My anus was cheerful after it had been fucked by two guys.

I took this photo of my love hole this morning:

It's in my kitchen, and I took it while waiting for my espresso machine to warm up.

What was the special occasion?

During my morning shower, I played with my hole. There's nothing unusual about that. Since I started working from home, I take a shower every morning.

There was also nothing extraordinary about me playing with my anus and fingering myself. I do it quite often because it's so enjoyable.

What was different this morning was that I could tell that my hole was still quite loose even though seven hours had passed since two big (or more accurately, one big and one huge) cocks had poured their sweet seed into my ass.

Who were these men who'd honored my ass by letting it drink their juicy, white DNA?

The big cock belonged to my boyfriend, Felix.

And the colossal hammer belonged to Gidi. He's a 20-year-old soldier with whom I've been fucking since he was 16.

Did they both fuck my ass until the inevitable and very enjoyable "outcum"?

Not quite.

During most of the time, it was Felix who got fucked by Gidi. He fucked him with his terrific, monstrous tool for nearly 45 minutes without showing any sign of losing his erection or getting close to orgasm.

Both Felix and I were fascinated by him.

The fact that Gidi could keep his erection for so long wasn't why we were surprised. After all, he'd just turned 20.

Besides, Felix and I also have strong, robust hard-ons that last.

What was so astounding was that Gidi could retain his seed for so long.

He kept fucking Felix in every position imaginable. Gidi is a muscular guy with a beautiful, hairy body, and had no problem lifting Felix and turning his body around as if he were lifting a sack of feathers!

Here are some of the positions he used to fuck Felix's hot ass:

  • Doggie

  • Face down

  • On the side

  • Legs on his shoulders

  • Pushing Felix's legs as far as possible towards his head

  • Standing

  • and Felix also rode his cock.

Forty-five minutes of fucking with no sign of getting close to orgasm is extraordinary. If I masturbate my hard cock without stopping, I will orgasm in less than 15 minutes.

Some older men take longer to orgasm. Younger guys don’t have that problem - just the opposite! Once a young guy starts fucking me, he will usually flood my ass with semen quickly unless I prevent it with some innovative bottom's wisdom.

But that wasn't the case with Gidi.

He kept pounding Felix's hole without showing any sign that he was about to cum. I played with Gidi's balls while he was fucking Felix. It made him moan and pound Felix's sweet ass even harder, but it didn't hasten his orgasm.

Gidi was like the God of anal sex.

Wasn't I interested also in getting fucked by his dark cock?

Of course, I was!

In fact, I was the one who got fucked first.

After 30 minutes of foreplay, stripping each other, kissing and sucking both Felix and Gidi while I was on my knees, I climbed onto my bed...

...and positioned myself in doggie.

No words were spoken because they both knew what was expected of them. Felix fucked me first because his cock isn't as massive as Gidi's, and I wanted him to loosen my love hole.

Once Felix had loosened it (it took about 30 seconds), my submissive ass was ready to serve them both.

They took turns fucking me.

Each one of them made love to my ass for five minutes before letting the other guy take ownership of my hungry hole.

While getting fucked by either one of them, the other top brought his cock to me to serve it with my mouth. The feeling of two massive cocks using my two holes drove me wild, and occasionally I stopped sucking so I could scream.

However, during the fourth round, Gidi got behind Felix and began fucking him. Felix was fucking me and moaning, but when Gidi started fucking him simultaneously, his moans became yells of ecstasy.

Even though Felix's cock was buried in my love hole, I managed to think clearly.

Me, riding Felix.
Me, riding Felix.

I decided I should let Felix have Gidi's cock all for himself. I did it because Felix never complains that I don't fuck him. On the contrary, he's always attentive to my passion for getting fucked and having his seed in me.

I fucked Felix once, and you can read about it here:

I fucked my boyfriend and I liked it (but not that much)

I could fuck him again, but I'm no top since I'm submissive by nature. I can't offer Felix's hole a feeling of being used by a dominant, demanding top.

Gidi is a natural top that loves to dominate and fuck. Therefore, I decided to be generous and let Felix have Gidi's huge cock all to himself.

While Gidi was still fucking Felix, I came behind him and rubbed my hard cock on his warm hairy crack. Gidi has a perfect bubble ass adorned with fabulous gentle fur all over. I wasn't planning on fucking him, but his movements while fucking Felix kept massaging my cock.

The feeling was incredible.

His soft, sweaty fur was sending wave after wave of incredibly enjoyable pulses from my cock to my brain and feet.

Wasn't I tempted to force my cock into this marvelous tight hole?

Not really, because:

  • I knew it would make me cum very quickly.

  • Gidi's a top. So, it wasn't even an option.

While Gidi was fucking Felix for 45 minutes, both of them asked numerous times if I wanted to get fucked. Gidi was so cute; he said: "Anytime you want my cock, just let me know."

Felix was also sweet because he managed to utter while his ass was being pounded: "Honey, you can have his cock if you desire."

Felix is the nicest, sweetest guy ever!

I wanted Gidi's cock badly.

After all, he's been fucking me for the last four years, so I know how amazing his hammer feels in my ass. By the way, I was his first bottom, and he fondly reminds me of that. He had many first-time experiences thanks to me, but that's a topic for another blog post.

Hearing Felix's screams and observing Gidi's dark skin glued to Felix's white body was so damn hot.

I enjoyed seeing my man getting fucked so beautifully.

What did I do during these 45 minutes?

I wasn't bored at all.

  • I sucked or masturbated Felix's cock.

  • I played with Felix's large balls or licked them but not too often because I knew it would make him cum quickly.

  • I held the base of Gidi's incredible breeding tool as it was going in and out of Felix's wide-open hole.

  • I passionately kissed each of them.

  • While Felix was in doggie, he fucked me simultaneously.

  • The best and most memorable part was sitting on Gidi's face, letting him eat my love hole while Felix was riding his huge cock. We were kissing and screaming together while Gidi was making love to our holes at the same time.

  • I played with Gidi's balls or licked his anus while he was fucking Felix. Licking his hairy hole was especially hot because his ass was going up and down while he was pounding Felix's ass. With each movement, he pressed his love hole to my open mouth. Each time my tongue found his anus or balls, Gidi yelled and intensified his pounding, which resulted in Felix screaming even louder.

There was another reason I willingly gave up on Gidi's hammer during our lovemaking. I wanted to have the final prize all to myself.

After 45 minutes, Gidi finally said: "I'm getting close."

Then it was my time to claim my prize.

"Honey,' I told Felix, "I want you to fuck my ass until you breed me, and then I want Gidi to fuck me and do the same."

I positioned myself in doggie again, held the bed frame, and offered my love hole in anticipation. The incredible feeling of Felix's tool sliding deep inside my tunnel of love made me raise my voice aloud.

We were back where we'd been over an hour before. Felix was pounding my ass while Gidi was fucking him at the same time. Three horny, sweaty bodies, moving in rhythm. No words were spoken because we were like wild animals: Gidi was moaning, Felix shouting, and I kept screaming.

I can always tell when Felix's cock is about to cum because his cock thickens minutes before the eruption.

However, this time his cock thickened more than ever.

Felix's cock after he fucked me in my roof-top jacuzzi
Felix's cock after he'd fucked me in my roof-top jacuzzi

It was because Gidi had intensified his thrusts while Felix was about to cream my ass. Felix is not a screamer, but this time he screamed as loud as I do when I shoot my seed.

After it was over, Felix pulled out of my cum-leaking smooth hole, and Gidi shoved his metal pole deep inside me with one forceful thrust, which made me scream again. It forced my ass to adjust to his terrific cock, which was much thicker and longer than Felix's.

"Theon, There's so much semen in your ass", Gidi said, "it's lubing my cock, oh my God! it's the best feeling ever!"

"Have you never fucked an ass full of cum?"

"No, never!"

Sweet, I thought to myself. I can still offer my soldier new adventures after all these years.

Felix went behind Gidi and started playing with both our balls to intensify our pleasure. The feeling of Gidi's cock fucking my cum-loaded hole while Felix was playing with my cum-loaded testicles made me scream and yell and forget who I was and what my name was!

When Gidi stopped fucking and pushed me down, I knew that he was about to cream my ass.

That's his preferred position for emptying his balls into my ass. I know it because I have enjoyed his cock so many times.

Gidi placed his warm, big hands on my sweaty ass cheeks, caressing them while moving slowly in and out of my nearly exhausted ass. I moaned softly in expectation because I knew what was about to happen.

He began thrusting faster and faster until he was going in and out of my ass at an incredible speed while yelling at the same time. I screamed as well, and very shortly after, I felt intense bursts of cum shots flooding my ass. I closed my eyes because I wanted to focus on this fantastic moment, which seemed to have lasted forever.

It nearly made me cum without touching myself.

On feeling Gidi's cock releasing control of my ass, I made a final cry. Gidi laid on his back next to Felix. Both of them seemed exhausted.

"Guys, do you know what's next on the agenda?" I asked them.

"Yes, we do; bring it on!" they replied.

I masturbated while playing with either Felix's or Gidi's cock. Felix's cock was already soft and leaking final drops of sweet vegan cum, but Gidi's was still hard.

I milked his hard cock for a lovely sample of cum with which to lube my cock. Not that I needed any, there was plenty of love juices leaking out of my open hole, and I rubbed it all over my body, tasted it, or used it as lube.

I watched Gidi and Felix gently kissing each other. It was so hot. I played with their cocks, my love hole, nipples, and balls while masturbating.

As much as I wanted to postpone my orgasm, I lost the battle in less than five minutes. I felt it approaching and started screaming two minutes or so before the actual powerful cum shots erupted from my cock.

I created an ocean of cum on their bodies.

During sex my orgasms are far stronger
During sex my orgasms are far stronger

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When it was over, I heard them laughing.

"What are you laughing about?" I asked.

"You're such a terrific bottom and a stud at the same time. You shot so much cum; it's everywhere!"

I laid on top of Gidi, kissed him, and rubbed my cum all over my upper body. I could taste my hot cum on his lips. Then I did the same to Felix; there was even more cum on him.

"The winner takes it all!" I announced, "because I've rubbed my cum on my body, and I still have the cum of both of you in my ass."

"We're not going to compete with you," Gidi laughed. "We know how much you love cum."

In addition, I also love eating cum
In addition, I also love eating cum

I laid on my back between my amazing lovers, and we kept kissing each other gently until my cum nearly dried, and we suddenly felt chilly.

Gidi and I always shower together after we make love. This time, the three of us went to my spacious shower. When I renovated my apartment, it was essential for me to have a roomy shower for exactly such happy occasions.

The shower has two big shower waterfalls and is large enough for five people.

One of the waterfalls
One of the waterfalls

We kissed and soaped each other.

Felix devoted a few minutes to soaping Gidi's (still massive) cock and (surprisingly relatively small) hairy balls before leaving the two of us.

I leaned against the side of the shower.

That was enough for Gidi to understand what I was asking for.

He soaped not only my ass but also my balls, cock, legs, and back. Finally, he fingered my love hole gently while I softly moaned. It was such a sweet gesture from him. It was his way of saying, "thank you for giving me the most intense pleasure a man can give to another man."

After we'd dried out, we went back to bed. Felix was wearing underwear, and I was naked (I always sleep naked).

Gidi surprised us.

We thought Gidi would dress and leave, but he returned to bed, naked.

I moved a bit so he could comfortably lie between us. My large bed could easily accommodate four people fucking, so there was no shortage of space. Felix fell asleep almost immediately, but I kept talking with Gidi while gently playing with his sweet balls and hairy chest.

He serves in the same infantry division that I was in many years ago. Unlike him, I was in a special forces elite unit. Gidi is stationed in one of the three brigades. We talked about it for a while and about his plans to become an officer.

It didn't take us a long time to fall asleep.

Just before I closed my eyes, I'd turned around, offering my ass to Gidi.

I love falling asleep when a strong guy hugs me
I love falling asleep when a strong guy hugs me

He happily hugged me from behind.

The feeling of his hairy, hot legs in between mine was incredible. I sensed his thick cock and soft bush pressed against my smooth crack. The sensation made me feel so secure and relaxed.

Nicer still was his right arm that hugged and rested on my pecs. Occasionally, he softly kissed the back of my head.

After 30 minutes of dozing, I felt his cock hardening, and I pressed my ass to it, which gave it an instant erection.

"Theon, what are you doing?"

"Just teasing you. I think your cock wants to revisit my ass. I'm still loose; you could go right in, even without lube."

Gidi hugged me firmly and pressed the tip of his cock to my love hole. My cock was also hard. I began to feel Gidi's hard cock forcing its way into my body.

"I want your ass so much, sexy," he whispered, "But I need to return to my army base early tomorrow."

It was probably a good idea that he didn't pounded my ass again.

It always takes him a long time to climax.

He'd probably have needed an hour of fucking my ass before he was ready to load it again with cum. I love getting fucked, and my ass is in top shape. However, my hole is in such a healthy, fuckable state because I make sure not to abuse it.

Another hour of getting fucked by Gidi's massive cock would probably have meant a soar love hole for a few days or worse. It wasn't worth it.

Gidi got out of bed and dressed. I watched his hot body getting covered with a few layers of clothing. It was a cold night.

I put on a coat and escorted him to the door. We kissed, and he grabbed my smooth ass one last time before leaving.

It was so sweet of him.

After he’d left, I finished my joint while thinking of how he'd fucked me for the first time four years ago. I'm so happy that we're still in touch because he's not only a fantastic lover but also a terrific guy.

I took a last shot of my cock before crawling back to bed next to Felix and collapsing.

A very satisfied and happy cock
A very satisfied and happy cock

Five hours after Gidi's hard cock had been eager to fuck me for the second time, I was in a Zoom meeting with my boss and four of my colleagues.

"So, how was your weekend?" asked my boss.

I was half stoned, my love hole loose and aroused, my balls were still empty. I thought about telling them why my anus was so happy that morning.

The thought made me smile.

But I didn't share with them the reason for smiling.

Such details are better left for my blog readers!

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