A Writing Challenge

Yesterday, I saw an engaging writing challenge.

"You should write about 15 things that people don't know about you".

If you have been following my blog, then you should know this challenge is a tough one.

He turned the vibrator on the maximum vibrator mode, inflated it all the way and started stroking me hard. The minute he did that I started screaming constantly. I kept screaming some more after I finished my cum show. Slowly I lowered my voice, but I kept moaning softly until he gently took the vibrator out of my love hole. Then I released a final loud cry.

Not because I am ashamed to share intimate things about my life, on the contrary. I share with my readers almost everything about my life. Sometimes I go into the particular details of why I cried or how cum was leaking out of my love hole.

It rained quite a bit last night, but when I woke up this morning, the beautiful sunrise has caressed my naked body and it was quite warm outside.

My living room was cold, but it was not too bad as you can see in this photo

I was working from home today, and besides taking a break to wank on Skype with a super hot stud from the States, I was quite busy. I was drooling all over his hairy body and massive cock. He shot loads of cum, and then we kept on talking. After 15 minutes, he got hard again and shot another gigantic round of cum very quickly.

"Are you a man or a God?

shooting another fountain of cum so quickly? WOW"

He enjoyed how I was looking at his cum and he did not bother to wipe it off. He did not wipe it off after the first time as well.

"It's all because of you," he told me, "you are so damn sexy."

"You Are," I said, "I wish that your cum was now leaking out my hole while you were kissing me."

I did not cum because while I was rubbing my cock, fingering my hole, and looking at his sexy body, I was still hoping that Dean will come over this afternoon after the army.

He did not.

However, we met on Saturday afternoon, and the sex with him was phenomenal.

I ended up with my cum and his all over my face.

My anal vibrator was charging next to my bed. I left it there to charge after I played with it on cam.