An Obedient Doggie

"How is your ass?"

"Smooth, professional, and fuckable."

I woke up today at 6:50 AM, and shortly after, I got a message on Grindr from a 26 years old muscular hairy guy.

"Come over here, and I'll give you my cum to start your day."

I checked his profile; he was 10 miles away from me. Ten miles is quite a lot in Israel. Think 20, or even 30 miles compared to the States.

"Sorry, stud, you are too far away."

I reached to my naked ass and played with my smooth love hole, remembering the beautiful man who bred me yesterday at the beach. It felt good to massage my hole and remember that powerful fuck.

I was still not horny enough to let anyone fuck me again. At least not while I could still feel the thick cock of the guy from yesterday pounding me if I closed my eyes.

So perhaps I still did not feel fuckable.

How did it all start?

By 5 PM yesterday, the beach was deserted. Even before that, I had minimal hopes that anything will happen. I knew that most likely, I will be alone at the beach.

It was lovely, though.

Even though it was cloudy, there was no wind, and it was warm.

Though by 5 PM I was alone, an hour before that, hundreds of people saw my ass. It was a group of people coming from the nearby town to clean the beach. Usually, I could not care less about strangers seeing me naked, but these people came to clean the beach, and I assumed they might not feel comfortable with seeing my cock.

I put my jocks on.

I was glad when they were all gone, and I could get naked again. They probably drove away everyone at the beach. I thought to myself that they obviously ruined the sex plans for every horny guy.

I was horny and did stay.

Since David fucked during the hike in the mountains leading to Jerusalem on Monday, I had no sex. I went back to work after four weeks of the Jewish high holidays and had very little time for anything.

You can read more about our lovemaking in the mountains here:

But yesterday I badly wanted to feel someone use my ass in any way he pleases. I wanted a guy to fuck me hard and breed me. I was that horny.

Lucky for me, I found one.

First came the guy who stole my orgasm about two weeks ago. When I saw him coming, I got angry again. I remembered what an idiot he is.

I wrote about how he robbed me of my orgasm here:

I was taking a photo of the beautiful clouds when he showed up.

He smiled at me just like the last time. I ignored him; I did not even look at him.

"If you want, I can take photos of you."

What kind of an idiot does he think that I am, or actually what kind of an idiot he is? Does he believe that even if I give him my camera, I will also give him my ass as a returned favor?

"I'm doing good; I don't need any help."

He kept on walking north.

Shortly after, came a woman with her dog. A guy with his dog was walking not too far away. The two dogs were playing. I assumed they were a couple. She kept walking and then he reached me.

He was beautiful and looked very different than your average guy that walks on the beach.

How so?

He was dressed as if he walks on a beach in LA (at least that's what my idea of LA is). Instead of wearing rags as I do (when I am not naked), he wore stylish clothes.

He wore beautiful beach pants, something similar to that, but more white and blue:

and he had a matching buttoned short shirt to go along with it. He was walking barefoot.

He was lean and tall. His matching hairstyle and beautiful smile completed the picture. To me, it looked as if he stepped out of a fashion catalog. He was either in his late thirties or early forties.

We started talking. I was confident that he is not interested in me.

To begin with, I thought he was married to that woman that passed me. When he told me that he was not, I still thought he was just polite. I am so bad when it comes to realizing when a guy is attracted to me.

I should have been thinking: Why else would he stop next to a naked guy at a deserted beach unless he was interested in fucking him?

He told me that he lives in the upscale beach community that is to the south of the nude beach. That explains the fancy clothes, I thought to myself. I liked the fact that his shirt was not buttoned all the way so I could see a bit of his hairy chest.

Suddenly I wanted to see him naked, even if nothing happens. I saw only two other guys naked that afternoon. God or someone must have heard my desire because, in 5 minutes, he was naked.

His dog ran off, and he was eating garbage.

"You better call your dog; he is eating trash."

He tried calling his dog, but the pup ignored him.

"I'll try running; maybe he will come over."

And then he unbuttoned his shirt, and drop it to the sand, then he took off his pants and underwear (tight black short boxers), and there he was, naked.

My heart was racing.

He was such a beautiful man.

He was not toned or muscular. He was merely tall, lean and hairy. His long hairy legs were beautiful, and between them was a big thick cock with lots of pubic hair.

I was starting to get hard.

He turned around and ran north. His ass was round and muscular and with lovely fur on it. I watched him run, and now I was almost convinced that he was interested in me.

There was only one way to find out.

When he came back to me (and so did his dog), I told him:

"You are so sexy and you have such a beautiful cock."

He was starting to get hard.

"You are too and so is yours, but I was mostly attracted to your beautiful ass."

When he said that, I got hard as can be, and got closer to him. We hugged and kissed for a long time. It was good to feel my cock pressed against his hairy stomach and close to his massive manhood. His body was so warm and hairy; I softly moaned when I was playing with his warm nuts while we were hugging. I kept thinking of all the cum stored there for me. He held my ass and was playing with my smooth love hole; I loudly moaned when he did that.

I broke away from his hug and looked at his massive cock. Damn, what a fantastic manhood he had.

He noticed how I was droolling over his cock.

"What are you waiting for? Get down on your knees and serve it."

He made a valid point. What WAS I waiting for?

I dropped to my knees, and he started fucking my mouth. He became a very dominant top while he was doing so.

He held my head with force and pressed my mouth to his balls: "Lick my balls, slut."

I kept rubbing my cock and licked his balls with great desire.

He pulled my head back and slapped me with his massive cock.

"You want it? Do you need my cock? are you a slut bottom?"

It's been a while since I role-played with a guy. I'm not a big fan of the whole master/slave scene. But this was hot and just the right amount of dominance that I liked.

"Yes, yes and yes, I want your cock, I need you to fuck my ass, I want you to breed me."

"oh, I am going to, but first suck my cock some more."

He held my head very strong and fucked my mouth hard. When I tried to play with his ass, he pushed my hand down. It was a shame since I wanted to feel his hairy love hole as well.

He took his cock out of my mouth and slapped me with it.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, please fuck my hole."


"fuck my hole, hard."


I yelled

"Fuck me, please, fuck me hard."

He forcefully slapped me with his thick cock.

"You are a good slut bottom, maybe I will fuck you. Go get the lube and the condoms, and wait for me in doggie."

"I'm on prep."

"So You can take cum in your cunt, even better"

I did as he said, but I was worried that he would use force to push his enormous cock inside. His cock was massive; I knew that it would hurt a lot if he tries doing that

While I was waiting in doggie, he was lubing my hole and himself and spanking me. I had to stoped moaning so I could tell him:

"Please push your cock slowly inside. You will have no problem fucking me after you are deep inside my ass, but do that part slowly."

"Quiet, I know how to fuck a tight hole like yours."

He spread my ass cheeks to take a closer look at my hole.

"That is an awesome cunt you are hiding between your beautiful cheeks. Now raise your ass."

I did, and he spat on my hole and spanked me. He did that a few times.

"Ready to be fucked, slut?"

"Yes, fuck my tight hole"

He certainly knew how to fuck a tight hole.

When I felt his massive mushroom pushing its way in, I moaned loudly. Inch after inch, he slowly but forcefully pushed his cock in. He stopped halfway through to let me get used to it. Then he spat on his cock and pushed in the other half. I could feel my love tunnel first stretching and then tightening on his massive cock with a warm hug.

"Fuck, that feels so good, such a hot cunt."

He started to fuck me slowly.

He was forceful but gentle. He held my ass cheeks firm and pushed his cock with force each time all the way. He would pull his cock almost out, leaving his big mushroom inside, then sliding the cock back in.

Each time he did that, I was moaning loudly, and each time, my moans got louder and with a higher pitch.

"Yeah, moan like a woman, take my cock."

It was beautiful, the way he was dancing in and out of my horny hole. The only thing nearly as appealing was the way the sun and the clouds were dancing as the day was coming to an end.

After he did that for about five times, I was ready for some hard fucking, and he knew it. He started pounding my ass, spanking me. No more words were spoken, he just fucked me like a stud, and we were both moaning. Well, he was moaning; I was yelling.

I saw from a distance that the orgasm thief was coming back.

I was not going to stop this awesome fuck because of him unless he tried to interfere. But he did not, I was so concentrated on getting fucked and serving this stud with my ass, that I forgot about him. When I looked again, I did not see him, and I assumed that he was gone.

My stud pulled his cock out and spanked my ass with it.

"Your cunt is amazing, do you want my cum?"

"Yeah, breed me."

"I did not hear your"

I shouted:

"Fuck me hard and cum inside."

He placed his mushroom next to my open hole, teasing me and making me beg for his cock with my ass. Then, with one forceful stroke, he pushed his cock in. I screamed, and a small shot of cum fired from my cock.

He started to fuck me slowly.

"I want to feel you cum first while I am fucking you, then I will give your cunt my gift."

It was so intense.

I felt his massive cock going in and out of my ass. Each time he went in, he would spank my right ass cheek, thus intensifying my pleasure. I felt the cum buildup. It started with my toes, climbed up my legs, dived into my ass, and then started climbing up my spine.

I started raising my voice; then I yelled when I felt that I was about to shoot. When he heard me yelling, he started thrusting faster and stronger inside my ass. I started screaming and felt an explosion that started in my prostate and felt as if my whole body was one giant cock shooting a massive load.

I heard him yell as well, and then he fucked me very fast. I reached below to hold his big hairy balls. That made him scream, and I felt an extensive amount of cum filling my ass. He kept thrusting his cock long after I stopped feeling the cum shots inside of me.

He took his cock out, slapped my ass with it, then he pushed his cock back in. He did it a few more times; next, he gave my ass some final spanking.

Then I heard another guy yelling. I turned my head, and there he was. The orgasm thief, shooting his load while looking at us. He was a shooter and had massive amounts of cum as well. It was kind of him to watch from behind and not interfere.

I washed in the ocean. He dumped so much cum in me, WOW!

The water was cold and it helped tighten my hole almost as if I was not fucked so beautifully only seconds ago.

When I got out, he was already dressed in his fancy clothes, and his dog was again away, eating trash.

He hugged me, and we kissed gently, He was holding my cold wet ass cheeks with his warm hands the entire time,

I pointed at his dog: "Your dog is not very obedient."

He spanked both my ass cheeks then held them again forcefully.

"But you certainly were"

I watched him walk away. I still had 5 minutes till sunset. I took this photo to remember this awesome beach fuck

Tomorrow daylight savings begins, and the beach season will be officially over.

This last fuck was a fantastic way to end such an incredible summer.


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