Am I Ugly?

It's now Saturday, 4 PM in Israel. Felix filled my ass with his white gold three hours ago, and he recently came back after working out.

He came back horny, but I want my ass to rest for a while before collecting his seed again.

Like all guys, Felix does not think when he is horny so I was able to convince him to allow me to take a photo of him, showering:

Felix's sexy back side

It's not the best photo because he is shy, so I could not get him to be still. Nevertheless, I think Felix is drop-dead gorgeous, and now you can see his muscular body. His strength and muscles push his thick cock deep into my ass while I am holding onto his muscular ass and scream.

But Felix was not the one asking me: 'Am I ugly?"

I have been asked many weird-interesting-insulting-humiliating questions over the years. My views regarding nudity, sexuality, and monogamy (no!) have always attracted far more criticism than praise.

But nothing has prepared me for such a sad question from 22 years old sweet Samuel.

This conversation took place about a week ago, and with all the crazy events regarding the Coronavirus, I did not think about it till yesterday. I remembered Samuel again yesterday while I was doing my morning grooming before working out.

It's a ceremony I do every morning:

Every morning I shave my head (and of course my face). Afterward, I use several kinds of skin lotions: For my head, my ass (and delicate hole), my face (two types).

"So much work," I thought to myself, "ahh the time, when I was 18, I rolled out of bed and looked like a million dollars even without brushing my teeth."

The thought about skincare and looks made me remember Samuel. Samuel had contacted me on Atraf (like Grindr but Israeli). We had been chatting for several minutes.

"Theon, you are so good-looking, may I ask you something that might embarrass you?"

I felt that my skin was crawling.

Not again!

Usually, after I say "yes," to such a request, a humiliating or a nasty question follows.



  • "Is it not exhausting to be a slut all the time?"

  • "Wouldn’t you prefer to have a boyfriend, instead of getting fucked by so many guys?"

  • "At your age, don't you think it's time to have kids?"

  • "Showing your hole like that? What are you? A whore?"

  • "I am ashamed for you that at your age you are so promiscuous."

Finally, I told him: "You can ask me whatever you want as long as it is not nasty or insulting."

"It's nothing like that, but it could make you feel awkward."

Now I was curious.

"Go ahead."

"Am I ugly?"

After Samuel has asked me this surprising question, I told him: "I only saw your cock. Your cock is beautiful. I like how dark and thick it is. The fact you don't shave your balls or pubic hair makes it very sexy, in my opinion. If you want me to tell you more, I will need to see photos of your face and your body, shirtless."

What did I tell him after he'd sent me a photo of his body and his face?

Yesterday, after grooming, I wanted to workout before meeting Felix, so he could see my muscles more prominently. I did it so I'd appear more attractive to him. Not that I needed to, Felix wants to make love to my ass more than my delicate hole could handle.

I thought about Samuel again after I'd finished jogging for one hour on my treadmill. I usually do it in the evening, but because I was going to spend the rest of the day with Felix, I did it in the morning.

I run 7 miles in one hour at elevation 7. Running at this kind of elevation makes my ass muscular and firm and, of course, burns more calories. It's tough, but it is worth it. I don't run only to have a fuckable ass. I do it to stay fit, in shape, and relatively thin.

I do it three times a week.

Sometimes, it is so daunting. I come back from work, and I just want to relax or eat a sweet pastry or play on my PlayStation, but instead, I spend over an hour sweating.

Every other day, I work out on my muscle groups, that also takes an hour:

Samuel was not working out regularly, and I could see that. He was not obese, not even close to that. But he had some extra pounds, and his body was average—no pecs or muscles of any kind.

They say you can tell if someone is Jewish if, instead of answering your question, he replies with one. I am a very proud Jew, and therefore after Samuel has sent me his photos, I asked him:

"Why do you think you are ugly?"

"I am still a virgin, and I can't find anyone to have sex with me. I am dying to find an experienced bottom with a smooth hot ass like yours and fuck him more than once."

That was a surprising remark by Samuel.

"How do you know so much about my ass and my experience?". I hadn't sent Samuel any nude photos. As for my experience, we hadn't talked about how often I get fucked or how good I am at it.

"I saw you getting fucked at the beach."

"What? When?"

"I think it was the end of October. An Arab guy was fucking you, and I stood with some others, and we watched. It was so amazing to see it, and you were also so loud. I could tell how much you were enjoying it."

I started to remember Samuel vaguely; it was quite dark when that happy event took place.

I never wrote about it. It was a classic "by the book" encounter. I forgot the guy's name. He was a young Muslim from the north with a very lean body adorned with a massive cock and matching large balls.

It was already after sunset.

I was heading out, walking south and he was heading north. He was running, shirtless, I was walking naked with my backpack. When we got closer, we looked at each other. I started to get hard because he had dark, piercing eyes.

And we kept on walking.

I counted 1...5 seconds, turned around, and just at the same time, he did the same.

We both smiled.

I don't want to write too much about it right now except that I allowed him to fuck me even though I knew that there were still people in the vicinity. I never get fucked in front of other people in broad daylight.

Why did I not mind this time?

Because it was after sunset and I took him to a hidden area between the rocks:

I was confident that no one would notice us here.

I did not take into account how loud I am when a massive cock explores the depth of my hungry ass. Before fucking me (first standing and later in doggie), he ate my ass, spanked it, and swallowed my love hole for a very long time. The feeling was so intense that I was screaming.

That drew a lot of attention.

It was getting dark quickly, and I did not want to stop whatever this stud was doing to my loose hole. That is why I did not mind that, at a certain point, five people were standing next to us. They were masturbating and observing how my ass was being used so beautifully.

Samuel was one of them.

By the way, at first, some of them tried to come closer to touch or fuck me as well. I waved my hand to signal them to keep their distance. I was not going to share my hot Arab prince with anyone.

From time to time, one of them moaned or yelled and emptied his balls. Then he left. Finally, they all left, and we kept fucking alone except for the jackals. They probably also came over to observe what all the screaming was about.

"I wish I was the one fucking you."

"Listen," I told him, "You are not ugly, not even close to being ugly. You have an average body, and it is evident that you don't work out. That does NOT make you ugly.

Most guys have the same body type as yours.

You are neither fat nor thin, but you are also neither muscular nor toned. You have a regular type of body and your face is handsome."

After I'd finished running, I took a long shower and thought about Felix, who'd be arriving soon. The thought of his big cock made me hard, and I squeezed my ass muscles a few times to stimulate my prostate. Soon enough, I'd be doing the same squeezing to Felix's cock. I could have milked my cock in seconds but, of course, had decided to save my white gift for him.

When I went out of the shower, I noticed that I was leaking precum. I was happy that soon Felix would soon be filling my ass and draining my balls.

Samuel told me he'd never had the chance to experience this fantastic feeling of fucking a tight ass:

"I can't get laid; I can't find anyone that wants to have sex with me."

I thought that was odd.

I would not have sex with him because he is not my type. Although Samuel was hairy and had a thick dark cock, I prefer toned-muscular guys to open my ass.

But, I repeat, he was not ugly, and his face was quite handsome.

"Would you fuck someone who looks like you?" I asked him.

"No, I want to fuck guys that look like you. I prefer athletic-muscular guys."

Mystery solved, I thought to myself.

In the cruel and unforgiving sex-dating world, you can find all kinds of combinations: Old with young, thin with fat, smooth with hairy, beautiful with "ugly".

I know several couples at the beach where the younger guy has a body that is toned to perfection, and the older guy has an average type of body (or the opposite).

Everything is possible.

But not every scenario has the same kind of probability.

Most guys that work out prefer guys that are like them. If someone like Samuel who is not ugly, but has an average body insists on fucking only guys who are toned, well, good luck to him.

After I dried myself, I noticed that my cock kept leaking cum. I squeezed it, and a beautiful silky fluid came out. Damn, I needed Felix's so bad at that moment.

What were my thoughts after I'd dressed up and was waiting for Felix to arrive and kiss me?

First: You need to love your body, no matter what "flaws" you see in it. Your boyfriend/husband will not see these flaws and will not care about them.

Second: If you wish to get laid, have realistic expectations.

I told Samuel that his desire to fuck only muscular-athletic guys is like me wanting to have sex only with 18-year-olds. At my age, it makes no sense. Sure, I get some at that age to cream my ass, but it is not the norm.

Lastly: If you are single and you believe that your "flaws" are the reason why you can't get laid, you have the power to change it.

I told that to Samuel.

His response was: "You can't compare us; you were born with much better attributes than mine."

That is such bullshit.

The only things I got for free were my smooth ass (and other known parts), thick cock, 6' height, and the hazel color of my eyes and also my bald head for that matter.

That does not give me any advantage over anyone else when it comes to getting laid.

I spend a lot of time and effort working out, eating right, not smoking, sleeping, and more.

If you are unhappy with your body, do what I do: Start eating correctly (there is no alternative other than being vegan), work out regularly, stop smoking, and reduce stress in your life.

Is that easy?

Absolutely not!

Whatever you choose to do, be happy with your decision and think that you are beautiful and fabulous.

If you don't think that you are beautiful, no one else will. When you are confident with your body and your qualities, it radiates.

And that radiation will make you much more fuckable even if you don't lose an ounce or grow your pecs.


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