An Obedient Doggie

"How is your ass?"

"Smooth, professional, and fuckable."

I woke up today at 6:50 AM, and shortly after, I got a message on Grindr from a 26 years old muscular hairy guy.

"Come over here, and I'll give you my cum to start your day."

I checked his profile; he was 10 miles away from me. Ten miles is quite a lot in Israel. Think 20, or even 30 miles compared to the States.

"Sorry, stud, you are too far away."

I reached to my naked ass and played with my smooth love hole, remembering the beautiful man who bred me yesterday at the beach. It felt good to massage my hole and remember that powerful fuck.

I was still not horny enough to let anyone fuck me again. At least not while I could still feel the thick cock of the guy from yesterday pounding me if I closed my eyes.