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Surviving an intense argument with my boyfriend on Valentine's

What types of relationships have I had over the years?

  • With a much older married top.

  • With several older tops.

  • With two younger tops

  • With a younger versatile Adonis from Europe

  • With a bottom my age.

The last kind lasted for a few months. Yaniv and I were both in our 20s and loved each other. But apparently, love doesn't always conquer all.

It can't conquer the desire to get fucked by a thick cock.

Yaniv's cock wasn't as thick as mine.

Yaniv's cock was smaller than mine, but that wasn't why it didn't work out between us.

Our love failed because each time we needed to get fucked (almost every day!), we brought someone over to take care of our hungry asses. Yaniv was a hairy guy (that's why I was so attracted to him), and so was his muscular ass.

However, since a smooth ass is more in demand, we used to temp tops by using my hole as bate.

This arrangement worked great for a few months until Yaniv fell in love with one of our regulars, and we broke up after a huge argument.

Arguing - or even having a heated debate with the man you love - is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it means you care about each other, and, naturally, sometimes you have a disagreement.

However, Felix and I have had only one "fight" during the last 15 months, and that was the reason why we didn't fuck on Valentine's Day 2021.

It's becoming a tradition.

Last year on Valentine's, we didn't fuck either:

A year ago, I loved him but he was still not my boyfriend

Last Valentine's, Felix didn't demonstrate his love by breeding my ass because he was in Germany. This year, however, I fucked it up and didn't get fucked as punishment.

We started dating in December 2019, but until 14.2.2021, we'd never argued!

Felix is so sweet.
Felix is so sweet.

The reason being, Felix is so gentle and kind.

It's hard to quarrel with someone who loves you so much. Felix adores me and bends to my wishes as quickly as I bend when he wants to fuck me.

This bending system worked flawlessly until Valentine's Day.

Because Felix is so easy to be with, I have to remind myself not to take advantage of him.

I try to remember that I must consider his wishes.

For example, when planning a hike, Felix has no problem letting me choose the trail. However, I often consult him and plan a walk where he wants to go.

However, this Valentine's Day, I thought about neither his feelings nor desires.

But first, I need to tell you something about Valentine's Day in Israel. There's nothing special about this day here.

Felix calls Israel "a tough little country."

Part of our "tough" culture is not paying much attention to lovely holidays like Valentine's. I never expected any of my former lovers or boyfriends to give me flowers on this day.

However, Felix is unlike any of my previous Israeli lovers because he's from the States. For him, celebrating Valentine's with me was something he was looking forward to.

On Valentine's Day, we worked from my apartment.

It'd been a busy day for me, and the last thing on my mind was a celebration. I wanted to complete some tasks for my boss, work out, and then open my love hole for Felix before closing my eyes.

Around 5 PM, Felix entered my home office and announced, "Today is Valentine's Day."

"I know," I smiled, "Come here and give me a big kiss."

We kissed, and I thought that was it. I kept working for another three hours without leaving my room.

When I finally went out, Felix handed me the most beautiful bouquet.

"Happy Valentine's," he said with a huge smile, and I could see the light in his beautiful blue eyes.

We kissed again while Felix was caressing my smooth ass and love hole.

When Felix finally let go of my lips and my hole's lips, he said: "All the restaurants are closed because of Covid. We can either order in or cook something together."

I checked the time; it was already 8:30 PM.

"I want to work out first, and there are plenty of leftovers in the fridge," I answered.

That was a dumb, selfish answer.

I focused on my own needs and my schedule and had failed to notice Felix's disappointment.

"I'm hungry," Felix replied. "I don't think I can wait until you finish working out."

I pointed at the fridge: "Help yourself. I don't mind if you don't wait for me."

I left Felix and went upstairs to work out.

I exercise every day except Saturday.

I didn't see any reason why I should divert from my schedule. As far as I was concerned, we'd celebrated Valentine's, and the only thing missing was Felix shooting his hot seed into my muscular ass and falling asleep hugging each other right after.

That evening, I focused on weight lifting and stretching,

After my workout and before stepping into the rooftop jacuzzi, I shouted for Felix to join me. When he didn't reply, I assumed he was either in bed or showering.

But I was wrong.

He was sitting in the living room, furious.

Oblivious to the unfolding drama, I smoked pot and before immersing myself in the jacuzzi. I was hoping he'd join me, as he usually does, even without a reminder/invitation.

During the winter, we fuck a lot in the jacuzzi.

But Felix didn't come.

Finally, I went downstairs, curious to see what my boyfriend was doing. I found him in bed, and to my surprise, he wasn't waiting for me, naked.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Just reading."

"I can think of more enjoyable things to do," I said, getting naked and joining him.

"No, I don't think so," Felix growled, "It's just a normal night. There's nothing special about tonight. We don't need to celebrate Valentine's Day."

I started hearing alarm bells.

I knew he was upset, but I didn't realize he was also hurt. I decided to joke about the whole thing.

"If it's just a normal night, then we should fuck as we do on every other normal night." Then I attempted to start playing with his sweet balls.

"You and your damn schedule," Felix rebuffed, pushing my hand away.

"We always have to do things your way. For once, just once, you could have changed your plans and not workout even though you probably scheduled it in your fucking calendar."

"Did you think that your pecs would disappear or your ass that you're so damn proud of would shrink if you didn't workout for one night?"

Felix is usually attracted to my chest, but he wasn't that night.

I've had a muscular chest since high school.
I've had a muscular chest since high school.

Suddenly I was terrified because I'd never seen Felix so angry.

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Come to think of it, I'd never seen him angry at all. I almost started crying because I thought he was breaking up with me.

"Are you breaking up with me?" I whispered.

"Theon, I'm in your bed. Does it look like I'm breaking up with you? Don't be an idiot."

After he'd called me an "idiot," I realized that we wouldn't be fucking that night. Felix had never insulted me like that before.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I hadn't realized that this was so important for you. I love you, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I promise to be more sensitive in the future."

"And I'm sorry for calling you an idiot."

We kissed, but there was no passion between us.

"Do you want me to stay in bed?" I asked, fearing my nakedness would irritate him (I always sleep naked).

"Do what you want," he replied. "That's how we always do things at your place."

I stayed in bed, but we didn't talk much. In the morning, Felix had left for work before I woke up and hadn't kissed me as he usually did.

An hour after he'd left, my morning boner woke me up.

I was very horny because I hadn't been fucked the night before.

However, I wasn't going to release the pressure from my balls because I was confident that Felix would come over in the evening and take care of my loving hole.

But he didn't show up.

On Tuesday morning, I woke up alone again and went to the kitchen.

I looked at the dining table where Felix works when he comes over and missed him so much. I didn't miss his body or beautiful cock. I just wanted him to smile at me and make me feel protected and secure in his muscular arms.

On Wednesday night, Felix returned to my bed, but there was still tension between us. I wasn't going to offer him my love hole because we needed to heal our love first.

Everything seemed normal, but I could tell that he was still upset.

Since Felix is an alpha male, I wanted to appease him by showing him that his wishes are important. To win his cock back, I needed to heal his heart first.

Instead, we had another small fight. You can read more about it here:

1/2 liter of cum in my balls? Sweet, but I don't think so

On Thursday night, I wanted to jog on the treadmill, but I asked Felix about it first.

"You can do whatever you want; I'll see you again around midnight, I guess," was his cold response.

"I don't need to run tonight; we can watch a movie instead," I suggested.

That's all I needed to say to win back Felix's heart.

"I know how important running is for you. We don't have to watch a movie tonight," was his response.

"Nah," I replied, "I'll run tomorrow."

Felix smiled and then kissed me. It was a long, passionate kiss, but I could tell there was still some anger because he didn't play with my ass and hole while kissing me.

That night, instead of running or fucking, we watched four episode of "KnightFall" on Netflix

I'd let Landry fuck me any time!
I'd let Landry fuck me any time!

We finished watching after 2 AM, and I knew that Felix was too tired to fuck. Instead, he hugged my naked body from behind, and we slept like that almost until morning.

This is how I like to fall asleep.

I started to get impatient about riding Felix's massive cock because I'd expected him to make love to my ass the previous night instead of watching Netflix.

I wondered if he was planning to punish me much longer before my ass was to enjoy his cum shots again. I wasn't going to beg for his seed, especially since I knew he was as horny as me.

I felt his hard cock pressed against my submissive ass during the night. I also saw his pre-cum-stained underwear in the morning.

It had been a week since our bodies and souls had been united in a night of passion...

...the longest time since we started dating that we hadn’t made love (except the time he was abroad).

I missed being intimate with him.

Felix came back to my apartment on Friday afternoon. Before he arrived, I'd decided to stop treating him like breakable glass. I was going to be very considerate of his wishes, but I also had my plans.

Because of our ongoing drama, I hadn't jogged on my treadmill for a week and was afraid of gaining weight just when beach season began. Therefore I ran for an hour.

When I'd completed my workout, I took this selfie.

Even though the room's temperature is 50, I was soaking wet.
Even though the room's temperature is 50, I was soaking wet.

The downside of jogging is that afterward, I have a tiny cock. There's not enough blood to make my cock bigger, and I don't feel that horny.

Before entering my rooftop jacuzzi, I shouted to Felix to join me. I feared he wouldn't because he was still angry with me.

But he did.

Seeing Felix's hard cock when he'd taken off his underwear left little doubt why he joined me. We started kissing immediately while I was playing with his tender testicles. Felix pushed my head down while playing with my love hole, and I knew he wanted me to service his thick cock.

But I had to tell him that I wasn't ready yet to empty my balls:

"Honey, I must warn you before we start: I don't think I can cum yet. I've only just finished working out. However, I don't mind taking care of your cock. I'll suck you, and when you're ready, you can fuck my ass and cum inside."

To my surprise, Felix became angry again.

"I know what will happen tomorrow. You'll be horny because you didn't cum tonight and insist that I fuck you when I'm not so horny."

Felix was really bitchy. I couldn't believe we were having a power struggle about when and how we would empty our balls.

But then I remembered that I always tell Luka that Felix is the alpha male of our pack.

Luka accepts Felix as the leader of the pack.