An Unpleasant​ Surprise

This photo is from hiking on Saturday. I am about to enter a human-made underground tunnel.

I wrote about a bit in my blog:


In the next photo, I was inside the tunnel tunnel that leads underground to where spring water comes out of the rock.

I had a flashlight.

One last look before going further down

Going underground with only the ice-cold water at my feet was an exciting adventure.

What was less exciting was what was waiting for me inside.

The tunnel ended with a wall and a human-made cave above it. From that cave that water comes out of the rock.

I was too afraid to climb up because it was so dark. Instead, I used the flashlight to try and take a peek.

There, inside, there were plastic bottles.

I am without words.

Someone, or some people, made all this way to the bottom of the earth and left behind their garbage

This goes beyond being vegan or not. Such acts are being utterly selfish and barbaric.

What is the solution to such crimes?

Eduction and strict laws against leaving garbage behind. Harsh penalties (including jail) to those who insist on destroying our planet in such a careless fashion