Are you jealous?

"Are you jealous?"

"No, I'm not jealous, don't be silly. I'm only jealous of him when he prevents us from being together."

My Saturday morning started with a hot chat with Dean, my 20+ years old fuck body.

I wrote about him a few times, but here is a recap:

Dean is an American Jew. He wanted to come over to Israel to serve in the army. At the age of 17, Dean left his family and came over to the Jewish homeland.

He does not have any family here.

The state takes good care of such young guys. He stays with a foster family. However, he is in the closet; they don't know about him. He lives where I do. Since he does not want to come out to them, he prefers to meet me on Monday afternoon. It's the time when he comes back from the army (if he does not stay overnight), and I'm at home. Another option is when he is alone (usually on Saturday),

How does Dean look like?

He's adorable.

His lower half is hairy, but his upper half is quite smooth. I love playing with the soft curly hair on his ass and especially the hair buried inside his hot crack. All that lush, silky hair around his hole is so much fun to play with while he is making love to my smooth hole.

It is rare for a guy to stay like this. By the time he is 30, his chest will be as hairy as his ass. By the time he is 40, his back will be hairy as well.

Well, that is 20 years from now.

I'm sure I'll be delighted to have him fucking me even more so, 20 years from now.

He is shorter than me.

I'm 6' foot tall, and he's 5.5. I don't mind it because I like smaller guys. The only drawback is that he can't fuck me while standing. His cock is very thick but not massive, however, his cock is perfectly promotional to his height.

He wanted to fuck me when he was 17, and I told him to wait a year. He got so mad at me that he did not contact me for two years. At least, that is what he told me the first time he made love to my ass.

Dean is a terrific lover.

I was surprised the first time we met how fantastic he is in bed.

Having sex with a young man has all the known advantages:

  • They can cum, rest and fuck you again

  • They get hard and stay that way for a long time

  • They look fantastic (most of them)

  • Their skin is so soft

The drawback is that most of them are terrible lovers or they are merely looking for a place to dump their cum. I turn down many young guys because I can already tell they only want to shoot in my ass in 10 minutes and leave.

With him, it was different from the first time we met.

Each time we meet, it is more about kissing, touching, and even talking way before he is making love to my ass. The first time we fucked, we had coffee for an hour and chatted before we started to make out.

I remember that I was sure he is not interested in me and that because he is American, he is just being polite and stays over for coffee. I was sure, he is about to make an excuse why he must go.

After more than an hour, he put his hand on my shoulder and leaned forward to kiss me. It was so unexpected that our first kiss was horrible. Our second kiss was much better. By the time he was kissing my hole, I was already in heaven.

And yes, he loves to eat my hole. He licks my ass all over.

That's Dean.

Here's how our chat started yesterday morning. After that, Dean began to write in Hebrew.

Since he wrote "Lemme c lol", I took this photo and sent it to him:

My hard cock
My thick cock

"You are driving me crazy. Can you please send a photo of your hot hole too?"

I sent him a photo that I will include in the second part. The photo showed me, naked in doggie, at the beach.

"Theon, wow, you have no idea how much I miss you. I want to come over now."

The night before, I had a very meaningful orgasm with the help of my jacuzzi. But as you can see, I was so horny just from talking with him.

But, I don't like to get fucked so early for several reasons that I don't want to go into right now. I knew for sure that Dean wants to come over to fuck me for a long time. He did not want to sit for an hour and have coffee.

He was talking business this morning.

Business meant: making love to my ass for a long time while kissing me and my hole in between sessions.

But I could not meet him.

"Sorry I can't. I am organizing a surprise breakfast for Dor with a couple of friends. I will be back around 2, and you can have me then. I miss you too, prince."

"Oh, are you meeting again with Dor?"

I was amused.

It sounded that he was jealous.

"Are you jealous?"

"No, I'm not jealous, don't be silly. I'm only jealous of him when he prevents us from being together."

He's jealous.

That was so cute.

"Do you want us to meet when I come back?"

"You don't understand; I am so horny that it hurts. I want you so badly, I really do. I can't wait."

I had an hour before Dor was going to come over and pick me up.

"I have an hour before Dor picks me up, but I don't want us to rush to the orgasm if you know what I mean. It's up to you, cutie."

"No, I don't want us to be like that. I enjoy being with you together for a long time and not just for fucking."

Sooooo sweet, he is.

The breakfast was a tremendous success, and the fact that a few hours after that Dean's cum was all over my face was the best dessert I could hope for.

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