Are You Clean?

One of the first things that Yuri asked me before diving into my love tunnel with his tongue (and later with his fingers and massive bent Russian cock) was:

"Are you clean?"

Most tops ask me this question before sliding their cock into my smooth ass.

And my answer to them is always: "yes"

We all know that anal sex is tremendous fun.

Yet, “accidents” & “Disasters” are quite common.

Followers of my blog share with me so many horror stories. Here's one that has happened to me at the nude beach while fucking a guy:

Click to read about it: Holy Shit!

Some accidents can be funny, but most of them are outright daunting.

I have said that I will share with you how do I keep my love tunnel clean. I have never used an enema, and I have zero percent of accidents. A thick cock goes into my horny ass, fucks me, shoots its load, and goes out covered only in cum.

That is quite a claim, and I can see why so many of you have asked me for this “secret.”

Among those who have asked me were also a surprising number of women. I find it lovely that women can feel free to talk about this topic.

Well, let’s go down my tunnel of love and see how do I keep it clean while I am unable to do the same with my feet.

Let me start with the obvious: There is no secret.

Getting control of what happens inside of your ass, is something you will need to learn. Some changes in habits and life choices will need to happen.

Your ass is a sophisticated organ that can provide you with amazing orgasms, but you will need to know how to take care of it before that.

So, let us start:

Rule #1: It's about time

Train your body to go to the toilet around the same time each day.

Try to finish your poop business by noon. If you need to empty your ass each day at different times, then you can never be sure what is going on there.

By noon I have released all the waste from my ass and I'm fuckable. I know nothing is going to be there until the next morning.

Rule #2: Time to go?

Learn to detect when you need to go and when you really need to go. It’s best to wait till you really need to go (provided you are going to be close to a toilet)

When you really must go, your body will make sure everything will come out, and nothing will be left behind to embarrass you later.

Rule #3: Go, Go, Go

When you “must” go, don’t postpone it. If you do, your body will push the waste back up, and chances are the next time you will need to go, not everything will come out.

Rule #4: Don't do it

Know when not to get fucked.

After you train your body to get rid of the waste at the same time of the day, you also know that you should not get fucked before that time.

For me, since I empty my waste till noon, I know that until noon I can’t get fucked. If I do, I risk that an accident will happen.

Rule #5: Learn thy ass

I could never understand how a bottom does not know if he has waste inside. I can tell when I can’t get fucked even if it is at night and I don’t feel the need to go to the toilet.

The massive cock on right fucked me for 45 minutes and just came out of my satisfied ass.

As you can see, it is as clean as it was before making love to my ass (and about to shoot as well).

I remember when I used to fuck (many years ago) that sometimes I felt the tip of my hard cock touching dry hard poop (or worse...). That’s something that should never happen to a top.

If you train your body to get rid of waste at fixed times, chances are you will never need this sense.

Rule #6: Make it fly

Your diet plays a crucial role here.

You need to make sure your poops are solid and that when you are at the toilet, everything flies out of your ass in seconds with natural force without the need for you to push it out.

If you end up on the toilet for more than five minutes and stuff goes out like toothpaste - there is a high chance that the inside of your ass also looks like toothpaste, except brownish.

What kind of diet will ensure that?

The ideal one is vegan.

I realize that most guys will not go vegan to have an accident-proof ass. So what you can do is either lower your intake of meat and especially dairy at least two days before you plan to get fucked (if you know in advance)

If even that is hard to accomplish, then add lots and lots of dietary fiber to your food. I am not talking about using supplements. You should add whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and the like to your diet.

If your diet consists mainly of meat + white rice or potatoes and some lettuce on the side, then most likely you will have accidents unless you use an enema.

Vegan food will keep your ass clean

Rule #7: Know who's coming

Bigger and thicker cock means a higher chance of accidents.

The deeper the cock goes in, the higher the chance it will find leftovers or poop that is brewing for tomorrow.

My hard cock in bed
My cock is quite thick, so it has a bigger risk of coming out dirty

Until you master all these rules, it is probably best to keep using an enema if you know the top has a massive cock.

There is no need to worry too much about this rule.

Most guys have an average cock (that’s the meaning of “average”). The average cock will not go too deep inside.

Rule #8: Make love, not war

Getting fucked aggressively means a higher chance of accidents. I am not sure what the physical explanation for this but that’s how most accidents happen.

I don’t like to get fucked aggressively regardless of the risk of accidents. I view the act of getting fucked as lovemaking. Even when I am in doggie, I don't want to get pounded.

My ass is not a wall that needs to be broken and besides getting pounded can cause poop "accidents"

Also, if you like it rough, you risk all sorts of problems to your anus: An anal fissure is one risk, painful intercourse, bleeding or feeling pain a few days afterward are other possibilities.

Rule #9: Still not sure?

Not sure what’s going on inside your love tunnel?

Then check it out before the guy arrives.


It's very easy.

I have a 9-inch dildo (I also have smaller ones and three anal vibrators). If I am not sure or I know that a huge cock is arriving to make love to my ass, I push the dildo all the way. I fuck myself with it and take it out.

Naked in the shower and fucking myself using a dildo
Fucking myself with the dildo is also a lot of fun

If it comes out clean, I know that I am fine. It is rare for me to see it coming out dirty. I do it more to calm myself before the act of lovemaking.

If it comes out dirty, I keep fucking myself until it comes out clean.

Or, I don’t get fucked that night. If it keeps coming out dirty, I don't risk it.

Rule #10: It's just shit

Until you master all these rules and learn your ass better, accidents might happen. If you are a top and you are reading this, you know that your bottom might have accidents.

I never made a big deal out of it during the few times that I fucked and got my cock dirty.

Let's face it; sex is a "dirty" act. You don't get cleaner as a result of it, no matter the kind of sex that you do.

If worst comes to worst, don't make a huge (or small drama) out of it.

It's just shit, not a deadly virus.

Take a shower together, make it an act of bonding, and continue making love. It is probably best to avoid the dirty ass, but sex is so much more than getting fucked.


You should have patience getting control of your love tunnel and what’s going in there.

I said that there is not a real secret here. But, I can assure you, that if you follow these rules, you should be fine, eventually.

The time now in Israel is 9:30 PM. I know that my ass is empty, clean, and I can get fucked without worrying that an "accident" will happen.

As an absolute bottom, it’s a beautiful and also essential talent for my satisfying sex life.


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