Am I Ugly?

It's now Saturday, 4 PM in Israel. Felix filled my ass with his white gold three hours ago, and he recently came back after working out.

He came back horny, but I want my ass to rest for a while before collecting his seed again.

Like all guys, Felix does not think when he is horny so I was able to convince him to allow me to take a photo of him, showering:

Felix's sexy back side

It's not the best photo because he is shy, so I could not get him to be still. Nevertheless, I think Felix is drop-dead gorgeous, and now you can see his muscular body. His strength and muscles push his thick cock deep into my ass while I am holding onto his muscular ass and scream.

But Felix was not the one asking me: 'Am I ugly?"

I have been asked many weird-interesting-insulting-humiliating questions over the years. My views regarding nudity, sexuality, and monogamy (no!) have always attracted far more criticism than praise.

But nothing has prepared me for such a sad question from 22 years old sweet Samuel.

This conversation took place about a week ago, and with all the crazy events regarding the Coronavirus, I did not think about it till yesterday. I remembered Samuel again yesterday while I was doing my morning grooming before working out.

It's a ceremony I do every morning: