Two Lost Orgasms

I have started to read an article about how to be a successful blogger. There is an entire topic devoted to the subject of not knowing what to write about.

It starts with this sentence:

"Some days, you may come up blank and not know what to write about."

Thankfully, this is the last thing I can say about my blog.

There are so many topics I would like to discuss with you - my awesome followers.

I simply don't know which one to choose. Maybe you can help me?

I am trying to decide what to write about

Here is my present list:

1) Finish the second part of the blog post about how I hiked naked in "Burma."

This is the first part:


2) Finish the story about sexy Jake and how he made love to my ass at the beach, until he flooded it with his hot cum - it was a flood of Biblical proportions

This is the first part:


3) Write about Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) in Israel

4) Tell you about how I lost two orgasms at the beach yesterday (I was so mad because of it)

Here is the second guy who stole my orgasm yesterday. He is approaching me, naked (right of me and forward). And no, I am not shaming him because you can't tell who he is. He is blurry in this image.

Watching the thief approaching me, I was so angry

5) Write about the orgy that I have had on the dirt road leading to the beach. I was playing with three guys, and I was the main star of this happy event

6) Share with you the pain of some of my lady friends because men are so cruel in the dating world

7) Tell you how I got fucked after sunset by a guy who was jogging on the beach

And this is before diving into more controversial issues like politics, climate change, being vegan, or general sex tips. For example, how to buy and use an anal vibrator.

Well, I guess this is what the Chineses mean when they curse you to have "an interesting year."

Having too much to write about , is not necessarily a blessing.

I am hiking again today, hopefully naked like last time. Ziv, my best buddy (and former fuck body) is still in Norway. I asked Dan (a present fuck body) to join me.

I hope that he will.

Me, hiking naked last weekend with my best buddy

And until then - house cleaning. It takes a lot of time to clean a three-story apartment with a balcony and a huge rooftop.

But at least I get to clean it while I am naked.

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