Are You Clean?

One of the first things that Yuri asked me before diving into my love tunnel with his tongue (and later with his fingers and massive bent Russian cock) was:

"Are you clean?"

Most tops ask me this question before sliding their cock into my smooth ass.

And my answer to them is always: "yes"

We all know that anal sex is tremendous fun.

Yet, “accidents” & “Disasters” are quite common.

Followers of my blog share with me so many horror stories. Here's one that has happened to me at the nude beach while fucking a guy:

Click to read about it: Holy Shit!

Some accidents can be funny, but most of them are outright daunting.

I have said that I will share with you how do I keep my love tunnel clean. I have never used an enema, and I have zero percent of accidents. A thick cock goes into my horny ass, fucks me, shoots its load, and goes out covered only in cum.

That is quite a claim, and I can see why so many of you have asked me for this “secret.”

Among those who have asked me were also a surprising number of women. I find it lovely that women can feel free to talk about this topic.

Well, let’s go down my tunnel of love and see how do I keep it clean while I am unable to do the same with my feet.

Let me start with the obvious: There is no secret.

Getting control of what happens inside of your ass, is something you will need to learn. Some changes in habits and life choices will need to happen.

Your ass is a sophisticated organ that can provide you with amazing orgasms, but you will need to know how to take care of it before that.

So, let us start:

Rule #1: It's about time

Train your body to go to the toilet around the same time each day.