A Stolen Orgasm

"Do you mind if I fuck you without removing my speedo?"

My gay "brother" Ziv told me earlier this week that I could write a book about my sexual experiences at the nude beach.

However, this bizarre request that I got from the guy who fucked me yesterday was quite unusual.

Once again, the beach was nearly deserted yesterday.

August is the best time to be at the beach.


The water has reached an ideal temperature, the sea is calm, and the beach cleaner than ever.

Still, a large number of Israelis fly abroad during the last two weeks of August.

I don't blame people with kids for doing so. They need to take time off to be with their family. But why would you fly during the most expensive two weeks of the year if you are gay?

I can no longer fly because of medical reasons, so I don't have to worry about all this drama. For me, going to the beach four times a week is like taking a trip to heaven. I don't need to fly anywhere.

The downside is that since there are fewer people, there is also a lesser chance to have some anal fun at the beach.

Luckily, yesterday, this was not a problem.

He passed me wearing a blue speedo and walking quite fast. He was muscular and in his early 40's. His had a lot of chest hair and a hairy body. I can't resist a hairy guy, especially when a thick cock is well visible in his speedos.

I also liked his big muscular legs, damn he was sexy.

He checked me out; I knew that. I knew that he was interested because after walking a bit more, he came back.

When he came back, I offered him water. This is always my way to know if a guy is interested in me.

He stopped, and I smiled at him.

"You know," he said, "We talked a few years ago."

I didn't remember him, but I talk with so many people at the beach. I knew that we did not fuck; I always remember a guy that enters my body.

"Did we fuck?"

"No, I don't think that you were that playful, or maybe you were not interested."

I started to remember him vaguely. I think I met him on a Friday when there are plenty of people at the beach. I never get fucked when people are watching (that is, almost never)

Well, I intended to correct this impression, especially since I already saw his cock growing in his speedo. I turned around a few times so he could check my ass, and each time I turned back, his package was more impressive.

I was very horny, so I was not going to waste any more time.

I went down on my knees and pulled his speedo down. His massive cock popped right up. Now that it was free from its cage, it got fully hard and beautiful. I started to lick his manly hairy balls.

He pulled his speedo back up to cover his ass.

"I like to keep my ass white and not tanned," he explained to me

Whatever, I had access to the essential organ. I could not care less about his ass at that time.

I started blowing him. He held my head and kept fucking my mouth. From time to time, he would take his thick cock out and slap my face with it. I love it when guys do that to me.

But I needed more than just a thick cock slapping my face yesterday.

I needed to feel a guy breeding my ass, giving me his precious gift.

I stoop up.

"How about we move to something more serious?" I asked him, turned around and pressed my smooth crack to his red breeding device.

"I'd love that; I wanted to fuck that hot ass of yours even back then."

I lubed my love hole and his cock. I put extra lube because his beautiful red mushroom was unusually large.

"Go slowly, please, your cock is big."

He hugged me and slowly started pushing his way in.

I could feel my love hole lips opening — first just a bit. His hungry mushroom head, sliding only half in. He kept pushing slowly inside, and when I felt that his massive mushroom was entirely inside of my horny hole, I released a loud moan and started to precum.

It was not before long that he was fucking me.

He hugged me while he was making love to my ass.

He powerfully fucked me, like a man but not hard. Each stroke inside my ass was powerful but slow and meaningful. Each time when I felt that his cock went all the way in, I released a deep moaning.

"You almost moan like a woman," he whispered into my ear, "but you are far more enjoyable to fuck."

I knew he was married.

Married or not, this top knew how to fuck a guy. I was having a terrific time serving his manhood.

My preferred way to get fucked at the beach is on the shore, like in this photo. It's only possible in August when the sea is calm, and there are almost no waves. Otherwise, I keep getting splashes of salty water at my face.

I pulled out his cock and took a look at it.

What a fantastic massive tool he had. It drove me wild to think that this long hard cock was deep inside my ass.

I let him fuck my face some more. Now it was his turn to start moaning loud. He was getting close, but I was not done having anal fun with him.

I lubed myself again and laid down just like in this photo.

That's how I was waiting for him to fuck me

"Fuck, I love your ass. It's soft and smooth like a woman's but so much better"

He laid on top of me and started to push his cock inside my love tunnel again. His cock was back home in seconds. However, in this position, I could feel his speedo rubbing on my legs. It felt weird. I wanted both of us to be naked and free while making love.

I started to pull his speedo down with one arm. It was not that easy considering that his cock was buried deep in my ass. I was hinting him to remove it by himself.

"Do you mind if I fuck you without removing my speedo? I definitely want my ass to stay white."

"Well, it feels a bit weird, to be honest, especially in this position. Why don't I put a sun-blocking screen on your ass? It should help, it keeps my ass white as you can see and I have a feeling you will not be naked for long…"

He spanked my ass and pulled his cock out. I released a loud moan when I felt his manhood leaving my body.

"OK, but so that you know: I never take off my speedo. But you are so hot and fuckable; I'll do it for you."

I sprayed his ass with the blocking screen.

He was not kidding about his white ass.

It was white, hospital white. It was too white compared to the rest of his very tanned body. But I did not care that much. I gently rubbed the lotion on his hairy cheeks, crack, and very hairy love hole. He moaned softly when my fingers touched his hole.

But I was not going to do anything with his hole. My hole was begging me to have his massive cock inside of me again.

We went back to the same position, and after getting hard again, he pushed himself in one full stroke deep inside and started fucking.

Something changed in the way he was making love to my ass.

Now he was more forceful, animal-like. I guess the fact that he was naked without that silly speedo covering his ass made him lose his boundaries. He started moaning loud, unlike before, when he was quiet while fucking me, and I made all the noise.

It felt great

I could feel his breeding tool, fucking me with force, growing some more inside of me. I knew he was close, and I wanted so badly for his seed to cream my ass.

I also knew what will trigger him to give my ass his precious gift in no time.

I reached back my arm and started playing with his hairy nuts while he was making love to my ass. When I did that, he released a wild, loud cry and started fucking me extraordinarily hard.

To my surprise and disappointment, just when he was about to shoot, and my moans turned to screams, he pulled his cock out and with loud cries shot all over me.

I felt his cum shots hitting the back of my head a few times, then my back, then some on my ass. When he was done, he pushed his cock that was probably covered with cum to my ass and gave me some few final strokes.

It was awesome, but I was disappointed.

I wanted so badly to feel his cum shots hitting the walls of my love tunnel. I love getting cum all over me, but yesterday I needed to feel a real man breeding me.

"Why didn't you shoot inside my ass? You could have"

"I love to see my cum shooting out of my hard cock and see another guy covered with my cum."

I washed the cum off. When I turned around, his ass was covered again. God forbid if he loses that white hospital color.

"What about you?"

"I'm good," I told him, "this was a lot of fun."

But I did not feel good.

This was unfair.

I was quite mad at him. I felt that my orgasm was stolen from me.

The least he could have done was to ask me or warn me that he was going to do that. I would probably respect his wish.

But, to give me the impression he was about to shoot in my ass and at the very last minute to steal that unique moment from me, showed me that he was more focused on himself than anything else.

Oh well, One thing is for sure.

He will not be fucking me again.

Have a beautiful Thursday,