An Ideal Husband

They say a man can't escape his past.

It is one of the many wise sentences that I remember from the brilliant movie "An Ideal Husband."

"Even you're not rich enough to buy back your past."

What am I trying to hide?


I am very proud of most of my past. If there are things that I am not proud of (like not being vegan most of my life), I amend my behavior and repent.

There are no skeletons in my closet; you are more than welcome to look inside. But I suggest you take a look inside my ass instead (using your cock please).

However, both me and Felix (the guy I am seriously dating) have a sexual past. We also have a sexual present since we both don't believe in monogamy.

Some of our past/present came to haunt me today in the most unfashionable fashion.

I was working out, naked as usual this afternoon when I received the oddest message on Atraf (the Israeli Grindr)

"I've heard you are dating Felix, is that true?"

I checked the guy's profile.

He had only one public photo, showing his torso without his head. He seemed vaguely familiar. Looking back, I think he fucked me two years ago, but I am not sure.

"I am dating Felix, and who are you? I don't remember people just by looking at their bodies."

He ignored my question.

"What is his nickname these days?"

His behavior was just unbelievable.

This guy was obviously into having sex with Felix.

He could be his fuck buddy, or maybe he suddenly wants to date him as well. Who knows? In any case, how egotistic could he have been to ask me for Felix's nickname?

I don't give a damn who Felix fucks when he is not fucking me. But this was just insane.

"I don't know," I lied, "I don't talk with him using this Application, I talk with him in person, preferably when he is naked with me."

"OK" - was his response.

"You did not answer my first question," I told him.

"That's because you're a smart ass, and I don't like it."

Well, well, someone here is suffering from jealousy issues, I thought to myself.

Consequently, I blocked him.

What a creep!

I finished my workout and took a shower. I kept thinking to myself the entire time that some people have no shame, absolutely none.

My naked body after I took a shower
I have shame, that's why I am hiding my cock 😅

I chatted with Felix afterward and told him about the whole incident. Because I blocked this guy, I could not send him his details.

Felix laughed.

"I have no idea who he is, Theon; I hope you are not upset."

I wasn't.

"Look," I told him, "You know that I don't care who you fuck as long as my horny ass gets a priority. But, maybe you should pick guys that are less plebeian."

After I said it, I regretted it. Maybe I was somewhat upset.

"You mean like the plumber that fucked you at the beach? I read that story in your blog a few months ago."

I deserved his temper.

"I'm sorry, Felix, I was out of line."

I guess I was agitated because this creep was not the first one that was either stupid or rude towards me today on Grinder (or Atraf).

When I started my day, I was in a great mood because the sun rises much earlier.

I took a shower upstairs and enjoyed starting my day by emptying my balls in my rooftop jacuzzi. Afterward, I felt so relaxed and warm. I enjoyed letting the first rays of the day try to warm my body.

I felt so alive.

I guess that because I was relaxed and not so horny today, I got disturbed by these rude people.

One guy that looked like a model started the conversation with me with a simple demand:

"Send ass."

Most likely because he looks like a model, he thinks that he can treat people like garbage.

I ignored him.

The other weird guy started chatting with me with this message:

"Who the fuck do you think you are that you are telling people what they are allowed to eat? You will even not allow them to eat fish?"

He was referring to the sentence in my profile that states:

"I am only interested in meeting vegans/vegetarians. If you eat meat or fish, then it is not going to work out between us."

I responded immediately:

"Are you for real? It is my right to decide who do I allow to enter my ass."

I probably should have just ignored him because his response was:

"I am for real; being vegan is fake."

I blocked him as well.

Tomorrow, it is going to be 72 degrees. Beach season is closer than ever. Soon Luka and I will enjoy the nude beach.

I only use sex apps like Grindr during the winter. When it is warm enough to be naked at the beach, that's where I get laid.

Today, it was a brilliant reminder of why I'm not too fond of these applications.


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