​Anal-og vs. Digital

The digital age has made it much easier to find someone to have sex with. Compared to the era before the Internet, I would have wasted so much time to find someone to make love to my ass.

Is this statement conventional wisdom?

Indeed, but conventional wisdom is not always right.

I believe that being nostalgic is the first sign of getting older. It is not the first white hair that you discover on your head. It is the mindset that changes inside your head.

Saying things were better when you were a child/teenager/young is rarely true. However, older people will usually think that way.

I am not nostalgic.

When I grew up, I would play in the street. I would spend most of my time outdoors. My nephews spend most of their time indoors with their iPads.

Was my "childhood/growing up" better?

No, it was different.

Here is a photo of me as a young bottom. I was 17.5 an a half and already have had a year and half experience of being a bottom.

Me, as a young bottom. I was 17.5

However, as far as gay sex, I am starting to be nostalgic.

Indeed, we have dating apps like Grindr. A better name for this kind of apps would be “Finding cock” apps. But are we spending less time on these apps than we did before when we wanted to have a hard cock pressed hard against our bodies?

I don’t think so.

Take yesterday, for example.

I was working from home, and I kept Grindr open. I thought it’d be helpful during my lunch break to have someone come over and cum in my ass. I did not want a lengthy fuck session because I had work to do. But a 1 hour of lovemaking to my ass sounded just about right.

On Monday, I go to the beach, and most times, that is where I have sex, once or twice. But it was too cold for that.

I tried reaching out to my fuck bodies, but all of them were either in the army or working or did not respond.

So, I was left at the mercy of the Grindr guys. Here is a sample list of the talks I have had there.

1) A very hot guy sent me a photo of him in doggie. He had a fantastic hairy ass. However, he did not bother to read my profile. I wrote in my profile that I am a bottom and I am not interested in fucking

2) A top from Tel Aviv sent me photos of his body and face. He was cute, and the picture of his hard cock made my hole drool. However, he said that he would not drive to my place. I could not go to his because that would have meant taking too much time off from work

3) Another guy sent me a photo of his huge hard cock. That’s it, just his hard cock peeking from his underwear and his hairy right leg.

“Does this beautiful cock also have a face and a body?” - I asked

“First, you should send over photos of yourself naked, including your hole, and then I will send my face.”

I responded: “This is not a negotiation; you can already see five photos of my face and my body.”

I have never heard back from him.

4) A guy sent me photos of his face. When I asked to see pictures of his body as well, he responded: “I can’t send you photos of my body now because I am in the car, and there are people around.”


5) A guy sent me photos of his body and his cock. Both were nice, but his face was cut off. I asked to see pictures of his face.

“I am married, I don’t send photos that show my face.”

6) Another guy sent me photos of his body, cock, and face. YOOHOO. Finally, a match. He was cute, and I thought that I have finally found someone to give my ass some loving.

When I expressed my desire to feel his thick cock in my ass, he wrote:

“I don’t like to penetrate; I prefer that we give each other blowjobs.”

7) A 23 years old guy sent me a photo of his amazing cock. His cock was red, thick, hard, and massive.

I asked him: “Do you also have photos of your face and your body?”

I am still waiting for his answer.

8) There were many more like those above, so I don’t want to repeat myself. But this guy was the worse. He sent me this message:

“Maybe I will come in one hour to fuck your ass, and then I will leave.
Is it possible?
No kissing or blowjobs
I want to shove my cock in your ass, fuck you hard, cum in your hole and then leave.”

My response?

“No, it’s not possible. I suggest you find a whore.”

The last one was so horrific that I sent a screenshot to one of my female friends. She is single, and we exchange horror stories of sex dates gone wrong.

“Look how romantic this guy is”

“Theon, are you looking for romance on Grindr? Who are you fooling? you are looking for someone to shoot cum in your ass.”

She was right, but also so wrong.

“When you have a sex date, do you raise your legs, a guy cums in your cunt, and then leaves you without saying a word? Who are you fooling? You would never let anyone do that to you.”

“I’m sorry, babe, I am having a bad day. Of course, you are right. This guy is so gross.”

Looking back at my wasted Grindr day, I finally realized why I like having sex at the beach so much. It’s more than the obvious, that is, sex outdoors and all that.

It’s like we used to have sex in the old days, before the Internet and apps like Grindr.

We got to see the guy before, to talk to him. We could enjoy a tango of looks and quick touching. We connected with his mind before we sucked the cum out of his balls.

It is true that at the beach, the potential lover and I both are naked.

But this does not take away the mind game of courting. In some ways, it enhances it. It is because I have so much lust to touch the guy’s cock, and yet I need to focus on talking with him instead. The same goes for him as well. He desires to caress my ass and play with my love hole, but it takes time and effort before that happens.

There are times when I have quick sex at the beach, but most times, it is like I described above.

That Anal-og type of anal sex is so much more enjoyable than finding a digital cock.

Perhaps I am getting older, after all.

I have become nostalgic. 😱

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