Are You​ Clean?

That's what the hairy muscular stud with the stunning cock asked me when his breeding tool started searching for my love hole.

I took a shower on my roof terrace before going to the beach (photo below). So, yes, I was clean...

The sea was stormy yesterday, scary even (two people have drowned).

The waves swept the beach, leaving a tiny place for people to sit.

I walked to the shallow pools. There the beach is relatively above sea level (by a feet or so, but it did make a difference).

Sadly, I was not the only one who knew about it or kept walking in the hopes of finding a dry piece of land. The delightful thing was that everyone was naked and also quite sexy.

On my right was a sexy guy, he had chest hair, but his hot ass was smooth. He stood a lot and kept going in and out of the pools. It was a delight to check him and his sweet cock out.

On my left sitting behind a rock was a hairy stud. He had facial hair, a beautifully toned body that came with a big cock and a hairy ass.

Since the hairy stud was sitting behind a rock, when he was laying down, I could not see him, only when he was sitting, I could see his head. He checked me out from time to time. So did the smooth guy.

While I was getting horny, the guy who fucked me precisely one week ago came over. I wrote about him here:

He shared with me how that day at the beach ended for him. It was quite a story. I will share that some other time.

"Well, you seem to be in luck. There are hot guys to your right and your left. Who do you prefer?"

I gave him a look that meant: "You should know me by now."

"Of course, the darker guy with the hairy ass. Plus, his cock is far more impressive."

We kissed, I played with his nuts while we did that. I love playing with man's balls. Then he left.

The hairy stud did the "Coming to check you up," walk. When he passed by me, his big thick cock was dangling between his legs.

I knew that he was interested in fucking me.

How did I know?


He tried to pat Luka.

Trying to be sweet to the bottom's dog is a great way to win his heart or at least his ass.

Sadly, Luka never cooperates when it comes to helping me getting fucked. At home, I need to lock her in a room, and at the beach, well, she growled at him.

But now I knew that he was interested, so I stood up.

"I'm sorry about that, she is not that friendly, but I am."

I noticed that his cock started to grow, and so did mine.

"Do you want to come over, I have some weed."

I came over and sat down by him. I noticed that the rock hid both of us quite well. We started smoking and kissing. I felt how the weed relaxes me and giving me that feeling that I love so much.

Before I knew it, he was on top of me, smoking, passing me the weed, and kissing me. I felt his massive hard cock pressed against mine. When I was smoking, he reached down to my love hole and played with my ass. I moaned softly and felt how I was starting to leak cum.

"Do you like to suck cock?"

Do I???

I enjoy giving head beyond words.

I love to suck a guy, play with his balls, and reach down to his crack and feel his hole. If he is open to it, I will also finger him at the same time.

Well, I knew already that he does not want my fingers in his hairy hole. But he moaned and threw his head back when I was giving him head. My hard cock was pressed against his hairy muscular thigh at that time.

"Wank me too, spit on my cock and blow me at the same time."

His cock grew some more when I started to wank him. My hand was stroking his beautiful cock while I was blowing him at the same time. Now I badly wanted him to fuck me. I kept leaking cum on his leg and moaned constantly.

I did not have to wait long.

He pulled my head up and kissed me.

"Do you want to have more fun?"

"I want to do everything possible with you. You are a lot of fun already"

"So are you."

He made me lay on my side and hugged me from behind, his hard cock pressed against my crack. Then he lit the weed again.

While I was smoking and relaxing some more, I felt his massive mushroom head playing next to the most intimate and sensitive part of my body.

"Are you clean?"

I took a shower or my roof terrace before going to the beach

"Inside for sure, but let me get the outside clean as well."

I went to the sea to wash, my hard cock pointing upwards. I noticed that the other guys were looking at me, but I was so horny that I did not care.

I knew that they couldn't see what we were doing behind that rock. But now, they could guess because they saw me wash my ass and go back.

Doggie or riding him was out of the question because the rock was not high enough to hide us in these positions.

So, I returned wet to my previous position: Him, hugging me from behind with his hot hairy legs glued to mine and his cock pressed hard against my smooth ass.

He lubed himself up and then gently rubbed lube all over my ass, my crack and finally my hole while fingering me for some time, preparing me to take his impressive breeding tool.

He started to push himself inside.

I was very relaxed not only because of the weed but also because of everything that has led us to this point:

Exchanging looks for quite some time, chatting, kissing for a long time and finally the location: getting fucked in nature always relaxes me more than anything.

"You REALLY are a lot of fun, you know that?", he whispered into my ear while his cock was almost entirely inside of me

I raised my right leg in response, so I can reach back and play with his hairy balls and with some effort also feel his extra hairy hole. But I stopped because I did not want him to shoot too quickly.

Because I was so relaxed, in no time he was sliding and in and out of my love tunnel. He was hugging me from behind; I could feel the sweat on his chest, rubbing against my back.

It felt like in a dream.

His massive cock in that position was pressing a very sensitive spot inside my ass; it made me feel like I am going to cum in any minute. I had so much cum leaking out of me.

He was a fantastic top.

He licked my neck or bit my ear while he was fucking me. Each time that he pushed his massive cock all the way, I felt that I was getting closer and closer to a fantastic orgasm.

I did not touch my cock at all. His hands playing with my nipples just made that feeling get stronger and stronger.

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer.

I groped my cum dripping cock and with a few strokes had a marvelous orgasm. I shot long, beautiful bursts of cum all over his beach blanket. He kept fucking me the entire time.

The only thing missing was me screaming, I sure wanted to.

When my cum show was over, I realized that he did not cum yet, and I mentioned that to him.

He was still buried deep inside my ass; I was starting to get soft.

"I love to fuck for a long time. I am in no hurry. I also enjoyed how my cock felt inside your ass when you shot your load. That was so intense to feel your muscles squeezing your cum."

Naturally, I was no longer horny.

But he was still very much into fucking my now, tight again ass.

I figured that asking him to get out of my ass would make me a lousy bottom.

It would have been similar to a guy shooting in my ass before I had a chance to cum and then leaving because he already had a lot of fun.

"I don't mind that you keep fucking me," I told him even though that was not 100% true, "but you better hurry, because someone might interrupt us."

That was true; I figured out that very soon, the weirdos (people "walking" on the beach), will arrive.

"I know," he said and started fucking me again and reached again to play with my nipples.

I moved his fingers because now my nipples were too sensitive. I raised my right legs instead and focused on hurrying his orgasm.

Not exactly how I raised my right legs yesterday, but close enough

An experienced bottom can make the top shoot his load very quickly if he wants to.

And at that point, I wanted him to cream my ass quickly.

I felt like returning to my place and sleeping for a while. Still, I was not going to leave before giving him an incredible orgasm the same way he took good care of me.

I played with his balls again and held his very hot cock as it kept sliding in and out of my ass. To make it even more intense for him, I also squeezed my powerful ass muscles to give his cock a good grip from inside.

Doing that combined with me holding his balls tight made him release a very loud cry and start shooting inside my ass. He was hugging me firmly and fucking hard when he had his orgasm.

Because I was focused and no longer horny, I felt each powerful cum shot hitting the inside of my love tunnel. That powerful and very manly experience has made my cock semi-hard again.

He pulled out of my ass, dragging with his cock a little river of cum. He turned me around, and we kissed again.

Then he lay down and closed his eyes, exhausted and fell asleep in no time.

He worked hard fucking me, he deserved a good sleep and so did I.

I went back to the ocean to wash and then back to my beach blanket and slept for 30 minutes or so.

Forty-five minutes before the sunset, I packed my things and started heading south. The sea was calmer, and I wanted to be alone.

As I was walking south, I saw one of my gay brothers. He was supposed to be in India. Instead, he and his big cock were here, playing with the waves.

"Theon, my prince!!! Were you the guy who got fucked there before? I should have known!"

I put down my backpack and jumped into the waves, and we kissed for a long time. Gay brothers kiss. I was so happy to see him.

Why did he come back from India?

That will the subject of my next post.

Hugs for now,


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