Is it possible to be in love and let others fuck you as well?

"I live alone, but I have a boyfriend. It's an open relationship."

I knew this was what cute Aviv was really asking me about when he questioned if I live alone. By the way, "Aviv" in Hebrew means "spring."

"Oh, I see," he responded.

From his expression, I knew that Aviv still wasn't sure what an open relationship means.

Until two years ago, Aviv was married. He always knew that he liked guys (preferably naked, and preferably with a smooth ass), but he never did anything about his secret desires.

"It's not that complicated," I explained, "My boyfriend doesn't mind if other guys fuck me, and I don't mind if he fucks others."

Here's an example of a cock from the beach (the left one) that fucked me recently:

Two cocks
The left cock was about to enter my ass

"It doesn't make sense to me. How can you go back to your boyfriend after another guy has fucked you? Doesn’t he mind?"

I'm familiar with this kind of response.

Usually, the question that follows is whether Felix also fucks me. Most guys assume that we have an open relationship because we don't fuck, and we need some way to calm our sexual desires.

Oh, we certainly fuck.

Here's how Felix and I sounded when he started taking care of my love hole last night after I'd asked him to lube it.

Our first lovemaking position was with my legs on Felix's broad shoulders. He slid his massive cock inside me after I'd serviced it with my mouth for a long time.

I usually don't discuss with him, who fucks me and where. Nor am I also not interested in what happens in his own apartment. Sometimes, I tease him and ask him to swear that he's never fucked a better ass than mine. But, that's just teasing, nothing more.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I get fucked at the nudist beach a lot during this time of the year.

I go there four times a week.

Naked at the beach