saw him was two months ago, at the beach. He told me then that he is going to India and will back the end of August. 

He had to return because his 90 years old grandma died. He landed Saturday and the funeral took place on Sunday.

I sat down and comforted him. 

I love him with all my heart because he is so sweet and adorable.

I have known him for nearly seven years. We were both vegan activist back then. How I met him and how we became such good friends is worth telling but not now.

His parents are farmers. We sat naked together and ate fruits from their harvest.

"She was a great lady, with so much passion for life," he said, tears rolling down his face.

I hugged him and cried with him. Not because I knew her, but because I felt so sorry for his loss and his pain.

We watched the sunset, hugging each other from time to time. People must have thought we were a couple.

"Enough crying, tell me how about the fun you had at the beach during the last two months."

So I told him and showed him several photos, including the ones of Pieter's.

"Damn, Theon, he is so hot!! You were quite busy while I was gone."

I sure was.



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