Is it possible to be in love and let others fuck you as well?

"I live alone, but I have a boyfriend. It's an open relationship."

I knew this was what cute Aviv was really asking me about when he questioned if I live alone. By the way, "Aviv" in Hebrew means "spring."

"Oh, I see," he responded.

From his expression, I knew that Aviv still wasn't sure what an open relationship means.

Until two years ago, Aviv was married. He always knew that he liked guys (preferably naked, and preferably with a smooth ass), but he never did anything about his secret desires.

"It's not that complicated," I explained, "My boyfriend doesn't mind if other guys fuck me, and I don't mind if he fucks others."

Here's an example of a cock from the beach (the left one) that fucked me recently:

Two cocks
The left cock was about to enter my ass

"It doesn't make sense to me. How can you go back to your boyfriend after another guy has fucked you? Doesn’t he mind?"

I'm familiar with this kind of response.

Usually, the question that follows is whether Felix also fucks me. Most guys assume that we have an open relationship because we don't fuck, and we need some way to calm our sexual desires.

Oh, we certainly fuck.

Here's how Felix and I sounded when he started taking care of my love hole last night after I'd asked him to lube it.

Our first lovemaking position was with my legs on Felix's broad shoulders. He slid his massive cock inside me after I'd serviced it with my mouth for a long time.

I usually don't discuss with him, who fucks me and where. Nor am I also not interested in what happens in his own apartment. Sometimes, I tease him and ask him to swear that he's never fucked a better ass than mine. But, that's just teasing, nothing more.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I get fucked at the nudist beach a lot during this time of the year.

I go there four times a week.

So when do I ever get a chance to offer my ass to my beloved boyfriend?

We work very hard during the week.

This is even more so because of CV-19. Nevertheless, we meet at my place at least once during the working week, usually on Tuesdays. I call it our date night. We spend the whole afternoon together, followed by a romantic dinner and often wild sex afterward.

I usually fall asleep in Felix's massive muscular arms after he loaded my ass with his love.

Besides that, we always spend our weekends together.

This Saturday morning, while I was washing the dishes after our home-made vegan breakfast, I talked with Felix a bit about Aviv. I also mentioned other guys who have shown skepticism about our relationship.

"What's that, cute-butt?" Felix laughed, grabbing my ass, "Grrr, you look so sexy in those jocks. I could fuck you again right now."

I removed Felix's horny fingers from my crack.

"Be serious, what do you think about what Aviv said?"

Felix's turned me around and kissed me for a long time. This time his fingers found their way to my love hole, and I was too busy enjoying my cock getting hard to object to his gentle fingers, massaging it.

So how did I get to be sitting next to Aviv when he asked me about my relationship?

It all started two days ago at the nudist beach.

The beach was quite empty.

I didn't mind, since I'd already given up any hope of getting fucked. It wasn't such a big deal. I'd had sex at the beach five times already this week, as well as with Felix on Tuesday. I was looking forward to Felix making love to my ass this weekend.

In other words, I thought that my hole could do with a day off.

When the sun was beginning its inevitable descent into the sea, things started to heat up.

First, a lovely Muslim couple passed and were standing close to me. They seemed to be in love and horny. The top was hugging his boyfriend from behind. It was such a beautiful sight. Both of them were hairy, and while they weren't my type, I still thought they looked very sexy together.

When they tried taking selfies, I offered my help. They were so cute and I wanted to examine their hard cocks from a much closer.

I took several photos of them hugging & kissing. And taking a side view of them was such a lovely opportunity to see their hard cocks pressed against each other.

Then the top offered to take my photo. I agreed and put on my speedo so I can post it on Instagram. He took about ten pictures.

Some came out OK

This photo shows Aviv approaching from the south. At that moment, I still didn't know that two hours later, he would feel my ass and then fill it with a sea of cum.

After 10 minutes, Aviv got to my location, and I knew he was checking me out. He looked so cute in his baseball cap and boyish face. He noticed that the Muslim couple had started fucking, and I'd noticed his puzzled expression.

"Ahhh," I thought to myself, "This must be his first time at the beach if he is so surprised to see a couple fucking out in the open."

It was indeed beautiful to see them fucking.

I got horny from watching the top pounding the bottom's hairy ass. They were standing some 100 feet from me, and I could see everything. They saw me watching them, but didn't mind, or perhaps, they enjoyed me watching their lovemaking.

I suddenly felt the need to get fucked.

I started masturbating and turned around, spreading my ass cheeks. I wanted them to realize that my ass would be glad to join the party.

But they weren't interested.

Was I hurt or mad?

Not at all. That's the number one rule at this nudist beach: No Drama!!!

The sight of them fucking passionately kept my cock rock hard. I didn't want to shoot my load while watching them. Instead, I watched and tried to memorize everything so I could fantasize about it later when I masturbated.

The top took his beautiful cock out of his lover's hairy ass and waited for a few minutes before pushing it back. I knew why he did that. He was trying to postpone his orgasm.

But he couldn't do it for much longer.

Two minutes later, his thrusts became more profound, and I heard him yell when he dumped his seed inside that beautiful hairy ass. He kept fucking his lover until the latter also emptied his balls.

Just like Felix and I did last night:

Felix fucked me doggie-style for quite some time. Finally, we both screamed as I felt his gift powerfully shooting deep into my ass. He shouted because of his orgasm; I screamed from the excitement of his cum shots.

When his orgasm was over, he kept fucking me until I also shot my load (That recording is further down).

The couple took a short dip to clean, and then came back towards me, naked and smiling. Their cocks were still quite large. The top kept squeezing his cock to remove the remnants of his seed.

"Do you want another photo?" I asked them.


Now their posture was much more relaxed. After I'd taken several photos, the top took my picture as well.

This time it came out much better:

Five minutes after he'd taken this photo, the sun was about to set, and Aviv returned. He passed me, looking even cuter than before. Once again, I knew he was checking me out even though he hardly looked at my body.

I decided to tease him to convince him to make eye contact if not with my face, then at least with my horny ass.

I took off my speedo, went in the sea, and spread my legs.