A Triple Date

Today I have had a triple date.

I don’t mean that I dated three different guys. What I am trying to say is that the guy I went hiking with came as a date, a hiking date, and a sex date.

We hiked 11 miles.

He came at the very last minute.

Initially, I was planning to go on a different hike. The plan was to go with my best friend, Dor. It was a hike with a group of people in the liberated territories (the ones that the demented Bernie Sanders refers to as the “occupied territories”).

This organized hike got canceled because people were afraid of the stormy weather. Eventually, today was a beautiful day, and since I already took a day off, I decided to go hiking after all.

I could not do the same hike.

Hiking in the liberated territories usually requires approval from the army and carrying rifles because there is a risk that Muslims will try to murder you. On the plus side, not hiking in a group meant that I could be partly naked some of the time.

What can I say about my hiking companion/date without going into too many details?

Well, he fucks like an angel and smiles like the devil. In other words: He is sexy and adorable.

We hiked in a remote area, and I felt comfortable to walk some parts in my jocks. The only people passing us were Thai workers. They did not seem to care that I was hiking like that.

The next photo is where we went off trail because, on the map, there was an indication for a cave. I love caves, and during each hike, I try to find as many as possible.

This site is a ruined Muslim village. The inhabitants have fled during the Independence War in 1948.

We searched for this cave for nearly 20 minutes. There were so many dry thorns cutting my legs.

“Damn it, I can’t find the cave,” I told him.

He dropped his jeans and took his cock out of his underwear; His cock was hard. Up to this point, his cock did not see the sun except when he peed.

He is not a nudist at all, and he got horny from me walking in my jocks so freely. From time to time, he played with my sweaty ass and occasionally pushed a finger or two into my love hole or held my ass strong and spanked it.

“Forget about the fucking cave; I want to fuck your cave.”

And so, at the same location, where being gay in 1948 (and also in 2019) meant a brutal death by your own family for shaming it, I got a nice hot load of cum in my ass.

I call it poetic justice.

And also, a great hike with some anal benefits.

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