Brian didn't want my hole so I gave it to two older guys

Going back to the nudist beach after four cold months was exciting.

I was also curious to see how much the beach has changed. Winter storms constantly shape the coastline. New little pools are formed, and large ones vanish. Some rocks appear out of nowhere.

It was like returning to a new beach.

Perhaps it felt like a new beach, but some old attitudes hadn't changed. I'm referring to the attitude towards "old" people in the gay community.

I always treat older members of the gay community with respect and dignity. I'm ashamed that I even have to state the obvious.

Why should anyone treat another person differently just because he (or she) is older or younger than him?

Shouldn't our actions and behavior judge us all?

In general, I find older people more interesting and accepting than younger guys. I've had so many wonderful non-sexual naked experiences with older men at the nudist beach.

And some sexual ones too…

Two older married guys in their 70s made love to my ass and mouth (more than once) at the nudist beach last season. One of them I've known for years, but the other was a newbie at the beach.

Both were charming and the second one was also funny and very interesting to chat with (not to mention to lick his massive balls).

Before their thick cocks enjoyed the warmth of my ass, I'd enjoyed their gentle touch and lips all over my naked body including of course my eager-to-please hole.

It was intense and beautiful, and I hope to write more about it.

But why am I bringing this topic up?

When I'd arrived at the nudist beach, it was pretty empty. The first person that I met was Brian whom I've known for many years.

We typically fuck once or twice during a beach season.

You can read about how he fucked me here:

My fuck buddy Brian made love to my ass at the beach's Citadel

When I saw Brian, I was startled because he'd gained a lot of weight. Eating more in winter, the lack of gyms (because of Covid), and repeated lockdowns must have taken their toll on his sexy dark body.

I typically gain about 4 pounds during the winter, but, by June, it's all gone.

Carrying a backpack and four extra pounds during a recent hike with Felix
Carrying a backpack and four extra pounds during a recent hike with Felix

When it's cold, I tend to eat more and exercise less. A lot of guys, like Brian, gained weight this winter because the gyms were closed.

I have a home gym and a treadmill, so I could continue working out.

About to start working out
About to start working out

On checking out Brian's naked body, I still found him and his long, dangling, dark cock very sexy even with the extra pounds.

We hugged and kissed passionately while he held my ass firmly and I played with his large, shaved balls. That's how we always greet each other at the beach.

"Babe, how've you been?" he asked after letting go of my sensitive hole and my body.

We stood there, two horny naked guys smiling at each other, our cocks hard. It felt as if the last four months had just been a bad dream.

"I'm terrific; it's so good to see you!"

"Likewise; your smile always brightens my day!"

I'm famous because of two things at the beach: my fuckable ass & my smile
I'm famous because of two things at the beach: my fuckable ass & my smile

"What about my ass?" I asked, turning around, and bending over somewhat.

"Hmm," he said while spreading my ass cheeks to fully expose the most intimate part of my body, "let me examine it first."

"Your ass needs me to teach it a lesson!" he concluded after playing with my smooth hole and fingering it for a while. Then he started spanking me as I was screaming with pleasure and laughing at the same time.

When I turned around and faced Brian, his hard cock was dripping pre-cum and so was mine. I bent down and licked the tip of his hard cock to satisfy my thirst for semen.

Brian had gained weight, but the taste of his sweet man-juice was still the same.

"Why don't you stay for a while?" I suggested. "I can't think of a better way to open the new season than getting my ass opened by your amazing dark cock”

I was still on my knees, playing with his tender, smooth balls and occasionally licking every juicy drop that oozed out of his beautiful penis.

My cock was hard and dripping cum as well

I was disappointed by Brian's refusal to fuck me
I was disappointed by Brian's refusal to fuck me

But Brian wasn't interested in my love hole that afternoon.

"I don't know, Theon. I feel like having an orgy. You know I'm crazy about your hole, but I want to experience fresh meat today."

It wasn't the first time Brian had turned me down using this excuse.

I couldn't comprehend why.

It's not as if we're fucking all the time (twice a year at most). Besides, why would he turn down a fuckable and enjoyable ass in search of the unknown?

I'd take Brian's cock any time because I know how good it feels in me.

"You're such a whore!", I told him and stood up.

"I've learned from the best one!" he said while spanking my disappointed ass.

"Haven’t you already fucked with this guy?" I asked, pointing at the guy that was lying where Brian had come from.

"Oh God no! He's old!!!"

There you have it.

Brian didn't say, "No, I wasn't attracted to him."

He called him "old", as if that was a good enough justification to make him a pariah. I've been approached by countless young men at the beach and turned them down, not because they were young, but rather because I wasn't attracted to them.

For me, an attraction is not based on age, and labeling someone as "old" is cruel and unjust.

Generally speaking, I enjoy getting fucked by hairy guys with big, thick cocks, regardless of their age.

Forget about the "hairy" part.

If a man has a massive tool, I want to feel it vibrating inside me.

Like this amazing cock that beautifully dominated and bred my ass.

One of the horses that fucked me at the beach
One of the horses that fucked me at the beach

Of course, everything within reason:

I prefer guys that are in shape and not overweight. Also, the owner of the thick cock who's about to fuck me should be friendly and not a creepy or weird.

After Brian had left, I checked out the "old" person's naked body. He wasn't my type but not because he was "old".

He had a weird body, and his penis was small.

That afternoon, I had sex with two older men.

Maybe it was Karma, or perhaps I was trying to prove a point to the world.

They were in their early 60s or late 50s. I screamed while their hot bursts of cum hit the part-open lips of my hole.

Sadly, because of fear, their seed wasn't deposited in me.

Why were they afraid to fuck my hole?

More about that in my next blog post.

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