A Stolen Orgasm

"Do you mind if I fuck you without removing my speedo?"

My gay "brother" Ziv told me earlier this week that I could write a book about my sexual experiences at the nude beach.

However, this bizarre request that I got from the guy who fucked me yesterday was quite unusual.

Once again, the beach was nearly deserted yesterday.

August is the best time to be at the beach.


The water has reached an ideal temperature, the sea is calm, and the beach cleaner than ever.

Still, a large number of Israelis fly abroad during the last two weeks of August.

I don't blame people with kids for doing so. They need to take time off to be with their family. But why would you fly during the most expensive two weeks of the year if you are gay?

I can no longer fly because of medical reasons, so I don't have to worry about all this drama. For me, going to the beach four times a week is like taking a trip to heaven. I don't need to fly anywhere.

The downside is that since there are fewer people, there is also a lesser chance to have some anal fun at the beach.

Luckily, yesterday, this was not a problem.